Honestly, why are women so retarded? Read these replies just to see how terribly flawed her logic and thinking is

Honestly, why are women so retarded? Read these replies just to see how terribly flawed her logic and thinking is.


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poorly functioning at best

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apparently women don’t want to be noticed by men, despite their constant attempts to seek attention

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Altering the definition of sexism so they can be victims

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I actually hate the pathetic "not all men" male feminists as much as feminists do

Women are emotional creatures, driven by feelings and emotional outbursts. If one prominent woman said she was against abortion and women should focus on not getting pregnant and it trended on twitter, screening sluts would be demanding an end to abortion clinics within days.

We did it for 100 years. The experiment was a complete failure. Suffrage didn't work, it made things significantly worse. Back to the kitchen you go, and you can be mad all you want, just don't burn dinner.

I will share mine

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>Women have less rights than an egg
>Thousands and thousands of women agree

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Any woman who says 'men shouldn't have a say' should shut the fuck up, because Roe v. Wade was decided upon by an all-male court. For that matter, all so-called women's rights were granted by men.

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Eggs have a chance to become men

1/2 of a retarded woman

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2/2 of a retarded woman

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Wtf how does what she said even make sense? How can nearly 200k people agree with that?

This is naturally the kind of thing women agree with. They want to be seen as victims. Why? I don’t know, there’s definitely some psychological explanation to it.

churches should be taxed irrespective of their abortion stance.

lots of people are into virtue signaling.

Wow this is just so deep and powerful!

>over 420k shares

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I unironically like the abortion stuff not because of "saving babies", but because I love shitting on the women. Thot wars now

The real problem is men engaging with these cunts at all. Women are dumbass morons who just say what they are told to say, they have no business having any power whatsoever, including the right to vote. To engage them on topics like this especially when they are in freakout NPC mode is the same as saying their opinions matter. Which as we have established they don’t.

Just pat them on their head and send them on their way. Tell them the men who built civilization will handle it the way it should be done. Whenever I see dumbass shit about muh stronk feminists on tv or whatever I laugh at them. My wife is fully redpilled by now.

What are the odds this fag has tweeted some normie shit about black lives matter or muh black incarceration rates? Guys like him are trying to legalize crime as long as its blacks and Hispanics doing it. Guess who does most of the raping?

holy fucking shit

merchants are everywhere

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Western women (ESPECIALLY white women) are the absolute worst. We made a colossal mistake giving them all these rights and freedoms. You simply cannot argue logic with them, when presented with facts showing that they're wrong they simply ignore them. They are driven entirely by petty emotion and an ingrained biological need for attention.

The problem aren't women. Women are eternal children and their minds are lesser.
The problem are the men enabling it.
Look at this pathetic faggot Look how he speaks to women asking for their approval

>cites twitter
>most likey a .0000005% representation of white women
>makes over sweeping generalization

Look, some of you fucks need to understand that there is a whole world that takes place outside of the internet. And mostly, white women are okay as long as they had a good father or father figure.

>Kind of how like a murderer is given more prison time than a rapist
>Must be a war on murderers

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Hey at least theyll be alive to complain about it!

Why do white women type like hoodrats? If they like being one so much, they should go live in the ghetto so they can enjoy the gang violence, nightly shootings, and the complete lack of security and safety. They should go live in Compton or Detroit where they can be treated like the hoodrats they so desperately want to be.

>hey user, I just found out about your far right views, we've been dating for 3 months, why did you not tell me? *licks lips* *bites lower lip and smiles at you*
>*gets closer*
>*starts breathing heavily with carnal sexual desire*
>*unzips your pants*

holy fuck you're some retarded nigger to believe twitter isn't 3/4 bots. Seriously KYS you're dumber than 99% poll believers.

I'll fight for abortion rights when women start fighting for men's right to not get cucked and have to pay child support towards their whore wife or girlfriend.