I can't orgasm. I'm a 25 yo female and have never orgasmed in my life...

I can't orgasm. I'm a 25 yo female and have never orgasmed in my life. Any time I masturbate I get to a point where it feels good but then I need to stop as my clit is too sensitive. How do I get past this?

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Get a vibrator like a hitachi.

>but then I need to stop as my clit is too sensitive
Don't stop.

I bought myself a £100 vibrator and would use it but again, I get to a point where it doesn't feel good anymore.

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you very strong will it?In lofe many good things besides this.btw go to doctor

it might be time to accept that you just can't orgasm

I've read that there is a certain percentage of women who have never/can't orgasm, but I really don't want to be in that statistic. Is there a trick, or some kind of advice to it? I will try but it stops feeling good after a certain point.

Unfortunately a sizeable chunk of women have this. I'm sorry. Biology is a cunt.

I've heard some girls require prolonged foreplay. Like, you need to really take a long time, pet the girl's face, just get cuddly as shit really. There MIGHT be a trick to it. Keep trying different tactics of varying intensity. If something sets you off you gotta figure out what it is, girl.

Have you had good sex?

I'm 21 and haven't orgasmed either. I just figured that when I find the right person, they'll figure it out with me.

Push through the pain.

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I too

Let someone tie you down and vibrate you til you orgasm

If you’re mentally not in it it won’t happen. Find porn that you really really like and try with vibe then
If you’re only focusing on making it it won’t work

I cum every day by myself but can’t do it during sex as I am to distracted

Are you ashamed

You need to keep going and go faster and faster. It’s kind of like a mental thing you have you think about it

Once you feel that super sensitively think of something that really turns you on. I can come like 12 times. It gets less intense each time but still

Have someone eat you out. Tongues can be really helpful when you are over sensitive.

Give your clit some rest and ride a dildo or get a gspot vibe, something for nipple/ anal stimulation. Put on some headphones and play some porn that turns you on with it's audio.

Do you have anything medical that might be getting in the way?

Real sex with a real person who knows what the fuck to do and can lick that cat just right.

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Do it through a blanket or pillow