Is masterbating daily bad?

Is masterbating daily bad?

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Depends on frequency and porn reliance

Without porn. Cumming continuous thrice. Am I going to die?

I dunno dude this is a conversation for a doctor. I just no a reliance on porn has been shown to be bad. Do you have any issue with regular sex or activity? Do you find beating your meat interferes with the rest of your life? If not you're probably fine

No. It's a meme. NoFap is a hoax.
Science states that it's healthy to fap daily. Google it ffs.

not bad, not good

I proved it by not masturbating. I feel like god. The science you are implying is load of bullshit.

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100% placebo. It's a proven fact.
Also nothing is wrong with porn. If you can't differentiate between real life sex and porn you're in a worse mental state already.

i feel like a god after i fap. checkmate

why are you trying to defend porn so vehemnetly?

Good for you. For me it's opposite.

Good for you. You're the minority.

I don't think i am but okay. Keep masturbating my friend.

>be me
>masterbate 3 times yesterday
>get a blowjob from my best friend and cum hard
>"arfh! you need to stop watching porn! it's ruining your drive! ;___;"
yea, no. you're just a loser

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nofap is for addicted people. If it works for you mastrubating alot then it simply works. But nofap is legitime.

What's supposed to be addiction to porn? Chronically masturbating all day every day and letting it get in the way of socializing, work etc?
That's a mental issue, sure, but the problem ISN'T masturbating.

>That's a mental issue, sure, but the problem ISN'T masturbating.

no i think it's simply as another addiction like addicted to crack. You cure yourself by not smoking crack. Same if masturbation to porn.



Guilt about masturbation will harm you more than masturbating ever could

>be 22 and a virgin
>girl comes over and i can’t get hard
>getting a blow job feels like nothing
>put the tip of my dick in and move it around a bit
>still can’t get hard
>girl said she doesn’t care for sex and just likes cuddles
>continue to jerk off
try no fap user, you will defs feel different

It's healthy to jerk off once a day. Masturbation is in general a healthy practice, everyone does it, it's normal. Porn is what's abnormal and unhealthy. We are not supposed to jerk off watching other people fuck.

Why'd you quote me then? I just said porn could be bad and to talk to a doctor if you're really concerned.