uggo hoe with bad PERFORMANCE ANXIETY here

I recent got in an open relationship with a guy and he sees other people and probably hookers too so I insisted we use a condom for both normal sex and oral, and I feel like that combined with my inexperience probably makes it feel terrible for him and i can't stop worrying that he'll dump me since this is basically a nsa thing and he's definitely not doing this for my nonexistent inner beauty because I'm dumb as rocks and have the personality of boiled cabbage.

I've literally never had casual sex like this before, my prev experience was in a normal relationship where sex happened so there was lots of time to explore what we both enjoyed etc. so I could actually target the dirty talk. Plus we were really intimate so I would just whisper it and it won't be embarrassing, I tried (sorta) to dirty talk with this guy but his face is always like 5000miles from mine and idk shouting generic pornshit is too cringe.

We've only had sex a few times so far and he hasn't dumped me yet, that's a good sign right? i mean dude is probably out getting 10/10 prosti sex and he's still tolerating me...

If I'm moving my tongue around during oral can he even feel it through the condom?

tl;dr what are some things I can do to make sex feel good for my man?

Also semi-unrelated, do guys orgasm every time they cum? I used to think you did but this guy said something that makes me unsure :/

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>do guys orgasm every time they cum? I used to think you did but this guy said something that makes me unsure :/

If a guy actually cums, yes he is having an orgasm. This doesn't mean every time shit that looks like cum comes out though, like sometimes a surprising amount of precum will come out at once w/o an orgasm yet

Not sure if bait or this user is immensely retarded.

Huh well I’m not gonna judge
What did he say that made you unsure? Yes we orgasm every time we cum but the quality of the orgasm greatly varies.

I would recommend stop being so insecure, I mean if you want to be this guy’s cumrag that’s up to you. Sex with condom will never be as enjoyable, why can’t y’all just get tested?

phew... good to be reassured.

He hasn't said anything, he's been really positive about how willing I am (which I am) but he also hasn't said anything particularly good and I know I'm mostly just been lying there like a starfish so idk... can that be good in and of itself?

Testing won't work since it's an open relationship and I don't trust him or the hoes he fucks enough,

Immensely retarded.

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>surprising amount of precum will come out
Wait. How much? if it's like a full tbsp it's not precum right?

Bruh how can you not trust him to wear condoms with other hoes? If he’s your main man and you’re his main girl y’all shouldn’t have to fuck with condoms. Anyways, don’t be a starfish, ride him cowgirl, do doggystyle, try anal, tell him to pull your hair, etc..

Unless he's taking Pygeum and Zinc a full tbsp is too much to be precum, yea

You could always just ask him to give you a few pointers on what he enjoys if you're not confident in your skills.

>Also semi-unrelated, do guys orgasm every time they cum? I used to think you did but this guy said something that makes me unsure :/
99.9% he's fucking with you so that you don't feel bad
0.01% he's holding a kegel while cumming to get a retrograde ejaculation
if you want to know for sure ask him if he knows what a kegel is and how long can he hold it. If he says

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nah I'm just the sidechick.

Does moving or trying to move with the rhythm a bit when you're starfishing actually help or it is useless?

You can't do anything when you're starfishing at least wrap your legs around him or grab onto him

I feel like I'm asking too much for so early in the relationship idk what are some generic sex tips or thing all guys like? not weird cosmo-tier backflip handjob or someshit

I do that when I can reach him

what do you think about moaning his name or something? is that weird when you don't really have much of an emotional connection?

ye I didn't read your question and answered the reverse. You're fine

thank man.

I mean he didn't cum every time we had sex, but almost so that's good enough for me... or is it? should my man be cumming every time?

I mean if you want an honest answer, most guys probably want to cum every time they have sex

Ah shit. gotta up my game somehow I guess...

Where are all the horny s/adv/irgins when I need advice? don't y'all have imaginary fantasy perfect sex scenarios in your heads that I can borrow?

Lick his ear, and do the Abella Anderson thing.

Bitch literally just don’t be a starfish

I do lick/nibble at his ear when he's close enough but idk if he likes it. What's the Abella Anderson thing?

Look up a video. Look at how she rides.

Tell me how you senegalese fishmonger

do I try to flip him? or try to hump back?dude's heavy and holding me down most of the time

Watch amateur porn

Should i try to make porn faces? it feel really unnatural and i feel like he'll see through that i'm performing rather than enjoying the sex, would a guy care if a little cumrag is faking it to please him rather than enjoy it?

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Big nope, any man would be able to tell it's disingenuine and you're likely to make him think he's the one failing to please you.


Ok i just watched some Abella Anderson and nah idk if i can do that, well I CAN but i'd be genuinely terrified of fracturing my man's peepee

Are guys not scared of getting their dicks fractured when ridden that roughly?

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Just let out your selfish desires on him

>Are guys not scared of getting their dicks fractured when ridden that roughly?
Not particularly, no.

>Im genuinely terrified
Heh, and that's why nobody will coom to you.

In all honesty though as long as you're not bending the cock, there's no risk of breaking it.

Didn't really read through that but know that you don't deserve good sex.

but my selfish desire is to lie back like a starfish and let him do the work.

Or do you mean ride him until I cum? because the fastest way for real non-pornstar girls to cum whilst riding doesn't actually involved all that much bouncing up an down :(

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>because the fastest way for real non-pornstar girls to cum whilst riding doesn't actually involved all that much bouncing up an down :(

Out of curiosity wdym by this

How do i make sure it doesn't bend when i lift up though? and abella is full on gyrating on that stick, like that shit is one wrong move away from penis snap city.

Uhmmm, lube? If it's nice and slippy it'll just slip around. Your cunt isn't a vice.

She means grinding, that feels good for the guy too

>what is basic anatomy

You don't need to be full-on pornstar tier goddess of sex without any practice, you know?
Just try to be a little more enthusiastic than just laying on your back letting him do all the work the entire time.

imagine having this little self respect

Dicks don’t snap as easily as you think

I know i don't deserve it mr illiterate, i'm trying to give good sex.

idk maybe it's just me but i like going slowly up and up and sort of grinding my clit against the base and clenching when it's in? Do guys actually like going really fast in and out or is that a porn meme?

wtf no if it's slipping all over the place it'll just be easier to bend if I go fast. Like it'll slip out too far and when i go back down it doesn't quite go in properly and then SNAP.

Are you guys trying to get me to break my guy's dick out of jealousy or something?

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Fuck's sake I'm dipping out.

Super glue a cucumber onto the fucking floor you dumb bitch, lube it up, and try and break it you stupid whore. Let's see how far you get.

Fucking thots I swear. I've had this dick 23 years bitch, I think I have a better idea how it works.

>little more enthusiastic
I am enthusiastic. I think. just not pornstar levels of fake enthusiasm because it's cringe and awkward unless I'm drugged up or drunk.

What's unenthusiastic for you and what's enthusiastic? Concrete examples.

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FINE FINEFIne I'll try it next time, please don't leave, give me more sex advice :

Try some foreplay, take the initiative every once in a while, move your hips, just try to make sure it never gets boring.

This is why we need Sex Ed classes in Adult Learning centers...

Yeah we don't really do foreplay because i don't think he wants to get emotionally attached? idk I guess I can initiate some foreplay to test the waters next time

I feel like i do everything that's been advised so far aside from the pornstar riding which I'll give a go. should I try porntalk too? or is that off-putting?

will these future sex ed classes in adult learning centers teach me how to be a good little cum(in condom)slut?

Some guys like dirty-talk, others don't. Try it and see how he reacts to it.

I'll see what I can do

Also does anyone have answer to the condom oral thing? Like how much can guys feel, would a little accidental teeth be okay?


Nigga how many more answers do you need ride that nigga like you'll never see him again

They should teach about fetishes in an informative and non shameful enviornment.

Nigga I'll ride him into oblivion, what else?

Please don't pro create.
You seem nice.
But that doesn't mean your genetic material should propogate itself into the future. Good day

Career = Ended

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First off you're not having sex with his penis, you're fucking him in his entirety. Touch and grope him everywhere. Start off slow and gentle then steady get faster and rougher. Play with him like a toy or a game, figuring out all the different things you can do to him. Ears, lips, neck, nips, dick, balls, hole, are basic starting points. Kissing, licking, sucking, spitting, biting, scratching, rubbing, grabbing, groping, squishing, squeezing, pressing, are some be basic actions. Start slow spread out in a pattern. Pay attention to your partner and their reactions. Match their pace unless it hurts. Use your whole body, to please their whole body. Test lubes by yourself first, start with your arms then move to more sensitive areas incase there are any reactions. Do some research, Dr.Ruth has some good books. Read the Kama Sutra. Get some costumes, and learn to act. You want to stimulate all of your partner including their mind. Remember to check with your partner. They need to be willing if not ready to engage.

Some guys like it. Just try every idea you have and see what sticks.

You probably are worrying too much. He is experienced? Then let him take the lead. Do what he tells you to do. Does he seem more dominant or submissive?

T-thanks ;-;


>Test lubes by yourself first, start with your arms
Why on the arms? do guys like to be cuddled with lubed up arms?

Yeah, he's more dominant

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Ma'am, are you serious right now?

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I like when my girl is pulling my legs towards her kinda like assisted thrusting during missionary and I'm upright, make sure to focus on your pleasure because as a guy it's easy to feel pleasure but it feels immensely better when I know she is loving it. so grind that dick to orgasm and do what it takes to get to the finish line because us guys now how to come and get there every single time. don't fake moan make every sound authentic even if you think it's ugly, faking is a huge turnoff but if it genuinely feels good be more audible or show it with touch/body language. make sure you clean your asshole thoroughly, don't want him to get a whiff of that if he does oral or doggy style. dicks can handle extreme roughness and grinding as long as it's inside, the only thing that hurts is when it pulls out and misses the hole with force.

women achieve orgasm more easily with g spot and clit stimulation so mostly grinding movements where the dick is angled towards her belly button or front wall

>Then let him take the lead
Fuck you womyn and this womyn mentality girls can make sex interesting too, i don't want to fuck a dool

Maybe is you stop sucking miles upon miles of cock you'll increase in value.
Alternatively look for a more inexperienced guy so you can set the bar for him.

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Lmao don't fall for the Anal meme unless he's gonna dump you over it.
>Fucking the feces out of her like a plunger
Anal was and always will be the greatest meme ever conceived because of the sheer asspain is has caused to normies.

I misread the lube thing, by the time I realised what you meant I'd already posted. rip

Thank you for this!

>and I'm upright
how does she reach your legs? do you mean she's pulling in you with her legs?

>don't fake moan make every sound authentic
I'm p loud anyway so no need to fake that. It's talking I find awkward, but I think I'll give that a go next time anyway

>make sure you clean your asshole thoroughly
Oh shit (pun unintended) I've never thought about this... Can guys smell asshole smells doing oral if a girl hasn't showered for say, half a day and she's pooped sometime during that time? Like normal poop, wiped clean.

>the only thing that hurts is when it pulls out and misses the hole with force.
This is EXACTLY what I am worried about :(

Yeah I'm so grateful he's not into anal desu

>scare that he will dump me
are you stupid?
this will happen eventually anyway.
You are literally just wasting your time.
Not only that, you are also diminishing you own value to other potential partners in the future.
You really are fucking stupid.

Oh wow, someone sure is a bitter virgin. So angry that other people are having sex.

While reading through this shit I was not sure if this is written by a guy or a girl till the end until the cum part.
Holy shit generations are changing.

You type just like my ex. Area code?

Sometimes I do feel like I'm a gay guy at heart rather than a girl but idk not really dysphoric enough to be real trans

Not in los Americas

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