Im 27 and Im in love with a 16 year old

Im 27 and Im in love with a 16 year old

What do I do

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Not biting this one, nice try though

Wait 2 years

Eh, I don't see why people are so proud of baiting Jow Forums. What would be more impressive is making a thread so absolutely empty and droll that NOBODY replies.

These the guys who steal candy from a baby and act like it took talent

>He doesn't sage
Just as bad

>saging on Jow Forums
Usually only where namefags and tripfags are involved. At the very least, I don't see the point in fussing. It's Jow Forums, pretty soon we're gonna have to call this board /bait/.

Still not saging bruh

I wish i was batiing

just tell her parents. they'll admire the assertiveness and decision making and know that you're a man and surely sell you their daughter, just bring gifts, like horses and sheep.

I understand OP, I'm infatuated by a 15 year old, and I'm 24.

I'm my defense I though she was my age when I approached her. I also live in Brazil which is all legal.

I also haven't been with anyone in 5 years, so I can't be choosy.

The biggest problem OP is that these underage girls are not very right in the head and far from being stable women. I think it's a waste of our time OP. Just move on.

Wait it out. I met my gf when she was 17, I was 28. Now she's 21, and all it took was waiting and not touching. But you get when she got to be 18 we fucked like the world was ending.

Rather call it /incel/ or /r9k2/

Fuck dude

It might as well just become /con/ and we can take on all the jizzbrains on other boards and just all wrap up in one cozy, shitty blanket of being the literal worst boards. But while I'm here, please, allow me to make things far more sensible in this thread:
Check local consent laws or just take from and wait it out.

Hopefully not become a pedophile.

Stick it if it ain't illegal
If it is don't
Very simple. And don't get fooled by puritanist american bullcrap, being attracted to 16 yo is very much normal and it is the age of consent in over half of the world. Some girls in that age are more developed than actual "adults".

>Check local consent laws
afaik if i dont try to have sex with her its okay

Date her

Call the cops on yaself bro

spend time with her and marry her

Block her number. This is the kind of shit that gets you caught on TO CATCH A PREDATOR.

stop being american lol

Go to your local police station, they will help you.

Wait 2 years

If it’s legal where you live, go for it

Check your states age of consent laws. It's probably legal . If not wait 1-2 years

>past puberty

You now remember /adv9k/

16 is legal in half of 'murrica and most of the world.

Jow Forumseddit

In what places of the world would an adult dating a 15yr old be considered socially acceptable?

16yr old**

>What do I do

In all of Europe and Latin America. Not everywhere is burgerstan, people have different cultures and morality

Chop your willy off you dirty nonce

We fuck almost everyday, so yeah I'm getting mine.

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when you get 50 she will be 39 will be 39


>Im in love

You probably cant even smash if your life depended on it. So this is null void.

Wait 2 years

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A bullet will help you