What's the optimum number of children to have?

What's the optimum number of children to have?

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15. The older girls can help raise the younger children while the older boys help raise money to fund it.

One, so you can lessen the financial costs.

might have to ask the wife first about how many times she wants to push out kids


2.1 or higher


however many you can realistically support and provide a balanced upbringing for


One for each 500k you earn per year.

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Goin with this


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Depends how smart you are.

If you're smart, you should pump out all the kids you can.

Brainlets on the other hand should be completely removed from the gene pool. Their ideal number of children is zero.

Seeing as iq is correlated with many types of success, perhaps we should offer generous tax breaks to wealthy people who have more than say, 12 kids. Provided the kids are left with the estate. That would, statistically speaking, drive up iqs. It would also spread wealth rapidly; the 1% could soon balloon to up to 6% within a generation. After a couple more generations, nearly everyone would be a descendent of intelligent, wealthy chads. Society will be more enlightened and prosperous.

Your math is correct but you are forgetting that at a certain IQ level, people choose extinction

Each to their own I guess? Ive talked with my gf about it. 2-3 seem reasonable. If you have too many you need to invest a shitton of money. I would have more than one tho because sibling relationships are important imo

>mfw one of my friend have 11 siblings and majority of them are doctors or engineers
Why am I a only child ? I didn't want to be a technician


Depends how many you can afford to buy and how much work needs to be done around your house.


Don't have a single child, it sucks to be a single child. Children need other children to relate of similar age.
Have a couple of children in the same age group. Take 4-5years for 3 children or sth. Then you can set aside a few years for their toddler time and wife can get back to work after it.
I know families where the woman had one child, and then started to work. The second child will be 12 years younger, which just sucks for her (she has a much older body now), and is less economically reasonable.

If you manage 3 kids you're already good in my book.

If you're Elon Musk, have 10+ children.

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