What do you do for work, user? are you working towards your career? dream? retirement? do you love your job...

what do you do for work, user? are you working towards your career? dream? retirement? do you love your job? are you stuck in a dead end job you hate like me?
>trying to find new perspectives

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Massage therapy, pays decent and is pretty chiil once you get the hang of it.

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I'm working to achieve my dream to be an indie comic creator. It sounds silly but every time I would go to cons I would always go to the artist and look at them in admiration.
I love of the idea of people buying something I made. However, I realize a lot of these people are not business savy, so to get ahead of the curve I want to take some business classes along with my art major (I know how to write a story but am shitty artist). Plus the idea of my stories becoming a show excites me to death!
I want this more than anything and I don't care what I struggles head my way, I will keep drawing everyday to get better. I start school in January!

nice user, hope that works out

when did you decide that's what you wanted to do? that sounds like something I could be interested in..

Received a massage and thought it was amazing.

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Thanks, that means a lot!

Robotics, I am advancing just fine, about to start my own company, shit is great.
There is ups and downs as with everything but I generally love my job.
Right now I am doing more promotion than programming which I am not thrilled about but at least this gives me time to test certain things for people and reflect on how I did things.

bump again

Banker, wealth mgmt
>dead end?
>hate it?
Love it

fuark I want to do something like this, how do you get into massage therapy?

I worked in EMS for three years. Loved and hated it. Sold everything and went to go skii and rock climb for a year. Now I work for a transport company. I'm looking at a change of work now. I dont want to work in healthcare.

why dont you want to go in healthcare?
>zoomer who is considering

Yelled at by angry people, shit and piss everywhere.

This. I've been stabbed, hit, spit on. Ive lost all sense or care for people. After two HIV scares and little pay. I want to do something else. Something that actually feels like I'm helping. Healthcare isnt truly about helping people. It's about "helping" and the bottom dollar. Looking into forestry for myself. Maybe meet a nice girl and settle down now that I'm not working 24/7.

wtf how

your dream was to be a banker?

Expanded functions dental assistant. I’ve put in about 18 months of training and coursework for this. 22/hr in Indiana. I’m working towards a bachelors in dental hygiene then maybe being a dentist. I dunno. I got in to it for the hours and so I could get out of manual labor.

I tattoo dying old people then shoot lasers at them for a living. It puts food on the table I guess.

It's EMS man, anything can happen. You can be called to respond to some dangerous shit

I write code at a public tech company. I like my job, it pays *very* well (280k this year alone). I enjoy coding. Lots of people don't enjoy coding. Don't be the person who doesn't enjoy coding thinking they should get into this field

no offense, genuinely curious, how do people like you exist. I have no idea what coding entails so maybe my words hold 0 weight, but that just sounds extraordinarily boring and headache inducing.

i solve problems that customers have by writing code, i talk to people who do different jobs to make sure everyone is on the same page, and when i'm fixing bugs or figuring out how to turn someone's request into computer code i get a dopamine rush.

holy shit that sounds incredibly boring im sorry, but seriously good for you though

is it worth becoming a massage therapist as a male, or is there no chance?

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I'm a professional accountant. I dislike the job but it gives me lots of flexibility because I have gained good skills which are in high demand. At this point in my career if I encounter an employer who gives me bullshit in excess of the value I derive from my employment, I would quit and find a diff. job.

Also, I can't see any images on Jow Forums. I haven't been here in a while, did something change? Other blue / tan boards work fine.

The way I see it is that I get to spend my own time building a project that I actually care about and I'm able to reach financial independence a lot faster than most people.

Once I hit financial independence I'll be able to just fuck off and not have to work a "regular job", instead focusing on just building the things I care about while never having to worry about living expenses ever again.

I'm not pulling more than 40 hours a week at this place, so I'm very happy with how things are going

ultra based, hella boring but honestly inspiring, I hope I can fix my situation to be more like yours one day

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damn I could never be an accountant, sounds soul crushing

also, images on adv aren't loading up for me either on chrome, I can't even click on threads, I have to use safari just to use this one board

Software dev.
Good pay
Work around the world
Not really a dead end because you can just fuck off and leave and find a job 24hs later
Didn't do any University btw
I would really like to take a year to study in another country. Not really sure how it would look on my resume

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Emergency Room Pharmacy Tech
- Pays well enough to live on my own, but the skill is capped at my technical degree and there's no upward mobility.
- I'm working on joining the Air Force as an officer, and I finished the paperwork and interviews. I'm exercising to prepare myself for BMT.
- My dream is live comfy and affordably while finishing the comic and art I work on as a side hobby. I don't think I'd survive in the animation or gaming art world sadly. I fear I don't have that natural passion to work my way into those art fields.

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How do you find work user?

I know how to code, but never capitalized on it since I don't have a degree and thought degree-> Company was the only way to make that path work.

What would I need to show to get the job?

not the person you responded to (i'm the other person in this thread). knowing how to code !=:

- knowing how to plan, scope, and negotiate/compromise on features
- estimating time
- working with other programmers (and other teams of programmers)
- working with nontechncial people
- playing politics

the good news is that a good company will know and tolerate this while you learn how to do it

do you have:

- a portfolio
- open source contributions
- a network of other engineers in your area
- any projects built

also to follow up on my own comment, you don't really "have" to know these things, but it's what separates "software engineers/developers" from "code monkeys"

No, I don't have any of those things, but I'll save your post so I can build them.

All I really had was my university coding projects, but I did well in the classes and made it to the upper divisions at program near Silicon Valley with great professors. I know how to do the work, but I never got a chance to try and make it into the workforce. I'm completely clueless as to how to get a gig.

What kind of projects are they looking for? An App maybe?

What's in a portfolio for a software engineer?

Let me tell you what i did for my first job
>Hello i am user, i know x,y,z , here is my GitHub, i did some cool projects in there like A,B,C.
Show don't tell is what i recommend,if i cannot show a degree,at least i can show real projects i did.
From there it just snowballed.

>What kind of projects are they looking for? An App maybe?
Just do whatever you feel passionate about, you like dogs and robots? Make a project to feed your dog from your phone
Like Facebook and Music? Make a website that you can share your favorite albums

Not everything has to be revolutionary nor big

>What's in a portfolio for a software engineer?
At least 3 projects with different degrees of complexity,fully documented and unittested

Hope it helps

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Also Leetcode your ass off

A ton. Really made my night. I completely forgot I could play that card in life and now I am going to make an effort to do so. Beats the shit out of working at an airport patting people down all day.

I'm a scaffolder. General carpenter by trade. I used to hate it and think I made a mistake but I'm fine now. I'm 32 years old if that means anything to anyone.
I've got a bachelor, I've done a million jobs in different fields. I've come to learn all jobs suck. And they have to. In my line of work jobs end and you can be laid off, sometimes for months. Im paid well enough that isn't a problem at all for me financially.
But you need that place to go that kind of sucks to appreciate your free time. I had PhD friends who work in prestigious fields and honestly the stories don't change. Work sucks. Its just part of life. But if you're making good enough money, you've got benefits, then it's about what you do with your time outside of work.

Build a life that works for you, and don't be that edgy ass faggot who's like "hurr works bullshit were slaves why can't I do what I want". I used to be that faggot. Because you can't appreciate good without suck. Get used to it.
Also quit worrying about where you work. Aim for a sustainable income. You don't have to be a CEO, and you certainly don't have to be a wage slave. You have a million options. Someone wants to pay you well to show up. If you don't know who, you aren't doing enough research.

I think has great advice

The other things I would recommend are to heavily network and find alternate ways of getting into the industry. There's a podcast I like called Breaking Into Startups where people from different backgrounds talk about how they hustled their way into companies.

Yes, I know. I'm a big economics nerd.

I'll listen to it on my commute. Thanks!

Why would you think no chance??

I've known a couple girls who were MTs, and they say that the vast majority of people who go to spas and clinics choose female only MTs during the sign up process.I think maybe everyone just feels uncomfortable having a guy touch them.

I'm male. It definitely is. Male therapists mainly get avoided by other men, and super conservative women. You just have to be very careful with draping and secondary contact, but there’s plenty of people that like the way a mans hands feel, even if it is just in their heads that men give stronger massages. The deepest pressure therapists I've known are women and they are brutal.

Book a professional massage and see what you think. If you love it and can see yourself giving massages to strangers, then seek out your local massage school. Costs around $5,000 and takes 6-8 months, and then the process of obtaining a state license.

thanks user, if u don't mind me asking, is the pay generally as bad as people say it is? I've been doing research and lots of people on >reddit are saying that becoming an MT is a poor investment, and that carpal tunnel is guaranteed in as little as a couple years. I'm not too swayed yet, but do you think its worth it at all in the practical sense too?

The issue is that you’re limited by how much abuse your body can handle. If I could work 40 hours a week and be booked for all of those, I would make close to 70k a year. 20 to 30 hours a week is what most of the career therapists work, so you’re looking at 20-30k. Ive seen a lot of therapists blow out their bodies after about two years, usually shoulders and thumbs. Even with lighter pressures Im still using knuckles, forearms, and elbows just to give my hands and fingers a rest.

What I like about my current situation is that I have three day weekends every week and only work 6 hour days. Its a chill life.

Ultimately it’s a good gig that pays decent and allows a ton of free time and unique schedules. It makes college easy because your best shifts are weekend nights.

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I'm a therapist, I work with kids.
I work with children with autism or regulatory problems.

It's not really a job where you have a real career, it's pretty dead end. You just get better and get more patients, and can ask more money.
I chose this job because once I build some experience I can work on my own, and make my own hours so when I have kids it's chill.
Right now I'm making roughly 65-70k, working 40 hours a week.

Damn. So paying off that 5k school loan is actually a problem?

so you're a college student? you don't think this is a good career to invest in for the long haul? what are you going to school for?

Help please:
I'm 28. Currently doing low-level admin work- contract expires in December.

I consider this a job, not a career, as there's no upward mobility and it's just something I fell into after I fucked up in University.
I don't know what I dream of doing, I just want to become wealthy enough that I might be able to support a family comfortably and retire (nothing in the bank because I life hand to mouth).

What can I do to finally start on a career? Yes, I know I've fucked up and probably to a point where it's irreparable

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I'm not that user, and this is going to be anecdotal, but some MT I talked to seem to either to do it as a side gig or to supplement joint income. Which the last sounds the same as the first, but still.

fuckkk why does everything that interests me even slightly unsustainable

I can't say it can't be. 20-30k isn't bad for an individual. You'll want to go find your own professional to talk to. I'm sure it's one of those where you end up opening your own business with employees and then start making the bigger bucks. But again, I'm just an user with anecdotal from talking to a few. Even if 3 of them happen to have said the same thing, there's still hundreds more out there that have a different experience.

I am literally dying.
I'm at uni and I thought it would be smart to be ambitous so I'm doing a double major in computer science and french language and litterature(french is also my 3rd language), with a minor in art history, let's just say mistakes were made and I'm not doing that great.

>double major
But why? I thought when people double majored it was for somewhat relevant thing. How could majoring in two different things be helpful?

I had no idea what I wanted to do I applied for everything from archeology, eng lit to architecture.
But comp science was always kind of my first choice, but at my uni most people do it as a double major so I think my line of though was what if I did IT, but in France.

I don't get it though. If anyone could just have github profiles why even bother with college?


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>Too many qualifications no GitHub = bad
>Too little qualifications but GitHub = doable
>Some qualifications and GitHub = ideal
"They always say that they are passionate about coding, yet, when you ask to see what they code in their free time ,they don't have anything.
Is like an artist that loves to draw, but cannot show you a single sketch"

Non ironically, why don't you start coding, devs with knowledge on how to set up servers are really looked for

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Because I struggle with extrapolative thinking and failed high-school maths.
Also the tech industry has invested billions into astroturfing for programming education because you guys earn (what they consider) too much money and they want to saturate the industry so they can pay you less. I assume that by the time I become competent in that kind of career I'll be doomed to a shitty wage because I'll be caught up in a cohort of young graduate coders.

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I draw hentai art and fetish comics.
Yes its my dream job because i work from home and am my own boss.
I work primarily from patreon, so the harder i work, the higher my pay.
Not towards retirement; im working towards paying off my house so i can own it within the next 10 years. Then i wouldnt have to worry about the rent. Only the $150 for utilities.
Its my dream job but i also dont love it. I love the pay and freedom, but i hate basically drawing the same shit over and over again. Its always the same just slightly different angle or story.

i make loudspeakers for a living. i like the job and the company a lot but it's not a viable career as there's no progression and i earn peanuts (£16k). my dream job is audio programming for game development, and I'm currently putting together a portfolio to pursue it.

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That doesn't seem to be a real quote but I see what you mean. Thanks.

Going to uni for communications/film and video concentration right now and finishing up a documentary that I’m really excited about. Got my first paid freelance gig with WGBH operating a camera dolly for an entire season of one of their shows, and in order to complete my uni program I have one internship left to do (currently figuring that one out). It’s pretty exciting because I’ve broken into my field even before graduating.

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Customer support booking com.
Russian line so 90% of the time it's e-mails but the normie stuff as well as all the fakeness and the ass licking. It makes me wanna beat smb up when I see a post on corporate facebook (yes there is such a thing) from a ceo about cost redistribution and there is some faggot writing "Thank you vogel very excited to hear about the changes. Hearing that there is going tk be some changes makes me think how great this company is" and some 20 retards liking the post.
Also realized that people shitpost the rules and guidelines there not for convenience but because if you want to be promoted you can show that bs as "helping colleagues".
With all the other bs like having to go to wc by using "personal time"

used to be a teacher. Worse pay but man that job made me feel smth now It's just weed with coffee in the morning like joey diaz and lexotanil at work to pass the time faster..

>what do you do
Tech support for a software company. I answer skypes and emails from customers that have problems with the software and then try to fix the problem from the database (SQL). It's software for toll booths.
>are you working towards your career?
No, I mean I'm studying I.T. and still have no degree despite being 26. But I don't really think of it as a career because I don't like it for what it is, I'm just doing it to please my parents and because I like to know that I can just quit my job and find another one easily in I.T. in case I ever have a mental breakdown or crisis in my current job.
I'm quite hopeless about my life to be honest but I want to buy a 90's or 2000's Mustang, which is absolutely impossible even in the future, with my current salary, but I also lack motivation to get better because I'm always depressed as fuck. I also don't really care about those cars that much because buying my current car didn't cure my depression.
Retirement scares me, or more like being old scares me. I hope I die before I turn 60.
>do you love your job?
No but I guess I'm okay with how I get to sit there and do nothing for hours sometimes. As soon as they give me a "real" assignment like going on a trip with some manager to some other country I'm gonna have to say no or quit.
>are you stuck in a dead end job you hate like me?
I think depression keeps me stuck but yeah the current job I have is definitely dead end which is why many coworkers have left the job soon after getting it.

I'm a chem major and my first real job earlier this year in an unrelated field.
They're promising to promote me into a lucrative Quality Assurance position, but the work is dull and the company hardcore exploits its workers.
I'm not sure if I should throw it away to try and go into research. The only reason I hesitate is because it's been awhile since I've been in a proper chem lab and my memories on the techniques are foggy.
Can't decide if I should go for the secure QA position in a company I don't like or jump to the field I majored in.

Fighting for ZOG of course

Stuck in a dead end job

Law student in Europe hoping to work at a big 4 in my country. Recruiters are aggressive as fuck and try to seduce you by sponsoring free trips to their foreign offices and they're going to pay me a free trip to Austria only because I have a 4.0 GPA and an okay-ish resumé. Would love to work at a big 4 but this shit is competitive as fuck

Have you considered doing contract work and charging whatever you wish

How reasonable is it for someone to get into Patreon commission work if they draw as a hobby?

are you good at it?

can you market yourself well?

>what do you do for work, user?
it involves something that isn't widely known

>are you working towards your career?
I doubt that I'd get one while in school

>are you stuck in a dead end job you hate like me?
like a heavily drunk person on meth

I don't even know what I'm doing with my life.

I'm 23, studying in some shitty college my family forced me to join because "muh better future". I don't enjoy it and this semester will probably be my last. I haven't even advanced that much, and meanwhile all my friends have graduated or started a career in something. God I'm such a fucking loser.

I'm working a dead end job as a labourer for a home services company. So mostly just mow lawns, weed gardens, prune shrubs and occasionally take rubbish and green waste to the dump.
I don't really like my job at all and I dislike a lot of the people there. But at the same time I have no idea what I'd do for an actual career path and if I got another low-level, shitty job somewhere else it'd be more or less the same as where I am now.
Thinking suicide might be the way to go.

I'm a junior specialist in a biomedical engineering lab (low level researcher). The pay is bad for my skills but this is a temporary job to help prep for graduate school, I'm trying to get skills, a letter of recommendation, and a publication.

My next goal is to apply to grad school and get my PhD. I want to work in research and have more freedom than I do now. I may go into academia but that depends on my grad school experience.

I really like the job. It allows me to work with my hands and is intellectually stimulating. You really get out of the job what you put in and rarely do I feel like I'm spinning my wheels or wasting my life.

I'm a community nurse who works with school aged children. The next generation is fucked. More and more children who don't know how to speak properly or play with others because their parents dont engage with them at home.

I work at a grocery store, been working at the same one for four years now. Worked at a shittier one before for three years. I'm 23 now and have a useless college education, graduated last year. I wanted to work in museums but a bachelor's wont cut it - and I don't have the time, money, or aptitude for grad school. I work 40 hours a week and do nothing with my free time other than distract myself from the fact that I'm a failure and a disappointment to my parents.

I'm going to be stuck in this hell forever because I'm too weak willed to change my current situation and I instead just let myself feel worse and worse. I'll never be a happy person and I'll always hate myself.

Don't end up like me. Do something about your life if you don't like something about it.

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Nigga you're 23.
I'm in the same situation at 28.

My advice, and what I'm currently looking into, is learning a trade. I hear they're desperate for apprentices because everyone wants to go to university and thinks they're above manual labour, and while there'll always be chuds to clean toilets it takes a certain amount of skill to install one. Become a plumber, electrician, HVAC technician, CNC machinist, etc. and maybe down the track start your own business, get into real estate, and become a rich man.
Delusions of grandeur? Maybe, but it's better than getting stuck in a low-skill rut like we currently are.

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I don't even want to be rich, I just wanted to immerse myself in an environment I truly have a passion for and to be able make a living, however scant, doing it.

I genuinely makes me angry that I was so happy and hopeful when I was in college because I was doing well and I genuinely thought that if I did well and worked hard that I'd get a job in my field. I can't believe how retarded I was, I actually planned to quit my job right after I graduated to look for a job because I thought I'd land a job at the auction gallery I interned at.

I just want to feel like I've achieved anything for myself. I know it sounds stupid that I feel this way for how young I am, but I've really felt this way forever. Nothing I've done (or anything I feel like I can feasibly do) has made me happy that's meant anything.

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I am just finishing up my PhD in bioinformatics. I live for science and coding, and I get to do both in this field. Couldn't be happier.

im 22 working retail, already put in my 2 weeks due to a mental breakdown and I dont even have another job lined up. what the fuck am I doing lol

I know that feel, my man.

i couldn’t go back to work after a traumatic injury over a year ago and i feel like i am wasting away.

I think this would be difficult. typically people are only willing to pay for a few subscriptions, and those go to the very best. if that's not you, then you'll have a hard time finding people willing to pay. it's feast or famine.

Im the op of It depends on your skill level. I have seen people who draw as a hobby but draw like a GOD. I have seen professionals draw like shit.
Its also important to note that STYLE means everything. Patrons dont care if you can draw realistically or even decent anatomy. They care about your style.
Niche fetish is also important. If you pick something too broad and general, then you wont get subs. You need to pick a fetish that is very obscure and lacking in art. Youll become that fetish community's God. Theyll trample over each other to commission you.

But it all depends on skill, style, and how much work youre willing to put in. If its just a hobby and youre not passionate, it will show in your work. Fans can tell immediately.

I didnt get to $4000 a month worth of patrons for hobby art. I draw daily and post daily. I pump out a comic every 2 weeks. It comes easily to me since its my passion. But it will become your burden if you arent passionate about it and only proclaim it to be a hobby.

Well what i have now can be barely called a job since the pay is so low it barely covers the costs of showing up but it's a great opportunuty and will get me a great deal of quality experience for what i want work in. I'm also starting university in a few weeks to get a related degree, i'm 26 and i feel late as fuck in life in general but at least now i have some sort of plan going forward and goal i actually want to achive unlike when i was in economics.

Graduated from med school 2 months and will start next month as a pathologist in training. Pretty much the job I’ve been wanting to do since I started med school, hope it lives up to my expectations. Definitely not a dead end job, although technically it kinda is. Haven’t thought much about a retirement.

I work as a welder at a massive construction company/contractor. It technically isn't a dead-end job, but it is. I could move up the ladder and become a foreman or supervisor but that is where all the bullshit comes into play. Or, I could go on the road and work in a refinery or a pipeline. But, the work is steady, great benefits, and hell will likely freeze over before this company goes under.

I actually wish I would of went to university like all my friends, and family members. They all work nice comfy desk jobs and make good money without having to kill their bodies everyday. Carry a 50lb tool bucket around for 10 hours a day, 3 mile walk from the worksite to the parking lot, burn 15 pounds of welding wire, work inside ships that are probably around 110f+ and weld shit that produces heat at around 5000f.
Oh yeah, and 90% of my co-workers are boomers that have been working the same job, same position for at least 30+ years, and hate their job! Great people to be around.

Moral of the story, go to college for any underaged b&s reading this.

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I went to get worked on by a message therpist after getting my back fucked up in a crash, and she poked her fingers in my back so hard it literally felt like I was going to pass out from the pain. I stopped visiting, but does it get any better than that? Shit was terrible.

16-19 I worked in I.T. Did security work after then became a cop for over ten years, and started quite a few businesses during this entire time.

Being a cop wasn't stressful, asides from the scheduling and office politics. Pay was pretty good. $45k during the academy, then $75k after graduating. $80k+ after field training, $90k+ a year after. With all my collateral duties, experience, and training I was making $135k+ without overtime, and there was a lot of overtime.

Some of my companies I started were security consulting (sold), firearm accessory manufacturing, firearms training, online software, some fashion brands, custom made signs, and more. I like all the work I do, but I like how well it pays even more.

Over the years, planning, saving and investing really paid off. I now spend a total of 5-hours a week at most managing all my businesses. Leading up to this point, sometimes the stress of the business could be more than being a cop.

Now I get to spend lots of time with my family who I like, and spend time on my hobbies.

CPS worker. Never imagined myself in this field before (even though I went to school for social work.) Now I'm almost two years in and I like it. I feel like this is what I'll be doing the rest of my life (okay, maybe not.) I really want to work abroad in this field (cause I like foreign language and I'd like to combine my work with my passion) but I feel like that's near impossible.

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How old are you, as a matter of interest?

>are you working towards your career? dream?
I gave up financial stability and a potential career to do both. I originally graduated with a degree in industrial engineering and got a job at the most soul sucking office that has actually killed people in their warehouse. I mean fuck, my old boss there had to get surgery and woke up from the anesthesia throwing punches at other managers that weren't there screaming "THEY'RE CHEATING! THEY'RE CHEATING THEIR NUMBERS!!"

I want to be an airplane mechanic, not some limp dick office guy yelling in meetings about the operation. Being out there and actually doing shit. Getting shit done. Also free flights around the world sound pretty cool. So far the people in the school are all cool. I feel like I am finally headed in the right direction. Finally.

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