Dating a sinlge mon and she now wants to do sex only after marriage

i'm a 20 year old dating a 25 year old single mom, we have been together for six months ad we usually would fuck every weekend or so, but now for some reason she skip my iniatives and told me last nigh that just wanna do this after marriage, i like her and her parents buti think that without sex this isnt going to work, should i dumo her ?

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>single mom
>no sex
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, run away.

You got two options, marry her of dump her.

Why user, is this really such a red flag ?

wait? let me get this straight

So you were fucking and now she's saying if you want to have more sex you have ot marry her?

She sounds totally fucking insane

Dating a single mom is a red flag itself, and doing so while no sex until "marriage" is a huge double red flag. Honestly OP could do so much better.

There was like a hiatu of a month or so without sex, then when i tried something she came up with the marriage thing

If she is pulling this level of direct maniuplation on you I guarantee it she is also manipulating you on many other not so obvious levels.

This women is bad news OP

did she have the kid after being married?

if the answer is no, run away.
if the answer is yes, run away.

she wants to enslave you for the sake of the child.

should i also get worried by the fact that she still in contact with her last ex, and that her past sexual life always come up in our conversation like she'
s throwing in my face

Sounds like a trap to me. She wants to trap you into marriage faggot. Run

Run now.

Did she tell you why she changed her mind on it? She could just be worried about ending up with two different kids who have two different dads while she's still single. That would probably be enough to make any future guy decide not to date her.

She had no problem having sex before marriage with other men, but she has a problem with you?

Run dude. She doesn't love you. She wants your utility, not you.

She says her motives are religious, said that now sexbefore marriage feels "wrong"

yeah fuck this bullshit, run away OP.

buy a brand new pair of running shoes and run like an olympic marathn runner on steroids.

She's a lying cunt who needs someone to give her money and to dump her crotchfruit on when she's tired of it. Run and never look back.

Either she is
a) lying
b) has terrible impulse control and is going to make you pay for it for the rest of your lives


i dont know guys, i have recently moved out and started living by my self, her and her family helped me a lot through the first weeks, it seens kind of a dick move to dump her out the blue like this

Terrible logic

You don't owe her anything, that is a fallacy.
If she isn't the one for you, and is already trying to seriously manipulate you, it is in your best interest to get out now.

What do you want to happen. Marry her and then figure out just how crazy she is, and leave her after you've made yourself an important part of the kids life?

Yes, it shouldn't take another human being to tell you that.

Dude this bitch is crazy!
She is gauging you to see how you react to being taken advantage of.
How many red flags do you need?


It is clear from the evidence that you provided that you already know deep down you need to leave her and are here looking for validation because you are afraid to go through with it.

Don't let fear control you in this, this is a critical point in your life that is going to affect everything in your future.

Be strong and stick to your guns

Even if her intentions are completely pure and honest, using the promise of sex for a desired outcome is manipulative. Imagine if you did get married and there was another issue and sex was withheld as a bargaining chip. Would be pretty shit right.

Yes, dump her. Physical intimacy is a big part of relationships, and important to make it all work. If she wants to indulge some newborn puritanism then she can do so with someone else.

Dating a single mum at your age is a sign of weakness. There are so many women that would be great for you, that dont have kids and don't manipulate using sex. Find out why you are attracted to her and work on fixing it. I.e. do you think you can't do better, too shy to chat to women or a bit lazy and want a easy life. Btw, all three were me when I was your age so dont take it as overly critical

Yeah I'm not as cynical as a lot of the guys here but it doesn't sound good to me. I doubt she sees it as trying to trap you, but I would bet the fact that you've stuck around this long has made her think that she can get you to commit. I would say just be honest with her and tell that if those are the terms of the relationship then you don't think you can do it. At worst, you're not getting laid, but that would have been the case anyway. At best, she might be mad at you for a bit, but she might decide that having you around not committed is better/easier than finding someone else.
I get why it's difficult but you should never stay with someone because you feel like you owe them something. She'll probably call you some mean names and shit talk you to her friends for leaving, but if you honestly don't see yourself getting married to this woman then, if she is being honest, the best thing you can do for her is leave her and let her find someone else, and if she isn't being honest, the best thing you can do for you is leave her so you can find someone else. Also, raises a good point. Someone who can successfully use sex as a bargaining chip like that once and for something that big almost certainly won't be afraid to use it again.

Ive dated a few single moms
I can already tell you that this chick is bad fucking news
Something deep in her psyche is totally fucked and you are nothing more than an object to her
Cut your loses and find another chick

>Run now.
Based on a failed 8 year marriage to a formerly single mom: RUN!!!!!!

Thanks user you just gave me the pump i need in order to do this, thanks all of you guys

Let me spell out exactly how you're getting played here.
She wants to latch you to these kids. And she knows sex is her most valuable currency in the relationship. So she withholds it until you shackle on to her.
>single mom
Just gonna guess she's never married
>25 too
Imagine laying alimony and child support for the next eternity
Imagine financing some other dude's kids for him
This is advanced cuckoldry

break up with her she will emotionally fuck you up so you just take care of her kids sincerely someone with a single mother who did this to every guy she got.

Bitch is using the same marketing tactic as mobile games. Dump her asap, like fucking yesterday

Give her another kid and refuse to pay child support

LOL!!! Well said brother

Just go along with it. She'll cave.

>fucking woman
>woman decides "no sex until I get X thing"
>hurr durr could this possibly be some kind of ploy to lock me into giving her X thing?????
Are you a retard?

>i dont know guys, i have recently moved out and started living by my self, her and her family helped me a lot through the first weeks, it seens kind of a dick move to dump her out the blue like this
I just want to make sure you live separately from her? How did her parents help you move out?
Regardless, she really sounds like a chameleon when it comes to religion, sex and helping you.

youre being cheated on in the best case scenario. escape

Maybe not intentional manipulation, but this is textbook roastie shit. They get their back blown out by chad for however many years, nothing but one night stands, doing three ways, anal, you name it. BUT when she “wants to settle down” it’s a kiss on the first date, and plain missionary once a month for you. She sees you as a betabux provider and you are worth more than that fren

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!


What is a sinlge mon?

She is playing you like the fool you are.


I am woman and I recommend you give some present for her, and break relation slowly. Don't sex, and dont broke her mind, and slowly stop the relation. It will be good if you give her present, which she can use for long time. You don't have to hurt woman.

Hey OP, I think that you wanna sex more with her. But never do that more. If you more do that, there can be really dangerous situation. And don't hurt her more.

Why should he? Fuck her for trying to manipulate him. The only present he should give her is jizz on her face a laat time. But better rub it up yourself bro, she might use it otherwise.

If the woman be hurted by OP, she can revenge to him. The revenge way is various, so it will be better, if he do something for her, and she dont hate the OP.

Some guys hurt woman, and woman revenge really huge scary

Single mommy wants to trap you into your own cuckoldry.

Ofcourse she does. She needs a nice beta cuck to take care of some other man his child.

R U N. Don't think with your dick

She has red flags on her red flag.

Yeah, move on. Anyone who withholds sex is not healthy.

Kek nobody is this stupid, bad b8.


Is she single Mon rasta far rai

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