Muslim and Christian relationship?

Ok anons need some advice here.

for the TDLR's out there,

can a Muslim and Christian relationship coexist?

long story short...
>Muslim girl eye's lock on a christian guy
>Christian guy has balls to talk to Muslim girl
>both hit it off, learned about each other stories, exchange cell and in contact
>continue to set up dates.
>she and him are not overly concerned about religion.

you want the long story? fine.

I'm christian yet I'm not a hardcore,fanatical banishing all Jews, Muslims, Autists, Gays you name it. in the past, I witnessed this and worse. Realized that it was kind of a cult and not my thing. To further strain my relationship with god my dad died of cancer, my own problems that I need to deal with and come to terms... she on the other hand is also not a hardcore Muslim. She's actually against wearing a hijab in public and private. she just does it to please her family and she is heavily concerned and afraid of her family in regards to me.

In reality I'm taking it step by step, day by day enjoying our time together. but I can't help but look and peer at the future to see if we can co-exist. can that happen?

Thanks for reading and peace and love to all.

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if she is okay with it and her family won,t be trouble yeah sure why not. seen it happen before. but if her family is against it it will be a huge strain on the relationship.

word of advice she will break your heart and in the end she will choose her religion over you

If you aren't hardcore just go muslim. They dig Jesus as a prophet so you can still be a follower. Both books say that there is only one true god and they are the same god. Im not saying to immediately convert but you can get your toes wet. There is only a conflict if you make it one.

right, this is absolutely not the dumbest thing he could do

stay away, there's a chance she might convert, but if her family is even slightly interested in her, she won't

Have you objectively read the bible and Koran? Why you wanna cramp op's style? What evidence can you provide to demonstrate this point of view? Are you jelly? Do you feel powerful to call the shots in other lives? Is it because you have no control in your own? Do you feel smarter to call others stupid? Is it because you doubt the quality of your own decisions?

Hey there, 20yr Christian M here for perspective. First of all I'd like to say that my father also passed away from cancer. It rocked my faith to the core, but over the years I found God in my own way, and go to him for my reasons, not what the church says to.

In my opinion, I see no issue whatsoever with this happening. At the end of the day, love is love man, no matter who the people involved are (barring underage shit, the young mind is underdeveloped and children/teens should grow up safe, happy, and healthy). If both parties can come together and genuinely love each other for who the other is, than the sky is the limit. One word of advice I have is to not attempt to really change her perspective. If you want to show her the faith, show it through actions and good will, or even scripture if she expresses interest. Don't be afraid to show interest in her way of life either, everyone loves when someone takes an interest in them, just be wary of any active attempts on her part to change who you are and what you believe.

Long story short, let love flourish man. Stay safe, be smart, and fall head over heels (within reason of course)!

whew, that's a lot of assumption there
I know that the bible says thatthe only way to heaven is through Jesus, which does not really work if you believe that he was just another prophet
as for the conversion, it's just something that personal experience has taught me, interreligional relationships almost never work and if they do, it's because one of the two usually changes their views

"I can do nothing on my own. I judge only as I hear, and my judgment is just, because I do not seek my own will, but the will of him who sent me.

It says all kinds of junk.

>to see if we can co-exist. can that happen?
Ask the family.

Depends where she is and how her family is. If she lives in a Islamic country where it's codified, most likely she's not going to be able to travel without her father's permission. A Muslim woman marrying a non-Muslim man is illegal in a lot of Islamic countries. There are some other issues that you may face when it comes to the law. Socially speaking, it varies. I've had a few relations with Muslim women and it's difficult. Even if she isn't really religious, you definitely will face the social pressure of it. The immediate family may be okay with it, but their friends and distance relatives may not be. Islam is pretty ingrained in a lot of facets of daily life. It's not going to be easy trying to adapt to the different culture though.

In my opinion, only if she's willing to get conflictual with her family or even outright cut contact with them. Since she's not a hardcore Muslim and isn't even into the cultural aspects (wearing hijab), it could happen. However family is family and very few people are willing to just say "fuck it" and cut contact. Also it depends on how religious her parents are, maybe they're the type to accept you eventually and accept that their daughter is not very religious.

For example my cousin is a Christian and she fell in love with an Indian guy, as you know they are very into their culture, religion, caste system, arranged marriages etc. His parents were taken aback at first when he told them he wants to marry my cousin, but ultimately they accepted it and now they have a wonderful relationship and all his relatives love her. She accepts their religion, takes part in some of their customs and so does he. They did the wedding both in India (traditional) and also in the US at a Christian chappel. I think this is the key, both parties need to be respectful of the others' cultural and religious traditions.

It’s permissible for Christians to live alongside Muslims in the lands of Islam (dar ul-islam).
There are a few important steps;
1. Testifying there is no god but god (you can still believe Jesus is the prophet of god - muslims think so too)
2. Paying the jizya to the Muslims
3. Performing your Christian prayers to god (but not to Jesus)
4. Do not proselytize Christianity in the land of Islam - this is punished with crucifixion in Islam
5. Lastly, you must pledge your allegiance - bay’ah - to the shaykh of Islam, the Khalifa of the Muslimeen

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no pork = ok

Stop worry about what's possible and do what you want. Everyday people do shit someone told them was impossible.

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These are 2 monotheistic religions and those are the type of religion that don't play well with others.

Also what are your kids going to be? They can't be both.

this is the reason Christians and Muslims don't mix. Muslims have tight rules about who their daughters marry, among those no infidels. It's also a sin to stop being a Muslim so once in it's never out. These daughters born in Muslim families will never be respected again ever by their families if she converts to Christianity. So the Islamic solution is you convert to Islam, which is their entire goal because they think Christianity is wrong and Islam is right. Anyways, I'm very sorry for you OP, your girl might love you, but a muslim family will never accept a daughter marrying a non-Muslim. Your only choice is to convert, but I'm not sure that that is something you'd want to do. Lots of rules and a different way of thinking.

You could always wipe out the family and steal the girl :)

look up honor killings. that will happen to her if she tells her family about you. if you dont watch the news much: in muslim societies christians are hated and are killed and have been for many years.
but as they say the heart wants what the heart wants. if your all cool with all that. go for it. just bear in mind she isnt the kind of girl you can have a one nighter with. once you touch her your getting married. in her culture women are subservient to men and she knows it thats why in her cuture she can be part of a harem of multiple wives... bitchng in surround sound: no thanks.

>despite the constant tension during the crusades, christians and muslims had periods of peace between kingdoms
>even during wartime, both christian and muslim leaders had respect for their wisest and strongest foes
If those guys can do it, the rest of you should be able to.

elopement like in the good old days
just lift her on your horse and ride towards the sunset

fun fact western Muslim girls tend to be just as slutty as western girls, but they just hide it from their parents