As a 5'6", dark skinned, ugly with facial deformity, and small hand, wrist and dick...

As a 5'6", dark skinned, ugly with facial deformity, and small hand, wrist and dick, what can I do to improve my chances of getting a girl? pic related is sort of what I look like, but without the stache and a slightly thicker neck

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Get shredded.

Let your parents arrange marry you to a nice indian girl

Get social skills

But will getting a better body move their attention away from my face and small head?

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what do you think?

I literally don't know. I think if I get a better body my chances are still super slim, so I'm wondering if there's other ways around.

This is what I'm practising now

make sure your neck is as wide as your head. it's easy to exercise just neck, see this: . same with wrists, it doesn't matter much if your forearms are good.
don't know what your deformity is. if you can hide it with beard or something then it's good. if not, surgery might be the only way.
check your fashion choices, try and look like most people around. don't go out of your way but make sure you don't look tacky/unkempt/unfashionable.
self-confidence is still key though.

How is your toilet game?

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Become such a kind and loving man the ladies will want to be with you. Everyone has some flaw(s). I feel that in ugly cause I'm not 7ft tall with platinum blonde hair and aqua blue eyes. But the Universe makes us as we are!

Just sikhmaxx bro. Grow a massive beard, start wearing a turban and carry around a massive sword to fend off potential competition.


Nah, you'd be like an ugly girl with big tiddies and a nice ass.
Even I wouldn't pass on an ugly girl with big tits and a nice ass.

I get you're a woman

Why you trying to get a girl. That game is inherently rigged against you. This game is created by ignorant pieces of shit to make you and people like you feel bad and unworthy. Fuck your friends who brag about girl-scores. Do something real instead.

If you're in the states, become a yoga guru. You'll be swimming in pussy in no time.

Genuinely this. You can look like a walking pile of shit for all I cae, if you have an absolutely magnetic personality and great social skills, you will be attractive in that way. Also you can always work on taking care of your appearence, you don't HAVE to be the walking pile of shit but social skills are important.

kek that's what every toast says to make them appear less shallow

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Social skills are important, my dude. Looks by themselves will at best get you some one night stands, charisma can work miracles if you know how to use it.

Find a chick who looks like yourself, easy.

Samurai haircut.

Start going to a good barber. And keep your top long and fade all around. Then start going to the gym. And get ripped. Also start “Mewing” if you got a weak jaw

You just described me and I made out with a hot blonde I met on tinder last weekend. Just be yourself.

Move to india and find a smelly bitch to fuck there

Pajeets on suicide watch. Your ancestors fucked you over by moving here and u realize how ugly ur

Pretty much this. Accept that, unless you bring other seriously positive qualities to the table, you aren't likely to end up with a considerably attractive partner. Thems the brakes, sorry friend.

Not good advice considering women always date up

like this?

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I dont even care about facial aesthetics that much. I'll be happy with a 4 out of 10 that's not fat.

Oh boy.. someone tell him.

Tell me what?

if you are that dark I would suggest you shave your hair and pretend to be black or mixed. just copy black guy hairstyles or whatever