Warning signs of a thot?

How do you know if she's a thot? What are red flags you look for?

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attention-seeking. Very simple and reliable.

Two X chromosomes

Posting pics like that.

she takes and posts pics like the one in your op

Male friends


If she breathes shes a thot

Too much make-up, attention seeking, regular partying.

>showing cleavage
>booty shorts

if she breathes

Wanting girl friends around but only when their boyfriends come too

Attention seeking, daddy issues, dyed hair, wants open relationship, lots of partners, broken family, manipulative

She breathes.

sex before official relationship/wants relationship quickly

Wants money. Only talks to you if you have money. Gets REALLY happy over gifts. Hasnt turned your relationship official yet but its been over 3 months

>using the word thot ironically
You won't have to worry about that, no girl is going to be interested in you.

>attention seeking
>has cheated on any of her past boyfriends
>has had multiple casual sexual encounters.


Tattoos or oddly colored hair.

Has instagram

Spotted the thot

>Multiple tattoos
> more than just basic ear piercings
> dyed hair
> weird hairdo
> daddy issues
> mainly male friends
> tomboy
> narcissistic

Does she breathe?

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Has Facebook, Tumblr, etc.

ITT: Warning signs of losers.

My gf meets the whole criteria except for narcissism. I feel like she'd make a good e-thot if she tried.


>isnt a virgin
>posts pics of herself online
>daddy issues
>not heterosexual
>slutty clothes

>if a girl had sex with someone who isn't me she is a slut


And you are a virgin

>I don't have social media
No she does, you just can't be allowed to see her whore pseudonym.

If she posts only
>videos of her vaping, smoking, drinking

Likely if she has
>a pseudo billie eillish look
>visible hickeys
>a nose piercing

Focuses entire image and most behaviour on getting male attention to cope with poor self esteem.

Humblebrags about how much male attention she gets while also fishing for compliments by publicly putting self down.

I can only mate with virgin girls

Dont look behind you

You know how.

If she dresses like a thot. She's a thot. Period.

Insecurity or craving attention

For me, its her friends. The guys who've dated thots to just ride the wave know this like I have.

Its a red flag if her friends are thots. Friends are a clear reflection of who they truly are as a person if the girl is a two-faced liar. If some of her friends are promiscuous and always posting new date locations with new guys every so often, and they are related to the girl you like- then they are the same personality-wise. They also keep "guy friends" around- potential suitors and when confronted about it will give you shit.

Just avoid them. Saves you the pain and heartache later.