Hey Jow Forums, lets talk about HPV

Hey Jow Forums, lets talk about HPV.

My gf recently got a positive test for a strain of HPV, yet she was a virgin before us having had sex. I was not a virgin, but only had one ex girlfriend prior.

Does this in any ways imply that my ex gf cheated on me and gave me HPV which I gave to my now girlfriend?

If so, I'll find my ex and give her a piece of my mind :-)

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80% of population has HPV in some strain, most show false negatives.

SOURCE: I have to get anal biopsys for HPV risk and am not going off internet but medical professional.

did you not get tested before having sex with this virgin because if so, she should be giving you a piece of her mind rather than you blaming your ex for your lack of safety.

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So is there a chance one of them got HPV from non-sexual means? I don't care for my ex anymore but I'd rather not think she cheated on me

Both girls were virgins and I had no reason to believe either lied to me, so no I did not get tested

Please realize condoms and especially birth control do not prevent STI such as HPV and HSV.


OP stop being a massive douchefaggot and just follow doctors orders.
Forget about the ex shit and if you’re bent up about her break it off with current gf cause you’re not ever her yet.

Not to get into any semantics over it, but I in fact am I doctor. Just when you are the patient you tend to over think things.

My ex and I have been over for 2.5 years now, but I just did not want to think she had cheated is all

Why does it matter how she got it? If she has it shes at greater risk than you as a male. Why dont you quit being a peice of shit and support your partner instead of blame her? These things arent easy to talk about.

The only condition to leave would be if she intentionally infected you, rarely will someone be this sadistic - and they wouldnt tell you after the fact in most cases either.

If you think youre going to hit the 10% of girls without it every time its statistically improbable.

Im curious as to the source. Im not blaming anyone

Then I reiterate that you’re being a massive faggot about this by overthinking it. It’s seriously not a big deal and if you are in fact a doctor you’d realize that...

Who gives a fuck what she did. She’s trash and you’re not with her. You’re with current gf rn so again STOP BEING A HUGE FAG OVER THIS INCONSEQUENTIAL THING.

You do care cause you’re being a fucking moron. You wanna “give her a piece of your mind”. If you were over her and didn’t care then why the fuck would you be posting about this?

It's pretty reasonable to be mad if you suspect an ex gave you an STI.

Thank you lol

Been with my ex for 3.5 years and it’s not a good thought to know it ended with an STI via cheating. The way it ended was I thought she lost feelings and I accepted that, but an STI is a different feeling

Need more info then. Did they get tested before having sex? If not op is still a massive faggot and even more so a retard for not being responsible.
If she gave him hov he needs to get over it cause so many people have it and don’t know. It’s on him.

If IF they got tested and she was tested for it it could’ve been a false negative or heck she could’ve just got it while they dated. It sucks. But to track down your ex to give her a piece of your kind over goddamn hpv. Grow the fuck up and stop being a fucking niggerfaggot. Seriously. Jesus it’s not like he got the clap or fucking aids.

It can be transmitted through anal sex, oral sex, blood transfusion, used needles, vaginal sex. It’s also possible for men to be asymptomatic and transmit it to their partners. You can also get it through contact with someone having a watt break out.

In short, OP, there’s no way to know if she got it from you (unless you get tested), by cheating, or from a previous partner through nonsexual contact.

Well new girl could have cheated too. Doesn't everyone get the vaccine these days though?

I've been with only one girl and went raw. Should I get tested even if I don't have any symptoms for anything? Looks like they can't eventtest men for hpv.

I don’t think guys can even be tested

They can’t. It’s really a non issue unless you get a wart. Use protection unless you’re both tested and don’t stress.

>Not to get into any semantics over it, but I in fact am I doctor.

>I had no reason to believe either lied to me, so no I did not get tested

I'm gonna have to call bullshit on the doctor aspect of this story, unless you're a horse doctor or a premed or some shit. How the fuck can anyone get through college let alone an entire med school without knowing this is how like 99% of straight people get sti's? And not knowing to always get tested? This "i trusted them so I went in blind" nonsense is what most people say when they have an sti scare.

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You’re right. Just checked. That’s extremely unfortunate. It means OP could have HPV and not know it.

This is why it’s so important for both men and women to get vaccinated.

Some people are unvaccinated for various reasons. I know boys sometimes aren’t given it because their parents decide it’s “unnecessary”, since it’s a “girl thing”. And remember that the anti vax crowd are affecting overall vaccination rates too.

So I'm guessing you have HPV

Pharmacist. Still a doctor

A pharmacist is not a doctor, and does not have the authority or expertise of one.

Calling bullshit on this entire thread


What is a PharmD?

Irregardless, the fact of the matter is no one wants to know that their ex cheated on them. That part should be fairly easily understood.

Let me clarify: a pharmacist is not a MEDICAL DOCTOR.

So who’s got hoppits?

pharmacists are not doctors. you're as much a doctor as a person with a doctorate in social work. if you were a doctor you would have known to wear a condom, enjoy the hpv and explaining to your girlfriend that you gave it to her because you were too negligent about your own health to get tested didn't even bother to avoid risking hers as well.

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No idea cause I’m a guy and can’t get tested. Never had a wart so probably okay? But it’s a non issue anyways.


OP probably has it cause of all the dick he takes in his ass and mouth

Not OP but pharmacists are the one profession that’s closest to doctors without being doctors, fact

OP is bullshitting about that though too. Claims to be a doctor but has no idea how someone could get HPV...

So what’s the consensus, did OP’s girl get dicked

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