Why girls hate good men?

I always had trouble getting laid but recently I started acting like a douchebag badboy thug and now I'm dating 3 girls at the same time. Why does that happen?

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[spoiler] might be becouse of evolution instincts for more agressive partner[/spoiler]
Probably becouse your normal personality just sucks

Fuck me, can't even use the damn spoiler

Dumb women like aggressive men. Smart women like men that can make them happy, which are masculine men but still can treat them as a partner

Are you pretending to have a smidgen of self respect and confidence?

It's probably that, plus you are straight forward in your wants and don't try to beat around the bush.

Now you could grow a pair and have some real self respect. But that's usually too hard for people.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

They don't hate good men. You are just a stupid lying incel making shit up.

Agressive people die quicker or go to prison. Imagine culture and society changing all the time but having a cave man mindset

Wanna bet on that?

Define what a "good man" is and what a "douchebag badboy thug" is. And why the latter gets women and why the former doesn't.

>Good man. Follows social norms, is polite, afraid of risk, thinks other people are equal to him.
>Bad boy thug. Disrespects social norms, takes risks, narcissistic, thinks everyone around him is inferior, is often rude and makes fun of people, law breaker, bully.

>About the woman thing. Idk why, but women salivate over me when they see me acting narcissistic and arrogant towards them and others.

>afraid of risk
Not a good man trait.
>Bad boy thug
You described someone who is a narcissistic asshole and who would never get girls. It's amazing just how desperate you incels and project your homosexual fantasies onto reality.

So you gained a fake personality and are wondering why women find you attractive?
I really think you should be checked for autism, OP.

In case you're wondering, "Good" is not a personality trait.

"Kind" is, but only for someone who goes out of his way to help people. "I haven't raped or murdered a woman yet" is not "nice", despite what incels say.

So you went from a loser with no confidence to acting like you have confidence and you're getting girls? Wow I wonder why

this is an obvious larp but

>I wanted sex so I found three easy girls and pretend it's cause I'm so charming
>brb running to the pharmacy for all the stds I now have

"I do the absolute bare minimum as a human being who exists in a society without being an active nuisance to it, why aren't girls dropping their panties for me?"

When did personality become a stand in for aggression?


Basic female psychology and their response to male supply and demand

"nice guys" treat women like equals. Women fucking hate men who treat them like equals. Even blue-haired feminists want a man who takes charge and is assertive. She wants a man who doesn't value women's opinions, because those men are more confident around women.

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>You described someone who is a narcissistic asshole and who would never get girls.
Now that's a load of shit. These guys will get girls.

Yeah welcome to reality. We are betwixt human and cave man

I dunno op, why does a worthless female security guard giggle when I told her to fucking stop and let me cross?

I just be myself and hold back my urge to jump at the car and fucking demolish her. It's hard, but hey, women are women, and thanks to that, we live in a society.

2020 is gonna fucking suck by the way. Trump is only gonna do so.much to mitigate the pain, but it's just impossible.

>obvious r9k tier bait from a frogposter complete with how "badboy" is all one word
>all the armchair psychologists that are totally experts on the female mind that they've read and heard so much about
>giant circle jerk

Typical Saturday night in Jow Forums I guess

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why do you visit a this site then? This kind of thread is par the course for Jow Forums.

I was here before frogposters.

There was plenty of whinging before frogposters too