How do you cure depression?

How do you cure depression?

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death is the only way

You mean real depression or the fake female one you and all the other reddit blog posters have?

Have a wank mate

drugs and hookers.


Start achieving goals, start small and build from there.

Depression isn't real, it's healthy to feel depressed in the current world.Especially if you are a non-rich/chad male.

Stop being an attention whore

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Bags of sand.

you're an asshole

Forcing myself to exercise until I started enjoying it. Leaving the house more. Binge drinking on the weekends.

Make your bed speech

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Internet porn

you can't, however you can treat it with ssris. Works great for me, it takes ages to cum though

sadly, some people don't.
just found out that a cousin across the country who I hadn't seen since we were kids killed himself. even with a mental brwakdown a couple years back, I thankfully didn't get that bad.

Just kill yourself
You'll be doing the board a favor
seriously if you have any second thoughts just watch blue spring and it'll give you the push you need

post the giantess edit

no person who is really depressed is like that, if anything they bottle up their emotions. retard

kill yourself

"depression" is shitty meme used by kikes selling snake oil meds and millennial/zoomer faggots who bitch about everything in life not being handed to them on a silver platter.

The world would be better off without you




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Kill this guy before you kill yourself

stop being a coomer


Sometimes my depression reminds me I should be thankful for being poor, I gotta be successful to provide my parents with a comfy life. It’s the only thing keeping me going.

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And if this doesn't help at all then you can go ahead and get those happy pills from dr shekelstein

A bullet
Maybe tomorrow will be the day

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Fuck everything that moves m8

Find what’s wrong in your life and figure how to change things for the better.

>started dating a girl for the first time in years a few weeks ago
>felt like things were finally turning around for me and i could escape the hellhole of being lonely and horny and on Jow Forums all the time
>today she bails on me an hour before our date, not sure why
>has also been more distant than usual

I think that's enough for me. I feel worse than before I even dated her now. At least I tried.

I’m wondering this too. I’ve had a chronic (but non-life-threatening) issue irritating me for the past year. According to one doctor there’s nothing I can do about it. Going to meet with another one tomorrow but he’ll probably tell me the same thing.

I literally woke up with it one day and now I might have to spend the rest of my life trying to ignore it. Feels like fucking hell, like I’m trapped in my own body.

Food is medicine. Try cutting out gluten and dairy.

iktfb. Getting ghosted never stops feeling awful.

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by finding a reason to live.

Microdosing magic mushrooms

>this fucking thread

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It will linger and slowly fade away and come and go. You honestly cant get rid of it,you just have to find ways to numb it/live with it. Find positive outlets,be social/build bonds with people. Work out and forget about it.

Not giving a shit and forgetting is the easiest way for me.

Yeah, I’ve considered that actually - I might see an allergist depending on what the doctor tells me tomorrow.

I have a decent amount of experience with women (all failures, but experience nonetheless). The first sign of her showing any distance means it's over. She's either cheating or found a guy she likes more that she's giving the attention that was formerly going to you to someone else.

Sorry senpai. The date cancelling isn't even the deal breaker since shit happens. It's the fact she got distant.

just stop being such a faggot

I once went two years without speaking unless I had to

unfuck yourself OP. now damnit.

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OP here

I think im just going to off myself

I've already tried 99% of the things mentioned in this thread to no avail

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literally me

how do I fix this type of public autism, bros?

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Remind yourself theyll forget a minute later


#1 Stop Masturbation - this kills motivation and willpower to do the right thing, you should only have sex with woman not cuck yourself watching someone else do what you want to.

#2 Eat healthy - No soda/caffiene, no fast food, put yourself in the mindset that if someone saw you eating your meal, let's say mcdonalds, or drinking soda how would they perceive you? Probably as pathetic or disgusting so stop doing it, plus caffeine makes you an insomniac and ruins your schedule.

#3 Exercise - it releases endorphins in your brain, it can be as simple as buying a pair of light dumbells and doing various exercises. to a jog on a treadmill don't over-extend yourself, just do enough to feel good.

#4 Buy clothing that makes you feel good and look good, walking around in crappy loose 20 dollar jeans from walmart or crappy shoes will make you feel like garbage. Buy a form fitting pair of levi's, maybe some nike runners to be a normie.

#5 Get a haircut/shave - Shaggy or long neckbeard hair is sad, same goes for a scraggly beard you should wear a couple day stubble, plus you will see your fat face and motivate yourself to lose weight.

#6 Get to the root of your depression - Why are you depressed? Because you don't have a girlfriend? Because your overweight? Because your poor? If you lose weight you could have male model looks, get discovered at the gym and all of the sudden you just pose for a camera for a living, maybe a rich woman finds you attractive and now your flying to Paris with her on vacation. Fight to make a change in your life, unhealthy food and masturbation is just coping, live for tomorrow not today and think about your future.

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become this guy instead

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Why is the bloomer singing nazi music? Is he Jow Forumstard faggot?

Funny joke.

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You let it evolve into dissociation.

Every tip from 1 to 5 is stupid as fuck.

We'll laugh about it all day but keep coping

>le ebin bloomer meme

You'd think but I went from a fat loser to hanging out with models in penthouses in NYC so what do I know?

>If you lose weight you could have male model looks, get discovered at the gym and all of the sudden you just pose for a camera for a living, maybe a rich woman finds you attractive and now your flying to Paris with her on vacation.
What sort of incel cope is this?

Only an unconditionally loving girlfriend could cure depression but you're never getting one because you're physically unattractive.

Physical training. Go running and lift weights.

fapping to asians cures just about all of my mood disorders...for a while

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neck rope

don't go online for anything unless its banking of work related

Change some things in your life.
Stop drinking, start some exercise and good diet.
Focus on having some goals/plans and stick to it. You gotta try man.
You may still have all the same problems but you'll feel a whole lot better more often

This could work if you had hobbies that didn't involve being online at all. At least try to stay off this site honestly. It's depressing for a variety of reasons.

the recipe:
run 3 miles
hot shower
cold shower
triple espresso
3 ounces of siete leguas blanco
half a joint of blueberry
one jalapeno bacon cheeseburger
watch the episode of american dad where jeff turns into guy fieri
pet one dog
drive as fast as your car can go
have a two minute insane person cry
coca cola in a glass bottle
lucky strike
read 3 chapters of crazy from the heat by david lee roth
chocolate milk
do a good deed
steal a stack of jeans from the gap
one glass of ardbeg uigeadail
repeat if necessary

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Change nothing.
Keep drinking, abandon exercise and dieting
Forget your goals/plans, stick to nothing.

I want to punch him unconscious.

Nobody is even looking at him. The poor bastard must think he's the centre of the universe, that everybody's looking at him and making fun of him, but ironically because of that fear he acts autistic and that's what calls attention.