A leftist Jow Forums

Why are leftists increasingly using Jow Forums? What can we do to prevent a liberal invasion?

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Nothing you can do.
Not that you'd want to.

Get used to to racist incels :^) a blue wave is coming for 2020

Keep red pilled threads bumped around the clock

It's over for you and all your frens. You had a good run.

can't stump. won't stump.

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This. We should unironically just keep redpilling.

Marvel are literally paying leftist shill to invade the boards. it's was leaked to the media recently.

It's not. Just a handful of shills.

Unironically just keep on posting. They'll find what fun it is to browse 12.000 leaked government emails at 4am to uncover pedophilia and satanism in the elites while reviewing statistics about the overepresentation of jews in government and media on the side soon enough. Then they won't have the slightest difference from the average grunt here.
Give them a year, our memetics are too chaotic and even we don't understand them, what chance do they have?

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noice. you wouldn't be here if that were true

Ha. What the motherfuck could a bunch of liberal pussies do what three letter agencies failed to do with this place? What Hillary's shills failed to do during and after the campaign?

i dated one of their leaders - they are in a evangelic religion based on moral relativism the goal of which is to make the whole world agree with their ideology by force


The power follows Aryans anyway.

They're not coming here in a genuine fashion, you realize? They're literally paid demoralization shills and bots. But it's OK. Nobody can ignore the truth when it is laid so bare and without censorship. Everyone who comes here is converted or commits suicide. If facebook moderators are having mental breakdowns and having their conditioning broken by shitposting on Facebook, just imagine what the freedom of speech is doing here. Just enjoy the ride and redpill some newfags along the way.


i was a leftist ironically posting here and here i am today a full blown nazi


Gore and redpills. They will leave or assimilate

thats exactly what a leftist is
you want nationalized socialism
nazis are faggot communists

>drop redpills
>Trumpfags call me a shill

Same as we've always done pinky, nigger-posting and gore threads

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I mean, get used to it. These double niggers will stick around until 2020 is over.

Hey more red pills

I too was a rightard ironically posting here and here i am today a full blown Communist.

It will be good for them to be exposed to us.

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>Why are leftists increasingly using Jow Forums?
like in wider society, even when given everything they need to live and be by themselves, often in huge numbers, they just cant help craving to be around strong men

Meme flag and namefag quit shitting up the site yikes sweetie

Jow Forums was originally lefty. Back in the days when /a/ and /b/ were the only boards. It also supported Ron Paul back in 2008

Leftists can’t stomach harsh language. Post redpills about how sex change operations are always regretted and that niggers have an average lower IQ than any other race and they’ll run for the plebbit where they can post photos of their wife’s boyfriend fucking their daugter and give plebbit gold

>muh leftists are here
Let them be absorbed in the ocean of piss.

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You literally pay no rent nor have ever contributed to society in any meaningful way you selfish pos.

Don’t you mean you have full blown aids?

it's going to happen lads. Fight for our territory.


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Are you new?
A new leftist group is raiding us everyday you dummy

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I'm liberal af and I've been here much longer than you, faggot.

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Jow Forums is about freedom of ideas. What you might call leftist ideology is fundamentally better for the future and Jow Forums did used to be very left wing in the past, but today the western world is in a battle for its very survival. Leftist ideology has been shelved, true left wing policies and ideas can only be formulated in the bosom of strong right wing ideologies because the right wing is rooted in freedom all the way along the line, the modern perversion of left wing ideology prohibits freedom so is the enemy of the emergent left wing philosophies that we must eventually embrace to move forward together.

tl;dr left wing policies are better, the left today isn't left wing at all, the real left wingers are fully on board with all this right wing ethno-nationalist trad shit because we see how vile the modern perversion of left wing ideology is.

To answer your question, keep telling them about the kikes.

Here at 9:20

It's the only open comments section on the internet
It's good that they are here, many will be converted

Christcucks and libtards thinking they belong here.

But you have the gey...


it is over

thanks to (((you)))


They're not. It's just a bunch of niggers trying to get a response. This is unironically the last and only place for complete free speech and the left only comes on here to see what the right is talkng about

>liberal invasion
it never happens because they end up either redpilled or suicided in a pool of tears

Ask them questions and refute their ideas. The left hold such shitty ideas 5 questions will usually defeat their bogus logic

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I say let progressives ruin everything
It would be funny as fuck for their cuckery to reach self destructive levels

The way things are going now i think things will get very bad in the near future

I fucking hate when Jow Forums goes down

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new friends have been showing up every day since the beginning

once they get here, they can't ever leave. and when you stay, you end up red pilled

the more the merrier

Paying rent? Fuck the landlords, this land is the peoples.

I wouldn't know, but we would send faggots like yourself to the worst gulags imaginable.

Keep thinking that, fat fuck

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Nazis are fucking retarded children that don’t even understand the basic fact their views have been propped up by the Rockefellers and Rothschilds themselves. It’s time for them to take the rectal redpill of understanding nationalism was also created for elites

Go back to /leftypol/.

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Dump red pills, they can't unlearn the truth. The fools doomed themselves coming in here, for they can never leave!

Bitch please ive been here since before m00t fucked off, we've always been counter culture. Not right or left

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Why do you want to vote away your freedom?

lawl - zero self awareness

Bitch boy get out of your cool wine aunts house. Fuckin soian

Red pills, red shirts. Dye or die? whaaaa??????

>Give them a year, our memetics are too chaotic and even we don't understand them, what chance do they have?

This. They have no idea what they are fucking with. Jow Forums is chaos, but somehow the signal to noise ratio is extremely high. The chaos destroys cognitive dissonance because there are no triggers. At first they will resist expecting to BTFO the NAWTZEEES in this thread or that, but they will be worn down. This is a pit of hell for anybody who comes armed to a fight with CNN talking points.

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Oh no! I’ve been called a faggot. Whatever will I do. I guess I lost this battle. That kike with the meme flag won. Sorry bros, I wasn’t a match for the larping commies rapier wit. Wow, what a smart and witty communist. Guess I’ll become a communist now because their obvious so badass and smart. You think I’ll be as cool as you? You think I’ll ever be able to take as much up the ass as you? Please write back. (We all know you will)

They need exposure

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Red pill them. If you can't, you deserve to be one.

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Jow Forums died years ago bro.

She does it for free.

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Fuck you, and fuck your generational estate, and inheritance transfers. Why should people born in the proletariat class be responsible for their parents acumen in the Capitalist system?

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Nawtzee - Statist, Authoritarian, Cultural Traditionalist, Variable economic spectrum but essentially a mixed economy

Commies - Statist, Authoritarian, Cultural Liberal (destroy everything and create new bland monoculture), far left economic spectrum (fully top down)

The only things they share in common are Totalitarianism. The rest is exactly nothing the same.

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ok commie faggot

All the real anons left because they realized Jow Forums is full of shitposting Mexicans. They're just going to bitch about things and never do anything about it.

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Ron Paul was worth every fucking penny

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Just meat for the grinder.

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Because prole-borns have advantages wealth-borns don't have. You can do whatever you want, you have nothing to lose and you're not dragging anyone down with you.

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wait for summer to end, then they go back to school

Get soja'd niggerkike

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Today’s leftists are tomorrow’s Nazis.
To those reading this, it happened to me.
I used to be a SJW, until I came here to troll le racists ex dee.
It happened to me.
And it’ll happen to you, too.
By the time you’re done here, you’ll wish the Holocaust was real.

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Because you fuck niggers so you don't deserve your rich parent's money.

That sounds oversimplified and bigoted. It's not. It's a thought out and rock solid line of logic that is so clear it can be distilled into one sentence.

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You can be smart enough to ignore them and not give them the reactions and attention they seek..

But i won't cross my fingers about it happening...

it's typical Jow Forums contrarianism to close to 4 years of Trump

Nigger it's your fault that your parents are degenete and you're retarded. You deserve death but we are kind enough to let you live in misery so you don't reproduce.

The Rockefeller’s funded eugenics research in Cold Harbor and the Mengele Institute in Germany, but distanced themselves when Hitler became taboo to support. But they didn’t stop believing in elitist eugenics.

Donald Ewen Cameron was a psychiatrist who took part in the Nuremberg trials regarding nazi human experimentation. He came up with a eugenics explanation for Nazism- the German people were genetically pre-disposed for authoritarian dictatorship. He was given research grants through Rockefeller foundations, and wrote psychiatric articles about the need to separate the weak and the strong in society, and eliminate the weak.

Donald Cameron rose to be head of the American Psychiatric Association and World Psychiatric Association. APA psychiatry of course deemed many of the groups nazis found undesirable and classified them as mentally ill- the fags among others.
Cameron was also involved in the CIA’s MKultra torture experiments- his ideas and leadership leading to people having their identities and functional skills erased through Thorazine induced comas, hi-voltage electroshock, and tape loop post-hypnotic suggestion.

Let’s put this in further context.
-Rockefellers funded nazi eugenics
-Rockefellers funded head of American head of APA
-head of APA was involved in CIA torture experiments hardly different than nazi science
-Operation Paperclip put nazi scientists in top roles in NASA- which itself is directly connected to military weapons research
-Other nazis we’re recruited as spies, agents and infromants- this included active high level participants in the holocaust
- the CIA propped up numerous fascist dictatorships abroad
-Rockefellers were involved with some of these decisions, implicated in United Fruit coup and Iran-Contra
-Roger Stone, Fred Trump, Paul Manafort, Roy Cohn all connected to Oliver North through membership in John Birch and Western Goals Society
-Stone and Manafort worked as lobbyists for dictators

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Because everywhere else has been taken over by activist leftist mods, share blue bots, and identitarian half-wits who won’t allow the neutral exchange of ideas because they don’t like feeling anything other than confirmation bias and because in the age of identity politics new ideas hurt their pweshus feewies. I’ve known about Jow Forums since 2007 and only recently started regularly posting here after being shadow banned from numerous other platforms for saying what has been mainstream or decades. I don’t even care if reddit reverses their discriminatory policies. I don’t want to be associated with a platform whose sole function is the exchange of speech but that then also discretely silences topics, stories and news about inconvenient political speech. Jack Dorsey, Zuck, etc all.. they are dead to me for ruining what was otherwise a very vibrant conversation taking place as everyone acquired access to the internet. What has resulted are bigger ideological bubbles and more extremism as people aren’t allowed to be seen as engaging with the other side (even for exposure to new ideas) in fear of being seen as “out of line” with political correctness. What if one of their coworkers sees something they post and report them to HR? This is the best environment these bastards and their safe space accomplices helped create. People just want to talk. When you silence and segregate them you just create more extremists.