This man is the face of the right in 2019

Jow Forums makes the mistake of thinking the right wing is something it is not. Too many people on here think the normie right wing agrees with the opinions posted here. They do not.

Realistically, the alt right has peaked long ago and now the mainstream right wing is firmly back as neoconservative hawks.

I am right Jow Forums. It may not be good, but it is true.
Shapiro is the face of the right wing.

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true opinion*


Fuck off jew.

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I'm okay with that. In the early 2000s, it was George Bush. In the early 2010s, it was Paul Ryan. The only legitimate conservative poster boy was Rush Limbaugh in the late 80s, early 90s.

Bring it on, Honky Tonk!

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Michael Savage got this guy beat any day

That's what I mean.
Jow Forums is delusional in their idea that the right wing has become some kind of hard nationalist group.
Promoting the right wing = promoting neoconservatism.

Is it a good thing? Only time will tell, but that's the reality!

>Jow Forums is delusional in their idea that the right wing has become some kind of hard nationalist group.
cute strawman

>Promoting the right wing = promoting neoconservatism.
not at all, faulty logic.

Settle down, fella'. This is just an image board (of peace). We're not an advocacy group.

"Pol is not your personal army."

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Jow Forums was instrumental in electing Trump, the most extreme neocon of all time.
Yet everyone pretended otherwise.

Right wing = neoconism and welfare for big corporations.

Same as it ever was...

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This guy is just as much the face of the right in the US. At least he's somewhat based and doesn't automatically agree with everything considered right wing/"conservative" nowadays.

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>This man is the face of the right in 2019
>a sniveling kike only of note because of being promoted to the front of the line by jewish media while attacking all competition
Yeah, that's clown world alright.

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Checking those digits of cuck tarlson being a huge kosher faggot.

He's a lot better than most mainstream right-wingers.

I know of no one who likes this manlet heeb.

>Jow Forums was instrumental in electing Trump, the most extreme neocon of all time.
You have no idea what neocon means you dolt. Shitty thread, 0/10, sage.

>Shapiro is the face of the right wing.
user at best this is a very America centric view of the overton window and even at that its a bit disingenuous.
The league in italy?
Victor orban in hungary?
The current state of politics in the ceck republic, poland and austria of all fucking places?
Even places like england and frace voting for the brexit party and front nationale.
The global right wing has changed and changed for the better.
Even in america where (((corperate))) propaganda is levied against the public at a higher rate then anywhere else in the world accept the odd place of interest like germany or china.
A pole of american conservatives will now find the majority agreeing with the protectionists policies of the president over that of the (((open borders))) acntivists like (((((((((ben shapiro)))))))))
This may be only a small issue but it is significant enough for the (((media))) to shill against it, including ben himself.
This the right direction for the right be heading.
Towards nationalism and away from what is really nothing more then interventionist neo-liberalism.
Now will it be to little to late?
Who fucking knows.
but the kikes are loosing controll of the narative.
All empires fall user.
And when you have a bunch of degenerate incestious tribals at the helm like the jews
that shit doesnt take long
the only question is whether or not WE go down with the ship as well.

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sanctions on Russia
sanctions on Iran
sanctions on Venezeula

Trump is trying to destroy these countries.

Savage writes good books, but fuck his radio show, it just him shitting on his audience, shitting on Rush, whining like a baby about how he doesn't want to talk about Mueller, its getting unlistenable

No war with russia
no war with iran
no war with Venezuela
no war with syria
no war with north korean
you and i know damn well if any other "republican" we would be at war with one if not all of them by now.
this is movement in the right direction.
we NEED to support this.

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Good thing I'm a literal nazi then.

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Ron Paul said he considers economic sanctions as an act of war.
And wars have been begun over much less.
Why is Trump justified in trying to crush Iran?

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Are you user?
if yes respond
i have some good links for new bitchute mirrors of old natsoc content that got shoaed off jew tube.

no but still interested

user if you want me to defend to ZOG internvetionist bullshit im not do it.
but the fact of the matter is
that if ANY other politican
republican or democrat were in trumps place
we would have fucking boots on the ground in iran and would BE a war.
Either via shadow proxies like king nigger used or in outright war like the bushes used.
We have GOT to start view politics on a scale
and start supporting the candidates who best support our interests.
How do you think the jews got as powerful as they did in first place?
by lobbying as a singular unit.
Wilson was the first presidnent the had real influece over and be no means did everything they wanted.
Didnt open the borders to the third world
didnt create an israli state
even segregated the military more heavily
but he put the first jewish justice on the court and let ((them)) make a central bank
and that was enough to get started
if the legitmate right wants real power in this country
its going to have to work in the same way.

lol here you go my dude

The Truth In a Nutshell (under 2 minutes and ironically still on youtube)
The Truth In Depth

The Truth About Marxism

The Truth About Banking

The Truth About Weimar

The Truth About The Man They Call The Devil

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the hapsburgs effete class were compromised as fuck and needed to be swept away anyways.

enjoy the vids btw.
probably will make you an unironic nazi by the end lel

Unsere Zeit kommt.

>Unsere Zeit kommt.

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sadly, give it time, OP may be right, provided the US continues to hustle Israeli bullshit "Iran 6 months away from developing a nuclear weapon" on repeat,
as Don continues to 'give' land, Golan, surrounding regions "for the security of the given regions"
and as Don is most likely a Chabad convert -- would that even surprise you faggots? He's been on TV since the 80s but is there a single clip of him ever confessing Jesus Christ?

That's not a pic of Steven Anderson though

please quit confusing conservative with right wing

Nobody in Europe gives a shit about this kike.
Your American is showing. Everyone outside the US just calls them Jews.
Trump was elected to provoke a response, in order to show the public the true face of the corporate and media elite. He has done his job perfectly. Everyone now associates feminism, PoC, LGBT, etc with corporate consumerism.
Trump is literally a Russian agent lel.

You're wrong. But that's because conservatives lack creativity.

''The" right does not exist.
However, most people on here are new right radicals and oppose conservatism as much as the Cultural Marxism. They just want all the Western institutions destroyed and drive the traitors out, one way or another.

Q - Zionist
Alex Jones - Zionist
Jerome Corsi - Zionist
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Ben Shapiro - Zionist

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Faith Goldy - Zionist
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Uh, no

mother of keks wtf is that pic

Go to bed Ben