Joe Biden is going to cure cancer

But only on the condition that you elect him president. Otherwise he’s keeping that shit to himself

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Joe Biden is cancer.

he's going to shutdown Reddit?

If we elect him will he kill himself?

Based chang poster

Cancer is noting. Look at the population, it's exploding.

We are in need of a cleansing plague.

Boomers gonna boom.

This is more ridiculous than saying he would make anime real

hi, friendly time traveller here
biden dies during his campaign

Biden is gonna end up on stage wearing a diaper and playing a broken banjo. The dude is losing his mind faster than Reagan lost his.

Boomers gotta go already

Based titor poster

Based rice farmer

Ruth Bader Ginsburg had fatal cancer over ten years ago
Now she blocks Trump from beyond the grave


No thanks, I remember another guy who said he'd build a wall and deport them all. Here we are today and neither of those have happened.

Such a third-world thing to say

Dude. Spoilers.

Reminder that they have cured cancer a long fucking time ago and the Jews who run the pharmaceutical industry are making billions off the "research" that goes towards it every year.

screencap this

what if i want old people dead?

Vote for Joe. Eat at Joe's.