Why should I give a shit about this and why do people still reference it years later?

Why should I give a shit about this and why do people still reference it years later?

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Media false reporting. Literally why tons of people stopped trusted the media for twisting events to push an agenda.

hard proof of corruption in journalism

You shouldn't and because the left thinks it was about hating women

Because it is an example of a microcosm of the academic and journalistic world. It's not important to view through the lenses of success or failure, but rather the power structures in play, how the intersect and operate. The movement itself was always retarded, cashed in on my ecelebs and ultimately comodified/co-opted.

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It's a crack in the matrix. Destroy authorative sources and everything is open people are being political activated.

What was the corruption? I know nothing about it and don't trust wikipedia

If the thread is still up, when I get home I will summarize.

It brings everyone back to a time in which Jow Forums was actually organised and was seen as a predator on the internet, rather than the laughing stock that constantly consumes bait threats that we are now.

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Not all leafs suck.

i just wanted to play video games

Some disgusting whore was caught giving sexual favors in exchange for positive press of her shitty non-game. After the internet laughed at her, she got her friends in the media to shut down any discussion of the subject. It even got to moot, who banned the topic from /v/. Then normie media learned about it and repeated the ridiculous feminist lie that complaining about journalistic corruption was SOGGY KNEES.

It might sound petty and irrelevant, but this shit was international news in 2024-15. The left is still assmad over it, because they know they are guilty.

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You clearly didn't see the discussion about plebbit's take on "where the hell did 'Honk' come from" today. Jow Forums is still considered a major driving force by normies and leftists, and to some degree really is. We're just not as focused because not much is going on right now.

>Why should I give a shit about this and why do people still reference it years later?

Apparently those events "redpilled" a lot of losers who play videos games.

Reminder: only children and losers play video games.

Wise, someone is actually camping out the Wikipedia page for gamergate, if only we could infiltrate.

These two posts have it. The big deal is it demonstrated in a very transparent microcosm (due to the stupidity and ineptitude of game journalists) how journalist mailing lists and discussion groups work to shape broad public 'narratives.' As it turns out, that wasn't unique to vidya journos: it's systemic to the entire profession.
The response was very meh in terms of actual results, though the FCC enforcing requirements did sting them.

The long-term effects can be seen in the recent response to the #VoxAdpocalypse, where a coordinated attack not just from Vox but from huge swaths of the old media orgs were recognized almost immediately as trying to take down newer independent outlets and personalities that posed a threat.
Recognizing what was happening last week would have taken a lot longer if people hadn't seen it happen before, wielded by way more incompetent opponents.

Made gamers realize "journalism" was a hilarious joke.

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Don't forget how they went to the United Nations and begged them to cleanse the Internet of anything that offended feminists.

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Videogames died after Suikoden II.

Isn't Suidoken just like tenchu?

>it’s about ethics in gaming journalism
This will save the West. The don Sargon must get Donald trump to tweet #gamergate

>here the hell did 'Honk' come from" today
That meme was pumped out like 4 months ago, we've done absolutely nothing since then.
I hope it's just the election cycle trough.

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I'd agree with that

Take a look for yourself:

It was the first time a predominantly White male group stood up to the cultural marxist machine since well before the turn of the century. It showed the journalist noses that they aren't invulnerable to the judgments of everyday people.

So this is where I am going to ask what you do for a hobby.

What’s ironic is that it’s a campaign against bias and the Wikipedia page is biased as fuck
If you didn’t know about Gamergate and went to research it you’d think it was some kind of alt right nazi harassment campaign to get people to kill themselves when in reality it was just a pretty tame criticism of journalism

I don't know what that is, so I'm gonna say no.
Suikoden is a JRPG, before you faggots needed 90 hours of cutscenes and qtes to tell you when to press buttons.

I thought of a different game sry.youtube.com/watch?v=6JzDQmUIffQ

Nothing like that shit.
Those 3D games are nothing but walking around for 90% of the game with nothing to do.
Only Mario 64 got that right for some reason .

Non-meme answer:
It was when the mask fell off regarding corruption in journalism. Specifically, Jow Forums found itself in the crosshairs and being reported on erroneously over some slut sleeping with people for stories. The overwhelming scale of coordinated backlash from the media, directed at a bunch of nerds and basement dwellers was completely unexpected, and caused many anons to start examining the field in closer detail to better determine what was going on.
What was learned was that major news outlets collaborated with one another through places like Journolist, and were almost exclusively run by insane SJW types that were pushing an agenda. More importantly, the money was followed to big time education companies (think “edutainment”) and Democratic politicians, at which point the entire movement and anyone associated were smeared as sexist, racist, misogynistic bigots - when all they wanted to do was play video games.
That woke a huge amount of intelligent, “default Democrat” types up to the reality of the content they were consuming - now they had been dragged into the muck over false pretenses, and led to more broad attempts by anons to understand how public option is shaped, which is the current primary focus of Jow Forums.

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Basically this.
Before all of this, I was an ironic Nazi. After Gamergate and the 2016 election, I began to seriously question every mainstream democratic institution. I began to realize that democracy itself isn't all it's cracked up to be, if atrocities like this can go on with the knowing-smile of the media.

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How did your exams go last week, Kosta?

Not remotely legible

Gamergate was the beginning of the end of traditional media dominance of the narrative. It revealed how corrupt and incestuous the traditional news media really is. It also galvanized the largely indifferent and apolitical online community into attacking the Social Justice movement in response.

this it’s when some people woke up

Part 2
You could almost say it was a live fire demonstration of the power of information control, directed at “gamers”, a previously harmless and marginalized group that had no real political affiliation, now waking up to find a swastika tattooed on their foreheads.
user learned the truth didn’t matter.
What mattered is what was presented to the masses, how “truth” could be spun and stretched, quotes taken out of context or dug up - if these people wanted to ruin your life, they could, and nobody would believe you.
That is to say, what mattered is what you could make people “believe” to be true. By controlling what people see, you can control what is true.
It’s just like what O’Brien said in 1984: If you say I’m flying, and I say I’m flying - then I’m flying.
Mao was wrong when he said power grew from barrel of a gun. Real power - the kind the globalists have - comes from information control, and for a lot of people here, that was their first, harsh lesson on the subject - one they took to heart.

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Something important to remember about Gamergate, about 2014-2016, and about the emergence of the new dissident right online: it was an ambush.

Gamergate lives on in the shitlib psyche the way a mugging does. The shitlib was walking carefree down the sidewalk, whistling the poz anthem, and a gang of incels, knuckles white with virgin rage, clubbed the shitlib into a bloody mess. There was no explanation. No warning.

The horror of this surprise attack gave many of these shitlibs and media whores a form of PTSD. They remain hypervigilant because it was legitimately traumatic for them. They hope that by monitoring the wrongthink, focusing on it and tamping it down, they can avoid another ambush.

During the reign of King Nigger, a string of public spectacles - each more clownish than the last - sent thousands upon thousands of atomized boys and young men looking for answers on the unfiltered internet. Saint Trayvon, the gentle giant, American cities burning, niggers hooting and looting on prime-time TV, and a sea of Jew faces blaming it on "YOU, yes YOU GOY".

Shitlibs beat their chests. They indulged in naked triumphalism. They boldly declared HERE'S WHAT YOUR MULATTO GRANDKID WILL LOOK LIKE AND IT'S BEAUTIFUL.

But outposts on the internet bustled with hate and reactionary sentiment. Jow Forums's Jow Forums and, later, Jow Forums became cauldrons of realtalk. Reddit's r/Coontown popped up. The Stormer went online. Beachheads were established on Twitter and Facebook and Youtube. Infographics. Memes. Greentext stories. Podcasts. The thrill of discovery, of knowing something you shouldn't. The thrill of the taboo coupled with righteous indignation. A heady cocktail. Everything could be questioned.

It still takes awhile for shit to filter up to the Normiesphere.

Over the span of a few short years, a new wave of dissidents was created. It came complete with its own lingo, its own visual language, and its own sense of humor. And unlike the tired slogans of the bien-pensant strivers, this new sensibility evolved in the brutal Internet Thunderdome. Its adherents had encountered every lazy shitlib truism, found them wanting, and had photoshopped infographics explaining why they were wrong and why Jews were to blame for it.

Gamergate was the flashpoint that brought many of these posters out of the shadows. They'd marinated in a cloistered world of hate. They'd sharpened their incel katanas. And they took outrageous, colorful, offensive, and unexpected lines of attack.

Circa 2014, the average media whore lived in a comforting Petri dish. A blushing cuck would occasionally challenge them to a respectful debate, and they would handily beat said cuck with heaps of shame and moralizing. But what do you say when your Twitter timeline becomes a torrent of strange symbols and hatefacts? When cartoon frogs are depicted shoving you into an oven? When users with anime waifu avatars write, in perfectly cogent English, about the evolutionary reality of sexual dimorphism? When thousands of strangers, who all seem privy to the same elaborate inside joke, swarm your comment section like locusts?

Weird anonymous gamers with usernames like "Internet Aristocrat" garnered millions of Youtube views. It happened so fast, the shitlibs couldn't keep up. They flailed impotently with their old cudgels: sexism, misogyny, toxic masculinity, etc. But this wasn't a classroom or a corporate HR department; this was the Internet.

It was deeply harrowing for the shitlibs caught in the eye of the storm: a brain-shattering ordeal. Their conception of themselves as avant-garde, as the dangerous counter-cultural force in society, took a blow. They'd been on offense all their lives, and their defensive footing proved clumsy. To have their sacred cows pilloried, their shibboleths spat upon, shook them to their bones. And the questions, the unending stream of unanswerable critiques of their lazy ideology, gnawed at their souls.

It was an ambush.

Only now, nearly two years after Trump's victory, are the shitlibs growing rhetorical antibodies. "Incel" is a go-to term, deployed to easily dismiss random commenters. They've also associated the dissident right with the stahlhelmed retards at Charlottesville. Many of the big-brained shitlib nibbas are doing the remedial reading - studying The Bell Curve and the theories of Kevin MacDonald - to rebut the claims that previously shocked them into screeching hysterics. No doubt graduate courses are devoted to the study of "alt-right" ideology and symbology.

But the fact that this is happening is only evidence of Gamergate's enduring success. Yes, it failed in its stated goals, but the forces which animated it run rampant now. It was the first shot across the bow, and I will always remember it fondly.

Above all, I will cherish the fear and incomprehension in the eyes of our enemies in those first months of the Meme War. Should the urge to blackpill ever arise, let us remember what attracted those brigades of disaffected poasters to begin with: the promise of lulz.

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journalism became activism after all their courses were radicalised, large chunks of media lost their integrity but many still gulp down whatever is told by journos.

this downward trend reached video game coverage, replacing those who had no formal education with activist drones who were too shit to make it anywhere else.

the red pills dropped once journos started injecting politics into every article and berating their own customers. They drop the ball several times showing blatant corruption resulting in big numbers of apolitical hobbyists distrusting media and discovering the broader corruption in all media.
At least that's my understanding from observation

You shouldn't give a shit. Gamergate was just when a good chunk of Jow Forums virgins got into politics. At any time there's probably a few GG fags in any given thread.
These people are losers and brainlets who didn't understand that the media was corrupt, didn't know anything, and only started giving a shit when the media went after their video games. These people were not redpilled by looking into the holocaust, by 9/11, by USS Liberty, by the terrorist attacks, by Zimmerman trial or even by the 2016 presidential clown show. These people were ''redpilled'' by corrupt journalists talking shit about people who play video games.

If someone was involved in GG and they haven't moved on from it, if they keep bringing it up, their opinion is worthless. Those people are stuck in the ''feminists want to ruin my video games squeek squeek'' mindset. It's doubtful they ever moved on and looked into things like Israel doing 9/11 or the holocaust being a complete hoax.


Part 3 (Last, sorry for the TL DR but it’s important)
So user learns that perception is what controls the world, not facts. user is fucking pissed, because he just wanted to play games and now has to deal with SJWs trying to change what he enjoys to make it “palatable”, to whitewash it. to change the “gamer” stigma so it can be profitable for a small, select group of businesses and politicians. For a lot of people, games were their only escape from a society they never really fit into, their only outlet, and now some lunatics were trying to take it away.
But user had a weapon the journalists did not: Memes.
Image macros had been a part of *Chan culture for years, but during and after GG, they became weaponized. user realized very quickly that the game could be played by two, and in almost no time at all, memes began trickling down into the public consciousness, into normiebook, spreading out from the Chans like a million longcats or raep tentacles from your favorite loli dojin. Memes were the Netflix to legacy media’s blockbuster, and ever since they’ve been on a downward slope, the desperation and corruption caused by loss of money turning them into transparent propaganda outlets that openly suck politician cock instead of just covertly.
Leading us to today, where Jow Forums regularly engages in public misinformation campaigns of devastating effectiveness, the likes of which executive firms are paid millions upon millions to conduct, to almost no effect.
But user does it for free, because now he’s been shown how to play the greatest game of all.

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>alt-lite faggots
Imagine not knowing how to conceal your powerlevel

Most gamers never gave much of a rats ass about politics one way or the other. Before gamergate scandals in game journalism were things like reviewers getting fired for writing negative reviews on games that were paid off. Publishers paying for their reviews, and every once in a while it coming to light in an obvious way. When those things happened though it was never censored. Mods on places like Reddit didn't shut down discussion, you didn't get banned for talking about it. No one even realized that sort of thing might happen. When GamerGate happened the censorship came out in force and it caught people off guard. Over something completely stupid, not a big publisher, no billion dollar company, just some game journalists who got caught writing positive reviews for a nothing text game because the chick who made it fucked them. People who were completely politically uninterested suddenly started seeing the walls around them.

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stealin dis

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>Why was this important
It showed that journalists at the thousands of seemingly independent
etc sites were colaborating behind the scenes to manufacture the illusion of concensus, and that this behaviour extended into "real" media through their journos being on the same mailing lists, hence why The Guardian, etc gave such a massive shit about it.

Someone post the screencaps of that one guy who was editing the gamergate wikipedia article for an average of 9 hours a day for several days

that's fine, i stole it myself