I posted a larp. You guys lack focus

I have been responsible for most of the larps in the past 6 months. I like to post larps to test the focus on this board, and well, it's awful. You guys lack focus, dedication, and branding. It's just chaos. You will never defeat the jews because you all die by death of a thousand cuts. How can you defeat the jews if you can't even ignore what triggers your emotions? You are just like the normies, but I know you are better than this. I am disappointed in you senpais, you need to focus. You need to remember your purpose. You are to learn, but not engage. You take this knowledge and improve your own life. If I keep coming back here and getting 200 replies on an obvious bait thread, then I know that my work is still needed.

I believe in you guys. I really do. Stop wasting time, ignore threads that are not serious, and start changing the world to how you see fit. You can do this guys. I will be back with another test in a week. Godspeed. Remember, the jews are trying to defeat you. You win by ignoring them. Do not let them win.


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I too post a regular amount of bait and I agree with your conclusions. I'll post the old Hitler was gay article like 3 times a week and it never fails to get 200 replies.

I was thinking please be a gif

Sage. Faggot.

My only focus is the one of my dick on the ass of this grrrl.

we do it because we love them

it was. are you happy?

dont worry user, I still love you

Look Ma another cutdick brain damaged jew seeking attention!

focus senpai. you need to focus. you will not defeat the jews this way. the happening is what you feel inside

how do i know this isnt another larp

Oh my god op, you must be a woman for how thirsty you are for attention

>ignore your enemy
Great LARP Moshe

faggots get the rope

Nobody cares faggot

Everyone said it was fake, fag. No one believed you, assuming you actually made that thread.

because this time, I am being serious.

no. I care about you guys. You guys are the only place on the internet that can save the world. We need to focus.

Not this time jew

Focus user. You lack discipline.

How dare you call me a Jew? That's anti-semitic. You just told everyone to ignore the Jews. Now here you are calling me out. Oy vey user, I don't know what to think.

> and start changing the world to how you see fit.

Tel Aviv shills get more and more noticeable. Why would we ignore our enemy? Nice try, kike.

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I told ya 4/pol/ was a shit board for kids. 8/pol/ is more mature and cool.

you lack focus anons. focus

how do i reach these keeds?

The kike cries as he strikes you. I noticed how you call the user who called you out a jew and not the other anons mentioned. Go fuck off somewhere else.

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what do we focus on you goddamn rent a cop

disregard politics, study forbidden electrical science

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lmfao you autistic fuck, most of the thread was making fun of your cringe thread and it then turned into a general shitpost thread. You proved nothing, get cucked buddy

bad news OP, while you were making and monitoring these threads, I was shagging your Mrs

>buying a sex doll when you can just wrap copper wire around your penis.

lmao at your delusions of grandeur

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Imagine wasting six months of your life baiting the retards of this board.
Holy shit dude have sex, get a life.

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Be the change you want to see.
Try to stimulate constructive discussion instead of baiting.

Time to bring in the marketing guys? Im ready. Marketing and propaganda are one in the same

you all lack focus. you lack discipline. you are weak men.

Is this really what you do with your life user?

Chaos is a lift

It could be worse. He could have been attempting to write a doctoral thesis analyzing /ptg/.
>note to users: this may have already happened, and the conclusions they came to were hilarious

Kiss my ass nigger

Oh god, let's just ignore the Jews. That'll make them stop.

Just surfing the wave

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i am an entrepreneur (successful one at that) and help over 50k customers on improving their lives. i come to Jow Forums on my off time to let off steam and test new strats. also, i legit feel bad for everyone here, and decided to break the 3rd wall to see if there was anyone on the other side.

that is not a lie and not a larp, i am telling the truth on this



Or a rap album like at Harvard.

Your life is a larp.

it never ends. youd be surprised just how far you could get with larping. very very surprised. millionaire status at least


My life is a LARP and I'm starting to get fans, but they're all glowing. Halp!

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Stop, dude. It isn't helpful.

>i's buys shitcoins anns i's sells thems
>i's is an enterpernnerour

oh shut the fuck UP canada seriously you are literally the worst thing ever

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>I posted a larp.
Did you really
You don't even know what a LARP is

noun: LARPS; plural noun: LARPs
a type of interactive role-playing game in which the participants portray characters through physical action, often in costume and with props.
"the genre we have chosen for our LARP is fantasy, also known as swords and sorcery"

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wait, this is another larp

focus anons. you lack discipline. you shouldn't even be responding in this thread. you are easily distracted and have low dopamine

This. Im on the path god speed user, may we find the light. :)

this whole board is a waste of time just like you

Stop pretending to be retarded and stop using the extremely Jewish
>look what you made me do

BTW I fucked your wife to cuck test you. You failed.

hahahahahaha faggot I made 16 grand today gfys I'm doing just fine kek

Shut up nigger. I'll respond if I want but you're getting the sage.

And suck my balls

>only 16 grand
you lack fuck us

Stop being a larping nigger, boom problem solved. (What a fucking faggot)

this whole world is a waste of time

>6 months
Lurk more faggot

What's it like being gay on purpose instead of just by accident? Do you find yourself constantly shoving shut up your ass?

>hurr durr I'm really a millionaire, not the pathetic attention seeker I appear to be.

Based autism poster

you all lack focus and discipline. its pathetic. you guys are so easily manipulated.

lol I'm one of the wall street fags so year I do make that kind of money regularly (lose a bunch too though, net positive end of year)

you all lack focus. the jews are winning, 1 second at a time.

anyone got the other gif of this bitch?

those are rookie numbers you lack focus and discipline

>Only bastion of free speech left on the internet
>Need to focus
That dedtorys the point of the board fuckhead, this is a forum not a terrorist cell

>look ma, I mass replied again
t. debased tripfag

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oh. got it. you are both tranny fags.

You know everyone hates you, right?

You seem to be confused. It's not us that lost focus, its you who forgot where you are.

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Nobody cares that you wasted your time shitposting asshole. Of course we know alot of stuff here is bs. You are no different than the autistic knowledgebomb guy.

you all lack discipline and focus. you all are rookies. i will show you the way. you must focus.

Says the guy who allegedly spent almost 4 hours making over 50 posts in two threads to epic troll an image board and then brag about it.

Jannies, clean up. 404

Focus user. Here you are tripfagging and being a debased nigger. We are showing you teh gay.

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Thanks for being real, senpai

how can you accomplish anything if you are easily this distracted? come on guys, I believe in you.

you're welcome senpai

I have it but I want you to focus user. Your life is meant for bigger things than a minx rave dancing in a kitchen.

How can you accomplish anything if you're constantly shittesting people like a tripfagging bitchmade nigger? Fix this shit faggot, I believe in you. Be the change you wish to see in the Jow Forums.

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>I belive in you
But you acted no better than kikes with their shill threads.

Post gif of panty kitchen now

it's late at night. the game is over for today. i work during the day. and i make well over 50k-100k a day. with a team of over 50 people.

it worked didnt it. do you always get distracted when a tv is in the room? no matter what, you must focus

i cant until everyone focuses

Dear diary today OP was a faggot; Dear diary today OP was a faggot; Dear diary today OP was a faggot; Dear diary todayDear diary today OP was a faggot; Dear diary today OP was a faggot; Dear diary today OP was a faggot; Dear diary today OP was a faggot; Dear diary today OP was a faggot; Dear diary today OP was a faggot; Dear diary today OP was a faggot; Dear diary today OP was a faggot;

chaos is embedded in human nature. it's what satisfies the ruler of this world: satan

Terrible thread user. You lack focus.

Jow Forumsacks were some focused and unified motherfuckers in 2016. The 2016 Meme War was fucking legendary.

Then the fucking Jews and Blues subverted the fuck out of Jow Forums and psyoped us hard. They went hard at anyone and everyone who made FB/IG friendly memes, and psyoped us into thinking they were "boomer" tier and thus "uncool." So everyone stopped making them and made autistic shit like memeballs and NPC shit that made normies cringe.

When the Midterms rolled around NO ONE here was making or posting FB/IG friendly memes and consequently we got slaughtered in the Midterms.

Bottomline us, if we can't get our message across to normies, we are worthless and ineffective at influencing elections.

Pol doesn't read news articles. Yeah.

So you're admitting you should be banned and reported to the Jannies?

You're gay.

Says the guy who allegedly spent almost 4 hours making over 50 posts in two threads to epic troll an image board and then brag about it.

>Stop debunking our arguments, go sit in the corner and "work on yourself" while we take control of the information space
Based and Peterpilled.

Wow you shitpost on a shitposting site.


It's amusing how you are a honorarium kike and you don't even realize it.

>I come here in my offtime to test shit
As does everyone here. People are exposed to the bullshit through it's involvement in their irl affairs. This place being full of neets is a meme, it's mostly just self aware humor from spergs exaggerating their autism for lulz. If they didn't have actual responsibilities, they wouldn't be encountering the bullshit they are rebelling against. Judeo-Leftism is concentrated in corporate, academic and political culture.
>It worked didn't it
It costs much more of your time to make "bait" threads than it does of any individual user's time to call you a nigger in one of them. This is assuming that we take you in good faith however. LARPing as opposition has been a part of board culture since the begining, as it provides a humorous context within which to brainstorm rebuttals to commonly encountered arguments in a decentralized manner. LARPers themselves often do so with the intent to inspire such discussion. Taking bait is a problem if it's being weaponised to slide imporant threads, but beyond that it's harmless to the board as a whole, and it is harmless to the individuals engaging in it as the time cost per individual is low. LARPing is a part of board culture, and the board's culture is a large part of it's success. It would be awefully convenient if our enemies could convince us to throw away what makes us successful.


Go to hell tripfag

>you will never defeat the Jews
Nigger please. Jow Forums IS the Jews. did you miss the election

>Comments are disabled
What a fucking surprise. This dumb dirty thot has a dark future ahead of her.

I literally posted the "shit was SO cash" copypasta and got a big thread full of low IQ newfags taking the bait with extreme anger. Jow Forums has truly been flooded with newfags to a point of no return. This board basically committed sudoku getting Trump elected.

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Literally NOBODY even believed your LARP ever