How long will we let this go on? Jesus christ, this is getting out of hands! I have been reading the DrPizza threads and researching #pizzagate for the past few days and this thing seems much bigger than I thought. Its a danger to our way of living, to our culture and most of all to our children. They are getting brainwashed in schools and probably abused too, and the teachers are normalizing it so they probably dont tell anyone about it. They seem to teach children to hate their parents too. What can be done to push back against this LGBT madness? Don't you guys feel like they just keep pushing the boundries further and further because no one is putting up against them and saying STOP, everyone is going along with this crap. Im seriously concerned!

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Me too user I live in Chicago it's absolute hell all month long


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it won't end until the economies which prop it up end.

I know its utter madness. Just keep spreading informstion to your family, friends and on social mefia. The more people know the more they will wake up and resist.

but you won't.


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I can't wait until the purge happens

we'll see nigger

Yes I feel the same way. It's not going to stop unless we have the courage to publicly rebuke these homopedos and their number one enablers, white women faghags.

It will never happen with this fucking cuck mentality of waiting for someone else, you fucking homo

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It used to be a pride day? Now its a month. Whats next, a whole year of watching this degeneracy? PRIDE YEARS? Come on this is absolute madness. I dont think we should go for the products (ie. individuals) we need to STOP THE FACTORIES. Thats LGBT teachers, journalists, writers and influencers. Thats the tier we need to push against to stop this.

It'll never happen because you are useless faggots who spend their time crying here instead of doing something real.

See what? How you do nothing?




A legit LGBT book burning would be fun and we have so, so, so, so, so many more titles to burn than Hitler did.

I will do something.

But I won't go out like Earnest.

It will go on and even continue to worsen exponentially (compare 2016 to now for example) indefinitely until people literally start killing the people responsible for pushing, propagandizing and normalizing this shit

the last time a culture this degenerate and disgusting popped up, hitler was elected by white men and women as a blowback. the problem of course is they learned this time around and replaced the white population beforehand. there is no longer a political solution to this shit and this is seriously a first in the history of western civilization

it’s time to kill

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It truly is madness and isn't organic at all. It's blatantly obvious there is an agenda being pushed here beyond actin nice to your queer neighbor

You moron, this is happening slowly enough that most normies are accepting of it. You can't rely on the majority for shit.

Thats actually pretty cool and anyone can do a video like that and post it on social media. I also think we need to push on the LGBT = PEDOPHILE agenda because that is one thing they havent been able to NORMALIZE yet. Good, honest and decent people will still be absolutely disgusted by child molesters and shift towards a negative attitude towards the whole movement. We need to label LGBT people as PEDOs just like the left labels everyone on the right as NAZIs. Ever watched those Yuri Bezmenov videos from like the 70s? Dude was spot on, if we dont take action now, they will break our society.

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Poor guy. Let it be known he gave an attempt at least, more than can be said for most others.

Look up the Rainbow Coalition, it's a pro-NAMBLA, Pro-Pedophilia, communist organization. You can find their website on Tor, there's not CP or anything illegal, just sick fuckery and guides on how to get underage girls pregnant and how to fuck little boys and make people be okay with it.

>label LGBT people as PEDOs
They all see themselves as pedos anyways, look at Kevin Spacey.
>caught banging 13 year old boys
>tweets 'hey, i'm a gay dude living as a gay dude.
>poofs when the left freaks the fuck out, even recasted ffs.

>this is happening slowly enough that most normies are accepting of it.
Yeah, (((they))) have learned since WWII that the best way to degenerate a society is gradually.

You morons only have your shitty boomer parents to blame for destroying your culture in just a single generation. Millenials grew up with deranged and mentally ill parents and the new generation just feels lost. No wonder why iranis call you the great Satan. You people would make Satan proud.

Can't argue with that.

They might do but theyre LOST nothing we can do about them anymore, its the normies we need to turn against them. Its always about shifting the minds of the normie masses that leads to any real change.
You are correct, its that boiling the frog analogy. We can turn the heat off though.

Use the new term I recently began using


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Thank you for your service

Thats good!

Based negro

Be like Brenton wear a go pro

Live feed the video on kike book and 8 chan not here.

At least he shot the rabbi too bad he didn't kill the rabbi.

peee on this

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>No wonder why iranis call you the great Satan. You people would make Satan proud.
Mr. Mudscum, why don't you take this rant to Twitter where the Great Satan's minions are legion? If you haven't noticed Jow Forums is completely opposed to this.


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You're a faggot, go do a poo poo pee pee!!!1!! And then die vomit suicide, then your mom fuck. Fuck.fuck me.

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>I have been reading the DrPizza threads and researching #pizzagate
found the closet pedo


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Anyone with some common sense should be absolutely shocked about how far we've let this degeneracy go.

Bless you user keep them coming and most importantly spread them on normie social media.

This coming from the religion of pedos

Start posting the stickers like IT'S OKAY TO BE WHITE

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Attempted murder right there if the guy didn't die.

Hippity hoppity women are property.

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>the last time a culture this degenerate and disgusting popped up, hitler was elected by white men and women as a blowback.
Proof that degeneracy eventually redpills people

No more LGBT, gay, trans, whatever. I'm substituting all those for pedophile, in every circumstance, outside calling some lame faggot a faggot. Pedophile agenda. Pedophile rights.

>ignoring adultery laws in effect at the same time

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My future children will never, ever be subjected to this kind of evil. I used to think that Christians and conservatives who said gay marriage was a slippery slope were just ignorant. But no, the ignorant one was me.

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I would replace prideophile with pedosexual.

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You have homeschooling? In fucking Swedenistan its illegal. You go to jail and they take your kid if you dont send them to state run school. Cant escape the fag-wash since all the teachers are cultural marxist homosexuals molesting your kids and teaching them to hate the patriarchy.

>My future children will never, ever be subjected to this kind of evil. I used to think that Christians and conservatives who said gay marriage was a slippery slope were just ignorant. But no, the ignorant one was me.
Thems God's checked numbers.

We need roof Korean happenings on par with Vegas monthly at
"pride parades". Til then the metal sickness will eventually claim millions... Then they'll come for you and your families.
(((& we need to stop the source)))

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I’m old enough to remember ‘conservative’ types saying “just let the homos marry and be miserable like the rest of us, it’ll all die down” and of course I knew it was just the beginning.
Reap the whirlwind.

What the actual fuck. As soon as I thought Sweden couldn’t get any worse. I’m not sure on the laws in the UK - I think they’re strict but homeschooling is still allowed. I’m so sorry for what your once beautiful country has become.

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That's the word the enemy carefully selected for their normalization efforts, so i have reservations about using it. I think this term more accurately describes the specific type of sexual exhibitionism aimed at kids on display at these events.

plus since i coined the term the entire first page of google results when you search the term is mine without competition

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Homeschool them anyways.

I think they started saying that only when Obama got elected, or into his second term. It's not that old. Before Obama, almost all Republicans were against the LGBT agendas, and even many Democrats were kind of against it, if not on the fence about it, or early supporters of the movement.

Fellow chicagofag here. Fuck, I hate it here.

You're kidding, right? This can't possibly be true?

I see your point.

You need to pay closer attention to what is happening

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Its in a sad state yeah and its been going on for a long time, there is no escape around that fact. I hope it serves as a warning to other countries which are not that far down the road yet. Perhaps things will even change, recent years have definitely been better due to attitudes generally changing in a favourable direction around the western world.

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LGBT - is not the only problem in your country.

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I wast just going to say
>what a nightmare!