Tenshi eating a corndog!

Tenshi eating a corndog!

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do french girls still make wine by stepping on grapes with their smelly brown feet?

I won't drink wine made by the lily wh*te feet of a normandy girl. Only southerners.

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You are an hour late.

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God I hope so.

Sex with Tenshi! Sticking a corndog up Tenshi's vagina!

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French girls have the smelliest feet because of all the cheese they eat. Imagine smelling Andou's dusky gaulish feet.

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Based tenshi poster.
Footfags get the day of the rope.

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wh*te french feet

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delet this

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He didn't sexualize them, he appreciated the mechanics behind the design.

This is the high quality content I come to this site for.

hey don’t waste food you nigger

You come home to your wife Duce and see she's in the kitchen wearing a naked apron, she asks you if you would like a bath, dinner, or her feet. You dive to the ground in front of her feet and start admiring them up close. "The human foot is a strong and complex mechanical structure containing 26 bones, 33 joints. 20 of which are actively articulated! And more than a hundred muscles, tendons, and ligaments." Anchovy starts to say as she starts blushing heavily, you look up to her with a smile on your face before saying "The joints of the foot are the ankle and subtalar joint and the interphalangeal articulations of the foot." coolly, Chiyomi shudders in ecstasy as she hears this comment. You roll over onto your back and pull your dick out of your pants, "The foot can be subdivided into the hindfoot, the midfoot, and the forefoot. The hindfoot is composed of the talus. or ankle bone, and the calcaneus, or heel bone!! The two long bones of the lower leg, the tibia and fibula, are connected to the top of the talus to form the ankle. Connected to the talus at the subtalar joint, the calcaneus, the largest bone of the foot, is cushioned underneath by a layer of fat!" you shout, your erection twitching, ready to receive your well-earned reward.

"The five irregular bones of the midfoot, the cuboid, navicular, and three cuneiform bones, form the arches of the foot which serves as a shock absorber. The midfoot is connected to the hind- and fore-foot by muscles and the plantar fascia." Chiyomi says bashfully as she places her bare foot onto your penis, rubbing it gently up and down your pulsing shaft.

You let out a moan in pleasure, before collecting yourself a little and saying "The forefoot is composed of five toes and the corresponding five proximal long bones forming the metatarsus!" Before finally releasing your creamy load all over her feet, she mushes it around in her toes before kneeling down and kissing you on the lips. "I love you, user."

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pls respond I need to know



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Just what the fuck are you.

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Andou has such brown feet for a french.

Her ancestors probably looked like this.

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FINALLY! I can go to bed.

The italian army used anchovy's feet stink as a chemical weapon! They even put her used socks in tank shells so when it hits enemy armor, the smell melts through it and infects the crew inside.

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that's not how real human soles look like. sole has lighter color than the skin elsewhere, even negros don't have dark soles