This is not okay

This is not okay

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la creatura

My grandkids


Jewish women are smart, wealthy, cute, religious, traditional, have nice Khazar tits, and are White enough to have White babies with.

Take the Jewesspill anons, COME HOME ARYAN MEN!

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How can gentile women even compete?

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>Please Wehrmacht Hanns
>I beg you not to send me to the gas chambers
>I'll do anything
>And I mean anything
>What are you doing?
>Stop touching me.
>Please don't rape me Hanns
>Please don't put your Aryan seed in me.
>I'm saving myself for my wedding

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Disgusting mutts

Yid ≠ Jew

What's the difference?

Typical Untermensch

>not realizing the majority of kids look retarded anyway
OP was even uglier

The real jews are black

Only come out okay looking if you breed a Latina.

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>The real jews are black

Sure Tyrone.


Pic related

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You can’t have a new world order without dysgenics.

Kys kike

Thats not a latina, she has a pretty high amount of european blood, breed an actual latina and you wont get that result.

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I don't know about the black but the Jews that we primarily deal with all came from Eastern Europe not the middle eaat

What exactly am i coping with? A person with a high amount of amerindian blood (which I think is what latina means) will never produce a european baby, thats not coping thats a fact.

>Uses Laci Green as an example
Just show us our khazzar goddess-Abby Shapiro.

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the product of billionaires.

She is probably Serbian or Czech.. I've seen a lot of them with her features.

Not Jewish.

Numbers of truth. Could also be those Spanish genes were mostly preserved.

Is this a common American look.?
See some half breeds like this here, usually very young and being pushchaired by white grandmother ..

el creatura....

Spend enough time in a big box retail store and you will find many creatures and goblinas.
>t. Home Depot waggie

The perfect slave population

Ten years time we'll have caught up..

That's also possible.. She's at least 90% European and likely 0% African if she even is "Latina". She could even be 100% European Spaniard.

No joke would breed her. That way all her relatives open their doors to me making it easier to do my real job. Deus Vult

el monstro dos estadas unidas

Now comes the age of the ORC!

Lmao manticore will make quick work of them along with other shitgened individuals.
In the water food & air. Inb4 white ethno world.

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people are going to look so fucking retarded within the next 100 years

Dios mio!


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Momma no!

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the top right one is fine he isnt deformed hes just a half nig. he gets a +1 to agi and -1 to int and gets 2 extra dice when picking a lock

the others are kind of misshapen and you know im not going to feel guilty about this its their parents fault

the cherrypicking ugly mutts bit is such a cope. literally some of the most beautiful and successful people in the world are mixed; hell one of them was even president. all of you are delusional as hell.

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I would not be here without Spain. Thank God for not being an inbreed.

i want to suck on that nose

If I could fist bump you for this I would. Made me think. Made me laugh. Fucker you got me.

You are right but find someone that isnt full of hollywood make up photoshop and plastic surgery

A proper reward for those fucking misguided whores that aided in the defeat of hitler, mongrel borderline abominable critters for "grand children".

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Only in urban areas. Literally everywhere other than the southern border will be stuffed full of full-blooded whites.

t. white man from rural Ohio

They exist pocket hamper.

Halle Berry is a natural beauty.

>brown people bad
why can't wypipo just face the fact they're scared of people who don't look like them?

Ohh now I understand the content scale aware memes

Wypipo don't lik any pocket change. They would rather stuff it away or spend it on garbage.

t. retarded

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This is the result of anti-anglo propaganda
If you had just respected your ancestors instead of larping as Italians and paddies the idea that betraying your heritage is a positive would never have entered the zeitgeist.

I remember a stream with Pat Little in which he said every Jewish women he'd ever been with had an absolutely stinking cunt.

You mad bro?

Nice. I still agree in sweet release. The internet is not to be taken seriously. People get so wrapped up in this spew. What ever happened to the good ol shit post?