Global warming isnt re-

>global warming isnt re-
Wow what the fuck Jow Forums its 10:08 and still almost 80 fucking degrees fucking horse shit

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you should pay a 1000% tax to stop the weather!!

Dude why is it so fucking hot other than global warming

fuck you, dick. NH reporting in and by June, it's always typically been in the high 70s by now. We've been getting high 60s lately and it fucking sucks. "Climate change" is a goddamned lie. The only changes that are taking place is it getting COLDER, which is the opposite of what all these assholes are claiming should be going on.

Even if it was real.

The US is on the bottom of a long list of countries that fuck up the environment. Tell the chinks to stop using coal.

Give away your property rights too while you're at it. And your car too. And fresh food.

>implying Washington didnt just have a winter of a generation one season ago
Its almost summertime, user. Ironically you need to chill out

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Its usually never this hot here until july or august.

It's called summer - google it.

Its hard to chill out when its night time and im sweating
Its not supposed to be this hot. Its gonna be 95 tomorrow

natural climate change cycles due to a magnetic shift

Im near the mountain, have an ac, and a dyson bladeless fan. Whats your story?

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They should shift whichever way will make it colder
no AC or fan. At least the trees in the front yard block the sun for the most part

It's been unseasonably cool where I live. More global warming please.

The natural climate cycle follows the CO2 concentration cycle, not geomagnetic reversal.

You-you-you go to an office, r-r-r-right?

>leaf education

thats jumper weather

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Im too stupid to understand this.
Im from Washington dude and im white as fuck this is shit

>In Kansas
>Typically 95/75
Right now its fucking 75/50 and has been for weeks.

But I thought confusing weather and climate was bad?

this is from sunday

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His heat is global warming.
My cold is weather.
Get it straight.

Luckily I dont live in kansas

These graphs literally contradict themselves.
Warming and CO2 in the air go together. Magnets are magic and irrelevant here. Now you are a smart boy.