The Salem Witch Trials

Did any of you guys literally spend half a semester learning about this? Why is this forced in our educational curriculum?

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Because mah women. But no, I didn’t learn about this, I was too busy doing history on the civil rights movement and the holocaust like a real good goy.

If we were lucky we could learn about the Tudors or the Middle Ages, far better, nothing is worse than writing an entire essay about African persecution and anti-semitism

No. We only spent a few days on it in literature class, mostly because of Miller's "The Crucible". But this was nearly 30 years ago, when I was in high school

Apparently we didn't listen, because we're letting those girls do this same thing all over again. It needs to be taught more.

For the Holocaust, my teachers actually decided to make us learn more than what the curriculum wanted. They loved teaching it, showing us documentaries and films.

Yes we spent like half a semester. it felt like brainwashing, but I'm not sure what it was pushing. It might have been promoting struggle session type scenarios to low IQ people in school.

it's to scare us away from religious fundamentalism, particularly protestants because the majority of the US political elites aka WASPS were protestants.
More recently it's become a women's rights thing although I laugh in the face of anyone who brings it up that way because they clearly know nothing about it beyond some girls might have died.

They did the same thing with the twilight zones monsters on maple street. Though that one was to scare us away from defending our homeland against communist infiltrators. (((Rod Serling)))

To (((cover up))) the fact that Jews convinced whites to kill all fellow whites who refused to follow a like religion, and to push "muh witchcraft" narrative.

the trials are an important lesson in groupthink, mass hysteria, and defending the rights of those who are different.

The founding fathers were well aware that areas of the northern states were hellholes of religious oppression and put freedom of religion in the bill of rights.

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This is true.

The Salem witch trials are a complex event and one of the first to be covered in US history. Dumbass kids and incompetent teachers might just go way to slow and get behind on the curriculum.

We also had to rush through the stuff we learned about in the end of the year so this makes sense

Feel sorry for you user. I fucking love most history topics, the only topic I can’t fucking stand is topics about ‘persecution.’ Completely demoralising shit. I want to learn how my ancestors made Britannia a world power. I want to learn about the wars, the complex reasons behind these wars, the ideologies the theology, the politics. I found Jack the Ripper boring as fuck in school, literally useless part of history that only caused social reforms in London, it also relates to ‘Jewish’ persecution because people thought Jack the Ripper was a Jew

How were the "witches" any different than regular Anglo Saxon women? You realize they weren’t actually witches, right?

Don’t shoehorn muh raycism into this

probably to show you that if you encounter witches or people practicing luciferian practices, it can easily be identified as "a witch trial" and to move on rather than investigate it into the subject

my school required 2 years of Salem witch trials and 4 years of holocaust.

So today’s roasties were yesterday’s witches? As in their vaginas being used as some type of dark magic?

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I hope you're just pretending to be retarded

They need to demonize Christianity to prevent the solution of Christian Empire from rising.

>people thought Jack the Ripper was a Jew
Can you prove he wasn’t a Jew?

We were forced to read Arthur Miller's The Crucible. It's taught in school as a warning against "McCarthyian paranoia". That word today of course is completely antiquated, as Joseph McCarthy was completely vindicated by history. Teachings like this are invented by education majors who design new and "exciting" curriculum to indoctrinate students, and who are overwhelmingly socialist in their thinking.

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I also had to read holes, and the boy in striped pajamas.

>(((Arthur Miller)))
This. You don't want to be like those religious extremists who accused and executed poor innocent people for witchcraft by being a political extremist and falsely accusing the jews of conspiring to rule the world through treachery. The witchcraft trials are just another Holocaust class.

because aside from telling little kids all about faggots and buttsex and turning all students into compliant marxist retards, satan and his jewish henchmen are keen on convincing the world he and evil in general are imaginary and outdated concepts
when people say the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn't exist, they aren't joking
>muh christian extremists
>muh bible made people burn innocent wymyns
>muh witches are fairytales