I’m a professor researching holocaust denial and antisemitism...

I’m a professor researching holocaust denial and antisemitism. Any books or articles which influenced your opinion on the holocaust and Jews are greatly appreciated.

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not really.
Just studying reality

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Kevin MacDonald ‘Culture of Critique’

How about the talmud?

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>I’m a professor
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Cultured Thug did a video of recommendations for books.
Here's the "Jews on Jews" video he referenced. Youtube keeps taking his channels down, so his video on "Jews and Modern Capitalism" doesn't seem to be available now.

This video goes into a lot of statistical things.

I don't know anything about holocaust denial. Outright denial that anything happened is probably not as prevalent as you think, although people believe in various revisions of the holocaust history - like the notion that Jews were being turned into soap, the death toll, who is to blame for starting WWII, etc.

Go read some autobiographies from prisoners of war and genocides.
The Americans held by the japs during WWII, the Americans held by the Vietnamese, pick a conflict.
Then read about the rawandan genocide.
Then go read a holocaust survivors account, or the Ordinary Men account of the German police tasked with killing jews in Poland.
It will immediately be apparent how they differ.
Even if we assume that the holocaust happened, the jews IMMEDIATELY turned on each other. There was no resistance. No cohesion or sense of shared suffering, no attempt at escape or revolution or defence of their people. Each was in it for his own.
The holocaust survivors never want to see each other because they know what they all did in those camps in the name of "survival."
The nazis, famed for their efficiency, somehow had more trouble exterminating 6 million jews over the course of 7 years then some niggers with machates had killing about a million over a few months.

Contrast that with american POWS facing far worse conditions in Japan or Vietnam. They faced torture daily. Many broke under interrogation, but they maintained their unit cohesion and resistance. The "song birds" who just gave them what they wanted were universally hated.

their accounts read like fabrications, or if true, expose precisely why a population could be driven to hate them so deeply.

The fact that is mathmaticlly impossable for 6 million to have died.
Where are the bodies? There are no near amount of mass graves. Mathmaticly they could not have burned even 2 million

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Check this out Schlomo. Jews have been expelled more than one thousand times.

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honestly, what's the point. weather or not it happened, everybody already believes it does. you will never. ever convince normies that it didn't and you're only hurting your cause because to every body else you look like an ignorant nazi.

Instead of denying the holocaust you should be more about opening the discussion for how we can have national socialism again without making the same mistakes the germans did.

If you can get people on board without the whole killing jews thing you're going to have a way better chance of getting funding and votes for far right parties

>honestly, what's the point. weather or not it happened, everybody already believes it does.

Less and less people believe in the holohoax each generation.
There are official statistics about that.

It's a process of erosion.

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I knew everything from fragmented memes on Jow Forums before I read anything about it.

I was radicalized by Ethan Klein of h3h3 productions.

I have no problem with Jews and I believe the holocaust happened.

I haven't done any independent research myself to verify the "6 Million" claim. That might be a better question to ask.

Most people called holocaust deniers don't deny it happened, they dispute the numbers and the degree.

Also, not everyone here is a racist anti-semite. Some of us are normies who are bored with facebook, instgram, twitter etc.

And yes, I'm voting for Trump again.

I also am pro-choice, believe women should be treated with respect, don't have any problems with LGBT, could careless about culture, and I'm not-religious at all.

So figure that one out and you'll be on the road to understanding just how much of the real story the mainstream narrative is missing.

Yes I'm white.

Patton's journals freaked me out. He felt like we fought the wrong people. There's no way he would write that if our official narrative was his experience. After that, all I knew was that I have no idea what happened. Probably not what I learned in school though.

Congrats, youve already found their educational material. You're in it right now.
I'd be researching the psychology behind echo chambers and why utter retards believe everything with a > infront of it.

well I'm not a neo-nazi or jew-hater. Ann Frank's diary, books by Chaim Potok, and the Bible influenced my opinion of jewish people (in a positive way).

I suspect the jew-hating crowd doesn't read...

Okay, but before we get into denial, I want you to consider this.
Say the holocaust did happen, say hypothetically it’s all true. Is it possible that the Jews deserved it? Well we can take a look into their history. Throughout modern history (post Christ) jews have been removed from 109 regions, and primarily for one of two common reasons; financial manipulation and blood sacrifice, specifically child sacrifice. Now, it’s been stated many times it’s just crackpot theories that this has happened, however let’s take a look at that number again. 109, have you been fired 109 times? Expelled 109 times? Evicted 109 times? If so, did you ever think “maybe it’s me”?
Keep an open mind and watch this

Look up David Cole and then watch The Greatest Story Never Told. Also, we don't call ourselves "deniers." I don't deny that the holocaust happened, I just disagree with the official narrative.

fuck jews


The writings of Carlos Maza from Vox lead me down the path of holocaust denial

no one here reads books, we base all of our opinions on frog pictures

The lack of any paper trail/Nazi orders regarding the holocaust is all the evidence I need.

Scientifically speaking, it is impossible to prove a negative. That is to say, you cannot prove that something does not exist, or did not occur; you can only search for evidence, and in the absence of convincing evidence, infer that something does not exist, or did not occur.

There is no documented evidence that the Nazis sent orders to convert their internment camps into death camps. Therefore, the only logical conclusion is that they didn't.

Moreover, the physical evidence supports the theory that the bodies discovered (far, FAR fewer than even one million in total) were only killed as a result of the allies bombing the lines, and Germans prioritizing what little supplies that could be moved for the military.

There is no real evidence to support the holocaust, as it is commonly taught in schools today.

The point is the truth. Truth is intrinsically valuable and right.

Holocaust was for real actually, but jews didn't learn

I was radicalized the most by Julian Smith honestly. His "Hot Kool-Aid" video really woke me up. His videos have really deep messages if you look beyond the surface.