of beauty AND strength.

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roflcopter at this uggo

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Alright what is that?

You might not like it but.... this is what peak performance looks like...

Someone finally drained a swamp? And this was in it?

Leonard looks like that? wtf happened on the big bang finale?

>You might not like it but....
Did I write anything of the sort?

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Not as lovely as this fine lass.

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who is this mam?

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Give me your vagina!
It's the age of girly man now!

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Kek. This reminds me of David from Roseanne


Beauty is but a lightswitch away.

>epitome of beauty and strength
im starting the tranny football league and this is will be the motto

>this is mental illness

Stunning AND brave

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Tranny Jew

Freemason faggot

She looks like a young Anne Ramsey.

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Das a man

Lol What was that?

So that what that faggot did with his tv money.

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The beauty of Scottish women should never be lost from the Earth.

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Stunning and brave

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