Is it true conservatives don’t like hot sauce?

Is it true conservatives don’t like hot sauce?

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that's racist.

False, tobasco, el yucateco is delicious

Literally eating a meal with 2 tea spoons of ghost pepper and calorina reaper powder. Ama


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False and retarded

I put hotsauce on almost everything
el gringo bandito in particular is my fave

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It’s blacc copeposting

Maybe in another life, I could find you there...

yum vinegar

That's pretty fly... for white guy.

no i love it to shit
what makes you think this

Does it make your farts smell?

That's some dirty magic stuff

I don't really know but it the calorina reaper powder can make you really horny the next day

cuckservatives consider salt "too spicy"

tasteles child

no one asked you toothpaste
i don't want vinegar on my tacos faggot


Fuck off, retard. The ''white people don't like spicy food'' is the most retarded meme low IQ niggers have ever come up with.
White people are the ones who popularized spicy foods. All the spicy food was made by whites, everything from curry to tacos to ghost peppers. Even most wasabi is just horseradish with a green food coloring.
I don't get why niggers are this stupid. Even the spicy KFC chicken wings they love so much were made by white people.
These ''people'' are so stupid and so proud of being stupid over the most trivial shit it's not even funny. It's like a nigger wakes up in the morning and thinks it itself ''hmm, how can I be obnoxious and annoy whitey today?''

>cholula sauce

If it doesn't make your stomach burn for the next few hours, you can't really call it spicy can you?


>Is it true conservatives don’t like hot sauce?
If I say yes will you pour it up your ass?

La victoria is the best hot sauce.. Ive won a few chili eating contests. Love hot food. Peppers are really good for you too..

Speak for yourself

2-3 drops of pic related works like magic in soups or curries

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Why wouldn’t you nuke the UK though?

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Oh no wrong thread

I don't, but neither does my mom and she's liberal. Probably a genetic thing.

We don't walk around with hot sauce on our persons at all times, only toy turtles because slow and steady wins the race.

Tfw niggers try to talk shit about people who waged wars over spices and tea. Then those same niggers eat fried chicken that was invented by Scottish people and wash it down with tea. Absolutely worthless "humans".

>supporting dirty Mexicans
I use Frank's, like a real American nigger

>not making your own
The state of /ck/lets

Also nice satan quads

Tapatio Master race reporting in

I'll put that shit on pancakes. Fuck you.


Always relevant.

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The "whites can't handle spicy" actually bugs me a little bit. I've never shied away from spicy food.

>The "whites can't handle spicy" actually bugs me a little bit.
Its prepackaged colored identity put forward by kikes, 'colored folk like spicy foods.' When we all know colored folk like foods that smell like fucking dog shit.

I know but I take pride in being able to handle a lot of heat. I know its stupid but whatever.

You're thinking of wh*te people. Oh wait, that's the same thing.

One of the things I was looking forward to when I visited the USA was hot sauce because I'd heard so much about how Americans like it and have it everywhere.

I was majorly disappointed to find out just how fucking weak it is and Americans general sense of hot and spicy. Everywhere I ordered hot and spicy food I was disappointed at how piss weak it was. The only thing that came close to being actually hot and spicy was the Nashville chicken, but even then it wasn't anywhere near as spicy as everyone made it out to be.

Now Thailand on the other hand, they know what hot and spicy means!

I'm a registered Republican and a proud white man, and I'm also a spicy boi.

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nice that makes me want to print meme labels for all my household items

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>hot sauce

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I just had stickers printed

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based and adhesivepilled
should get a sticker png thread going

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Conservatives or "cuckservatives" as I like to call them are fucking pussies. All they do is vote and let everyone else live while assholes vote for them. Conservatives are a bunch of pussies. People like Jeb Cruz, Mike Huckabee, and Rick Santorum are all pussies. I voted for Romney and he lost; I've never voted for anybody because I never supported a pussified conservative. The pussified wing of the population always loses, and there is nothing pussified conservatism about Republicans.

What is pussified conservativeism about? It is the lack of accountability in Washington. It is the inability to defend our values against the liberals who support them. It is the constant pandering to liberal elites while the rest of us fall behind in the advancement of our rights. When they talk about "American exceptionalism," it's actually the Americans who stand to lose. It's not about being the most powerful country on Earth; it's about a country where we can always find someone who will help out.

Pussifier conservativeism is actually pussified conservatism. No Republican will be able to tell you that it's not pussified, like all those liberals can tell you that they are the greatest country on earth; you will always find someone who will lie for you and take your money anyway.

Pussified little cuckservative jew police machine niggers trying to take away your freedom and gasoline

conservatives are homos. nationalists like hot sauce.

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recommend one then pls user

You were on the right path, anyone who tells you different is wrong, and a faggot.

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literally the opposite

I agree Cholula is excellent

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>Dave's insanity
I've yet to try that one

>All the spicy food was made by whites
L0Lno Karlis pls

Black Mamba Get Bittin' is this best hot sauce.

Not a big fan to be honest.

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Niggers dont drink tea bro they like fruity sugary soda and "juice"

Leftist urbanites buy their hot sauce. Right wing men grow their own chili peppers, ferment them, and make them into sauce.

Louisiana is absolute god tier hotsauce. Not super hot but the flavor is great.