Dyke finds gay pride sticker on car covered by homophobic “facts”

Which one of you assholes did this? I'm serious, who did this?

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She’s beautiful.


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KEK fucking hero!!!!

if true

where can i get these

It's a hate crime, or something. Definitely not heroic.

I did.

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definitely heroic even more so

This is better. A close up. Beautiful.

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You mean which hero did this? More of us need to start doing this.

How it's just boring stats

> posting on a site that constantly praises Hitler

Fucking retard

didnt know that posting statistics is a hate crime and also hate crime is something pussys say when they are butthurt over some letters on paper. most guy would get is vandalising but thats about it

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Link sticker hate store


Truth hurts, doesn't it?

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imagine worrying about such trivial matters.
how i envy your homeschooled brainlets sometimes.

>How it's just boring stats
Except not one of those so-called facts is valid. Made up and fake. Not a single one true.

Does anyone know where I can buy these stickers?

>You mean which hero did this? More of us need to start doing this.


It didn't mention that lesbian couples have the highest domestic violence rate though.

>literal facts


They are alternative facts. MIGA! Trust the plan! Q predicted this. 1488D interstellar sexual Parcheesi.

>(((Hate Crime))))

This is genius. Someone posts stickers with 'hateful' facts on degenerate's car and the news has to show them, thus spreading the truth and planting the seed of doubt in leftists heads. We should do this with crime rates and IQ.

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blessed and based

the UK needs more heroes like this

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She’s in the tribe

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I've got to ask, if anyone knows. Does getting that nose ring hurt? It's got to hurt like a mother.

That poster is 10/10 fucking brilliant.
The font, the colors, the wording. Just amazing.

It's not a hate crime, its anti pedophile activity


Yes I'd like to know too.. Would "irl troll" by stating facts.. Kinda how now criticizing anything jew related in a negative light is ANTISEMISIM.
(((oy vey)))......


E. Fuck

No doubt it hurts. The boogers, the infections, the irritation of having metal lodged in your nose. Not to mention even when they remove them it leaves a permanent bump on their nose. Absolutely disgusting.

I thought women 5-10 years ago were trashy. But this new fad of drawn on eyebrows, hoop noserings, and endless tattoos is just disgusting. They will fall into any trend no matter how repulsive and destructive.

>28% of gay men will have 1000+ partners
I mean goddamn. I don't think I'd want to fuck 1000s of women due to disease. These dudes are sucking dick and getting it in the ass non stop.

Were can i buy those stickers

>that's a lot to be proud of
Nice touch

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>Which one of you assholes did this? I'm serious, who did this?
She did.

Based and redpilled

they dont give a shit about disease. its probably just another turn on. we have condoms and shit yet they have insanely high rates of STDs so they clearly dont care, they just fuck like wild animals

$100 by Friday it’ll be a fake hate crime. Never believe any of this shit. Never believe a cunt. Especially a dyke cunt.

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Fucking kek.
Who would like to chip in and help get this graphic on a billboard in a major city?

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deanna troi, mate.

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It's custom made. That sticker is a Jow Forums meme. Make your own

It was posted on this board not long ago Canadabro

give reeee

She looks like she was touched by her uncle when she was a child

That's a great sticker, there's no way they can share it on social media for victim points without redpilling at least a few people.

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Ok this is epic

He did it

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>I'm Spartacus

1000+ partners

So basically they’re having sex every day for 3 years with a different one each time

How the fuck do gays even find other gays at that rate? As a guy you don’t just walk up to any guy you see and ask them for sex if another guy asked me they’d better have been seriously drunk or pranking because if not I’d punch them out

>(((hate crime)))

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>QR code
fuck off give good one

>‘If you were trying to hurt my feelings, you didn’t! You just p****d off a whole bunch of people,' she resiliently said

sides are in fucking orbit

Plastered over the top of her Virginia Beer Company Pride label sat another sticker, titled ‘Misplaced Pride: The Facts: Gays’ containing offensive slurs

>offensive slurs

from the first fucking paragraph alone /b/ros

>How the fuck do gays even find other gays at that rate
Los Angeles

>How the fuck do gays even find other gays at that rate?

you never heard of gay bars? or grindr?

>makes the news

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>what are gay bars in any major city

Assuming the number is correct, they just go to a gay bar and have sex with strangers in the bathroom

They most likely did it to themselves.. Ive never met a homo or lesbo who didn't have serious mental illness.. I mean ever.. Theyre all starved for attention

Someone somewhere who is offended by this will search for the source of that data and that will be the beginning hopefully.


it's exactly what the jews do. OH, THE HOLOCAUST! OH WOE IS ME FOR BEING A VICTIM OF SUCH TRAJESTY *wipes nose with $100 bill*

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>valls the sticker "inaccurate and homophobic"
>doesn't bother to explain the inaccuracies

Yeah but 1000s of partners? There must be more fags in the world than we think

So what are the real numbers?

Still 1000+ different gays

Idk I don’t live in a big shitty hank fuck. A gay bar here would be unheard of



>implying the news ever explains the "homophobic" inaccuracies

it's gotcha news, headed by some shit like "HEINOUS HATE CRIME"

Spetum is the most painful pericing to get above your shoulders. Eyebows dont hurt. Nostrils only hurt a little but make your eyes water. Ears dont hurt. Neck doesnt hurt too bad but really prone to infections. (Pretty much any surface piercing gets infected at some point.) Septum hurts like a mofo. Infections pretty rare with nose pircing though and septum is a healed hole. Like ears.

surprising seeing as you're a leaf. im in florida, so being gay down here is like being black in denmark

Stalin don't give no fucks about stats

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Yes we do

At first I thought this number was fake but this gay guy my gf follows on Instagram posted about 3 different sexual encounters in 24 hours.

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What's the point of fake statistics? Anyone who cares will look them up and see you are making shit up.

based and redpilled poster-user

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I had mine done twice, once when I was 16, then again at 22 when I got out of jail. It doesn't hurt, it's a really sharp pinch and you feel like you've got to have the worst sneeze of your life, a lot of blood. Healing process is pretty painless too.

For the record, when I had mine it was when goth was still a thing, it's the darkest, no pun intended, shame of my life, I was a goth faggot.

Anyway. No, it doesn't hurt that bad. Getting your ear cartilage pierced is infinitely more painful, nipples hurt much more too.

I use to put up these stickers

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Fact are racist!!! Bigot!!!!

>I use to put up these stickers
I remember those! My little brother bought a swastika pocket knife on ebay and it came with an insane amount of swag.

Ah I always wondered what those looked like.


Pasting a sticker in someone elses private property is illegal and I don't approve of this.

Buy shipping labels and print them

I'm confused as to what they're offended by. Are they upset that they haven't lived up to 1000 partners? Has that hurt their self esteem?

Yes please

I'm going to print these out and leave them all over town

same. somebody's gotta do it

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So was I back in 1996-1998