Who will the next civil war be between? My guess are normal sane people against the LGBTQ+

Who will the next civil war be between? My guess are normal sane people against the LGBTQ+

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White Republicans vs Clown World.

Democrats and Republicans we all know its coming

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>mainstream boomer parties having any reason to fight
It'll be the fascists vs the communists and the liberals will just try to survive.

Humans and non-humans.

I think I'll be more like a shitfest, communists vs liberals vs conservatives vs fascists ect. The country will be divided into 15 different pieces.

Blacks vs. Police

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The leaf is right, the economic collapse coming in the 2020’s due to our debt and banking system will cause immense upheaval. It will be between the communists and National socialists. Because nothing can survive in that extreme. Ever wonder why YouTube and social media went into overdrive deleting any right of kosher content? It’s to prep for this massive upheaval and to stack the cards in favor of the left to push communism in the United States.

>What to do: beans, bullets, batteries bandaids.
-try to become as self sufficient as possible (homesteading) if possible.
-small backyard farming (chickens,rabbits,bees, garden/aquaponics)
-stockpile fire arms and lots of ammo (keep it simple common calibers, .223, 9mm, 12g) and make sure you have enough ammo 3k rifle, 1k pistol, 1k shotgun at a bare minimum.
-lighters, and tobacco are essentially gold tobacco should reflect your area but dip is probably a good pick.

Goodluck anons. It’s going to be a doozy and I feel the civil war will be more of small bouts of civil unrest from nogs and spics rioting for gibs while white communists try to use the momentum for power grabs.

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Cruisers were always kind of neat.

based and contrarian

White Trash vs Everyone else


Where are all these fucking commies you speak off?


White communist led by Kikes obviously

Got to Ant coffee shop in a metro area and be a fly on the wall

Urban vs Rural with the suburban population blurred in between.

probably a shitfest
govt vs antifa vs white nationalists vs libertarian faggots
boomer cuckservatives and liberals just try to survive

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november the third 2019. screencap this.

>against the LGBTQ+
This group barely makes up 1-5% of anything thanks to genetics and a healthy suicide rate. The ones who use groups like them to stir shit up will be the opposing force.

Yes. Most degeneracy is in the cities. Cut them off and watch them burn. Most big cities in Europe are identical multi culti shit holes. Country folk need to stop water, food and electricity going to them. Blockade all major exits. I am thinking Sarajevo on a worldwide scale.
Only the strong will survive. Once populations of cities are below 50% we let the resources back in.

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What should I expect Hans?

If some shit doesnt go down on that date imma be very pissed

retarded trump worshipers and everyone else
trump will refuse to step down in 2020 and all hell will break loose

Wont be a civil war.. white people are afraid of prison..

My police is full of blacks, what do

These faggots could not war if their limp-wrist lives depended on it. Here, It's gonna be Muslims vs 20% of the french. 30% of the french will outright poz together with the muslims. 50% will fuck around pretending to be the voice of reason while really only protecting their short-term interests.

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Stop posting this fucking thread you insufferable shitstain.


>pistol grip on a short barrel w/big brass
are you a nigger?

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The only correct answer is everyone vs everyone.

Antifa kill CPUSA for criticizing pro-SJW corporations

Alt-Right kill Antifa

Alt-Right kill each over purity spiraling insanity

KKK kill niggers

Neo-Nazis kill KKK over who's the bigger racist

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race and religion - usual suspects:

niggers vs whites in US
sandniggers vs whites in EU

it will start immediatelly after dollar crash

Pretty much every government employee (with a few exceptions) is a communist. Many belonged to communist groups in university, and many are current members of the communist party.

t. Ex-government worker, 12 years tenure.

I was a "government employee" for 6 years and it turned me into the most prejudiced (ie honest) person I know. This guy is right. You either come out full blown commie, or full blown "nigger hating me." There is no in between.

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grips are for fags

Can we please kick this shit off already? I'm tired of not killing anyone and / or also being killed myself.

Everyone free for all.

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Black versus White.
The kindling is very dry awaiting the spark.

Grips are for double ought you fucking noguns retard

If it's any consolation, I'd kill you user.


Who hurt you user

t. 70 IQ

probably a small minority of white-wing gunfags against literally everybody else


He's right though. Pistol grips on a shotgun are for afags who own guns for ego. Put a stock on it. (even tactical works for faggots like you you) It's called a LONGGUN for a reason. Try using this shit in an IRL lead debate and see how it works out for you. Like user said, you are literally a noguns faggot.
t. 6 years wasted in the army w/2 deployments.

Most cruisers would benefit from a pistol grip to make you less likely to short stroke it or worse shoot your hand off. I have an Ithaca SBS that is hard to keep a grip on with such a light forend.

sounds good to me. I'll meet you in the middle.

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