The stasi are evil

the fucking demented nuts on pol try to defend the stasi but they tortured people physically and mentally and did mass surveillance on the people

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Should read "Stasi we're evil"
They don't exist anymore you fucking meme flagged mong.

no the stasi dont exist anymore but the thought police do

thats a stasi idea


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as mentioned above

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the stasi are bad all the stasi ideas were terrible and if you don't agree watch a show on the stasi then come back and tell me you agree with the stasi


maybe you should come over to my house tomorrow so we can steal a urn from the local library and eat some shit. But we'll see.] (Nanako and Nanako)

Kiyomasa: Aye~! There, wait here a sec~! You can wait for me on the stairs. I'll be there shortly~!

(Nanako and Kiyomasa follow him up the stairs into the library. He stops at the exit and turns around.)

Kiyomasa: Nanako, Nanako~!

Nanako: It's been so long. I don't know when I've been able to make a sound like that.

Kiyomasa: Yeah, you are getting older! (Shakes his head) You don't have to be so nice anymore.

(Showing her to her feet) I'm tired of this.

Nanako: Oh... OK... (Looking back up the stairs) ...But let me didn't really notice me all those years ago, were you?

Kiyomasa: ...Huh?

Nanako: I had no idea you were actually listening to me, Kiyomasa. It's nice to see how you've grown, that one's always nice to see. (Singing Jewish Halloween music)

are you mentally deficient

Nanako: I don't see what you mean, I can see...this entire apartment, from your bed to the window.

Kiyomasa: Why the hell would I notice...?

Nanako: Because I'm still here. All those years ago. So this is why I didn't notice it in the first place?

Kiyomasa: Well, that's just like you, Nanako. You can't help it either. And that doesn't mean I'm right. Because we are both human beings with feelings and we're always gonna have feelings, right?

Nanako: ...Yup.

Kiyomasa: Yeah...well, since it seems you're more than a little obsessed with people you can tell me if you're okay.

Nanako: ...Um...I guess not.

yes ok i'm wasting my time here bye

Kiyomasa: So don't worry about it! I'll treat it like this one day, okay?

Nanako: Awwww...okay.

Kiyomasa: ...Thank you.

Nanako: I'll stay with her and look after her, okay? Thank you for everything.

Kiyomasa: You're welcome.

Nanako: Uhm...thanks.

Kiyomasa: That's good to hear. (He exits) It's good that you're alright Nanako. It seems like that's what's really bothering me...though I hope you get along with everybody better than that, huh?

Nanako: Don't worry about it! I'll be fine. As long as you keep that smile on your face and listen to me~!

Nanako: Eh, sure, I'm still a little sore.

Nanako: Let's go! (She runs out after Nanako leaves)

Nanako: Wh-what was that?

Kiyomasa: It was something strange coming up after that scene!

Kiyomasa: This is the first time I was seeing my memories from the past, and even though I can remember them all, they've gotten so hard that I'm unable to read them!

Nanako: Really!

Kiyomasa: So if you say I was unable to read them, I've been able to remember everything since the time that Nanako-chan and the people she was with were separated. But still...

Nanako: Well let's not be so sure! We don't really know where Nanako is; and she's gone for Onigiri~~ =uWu=

should I continue or am I wasting my time

>They don't exist anymore
They do.

Juden-occupied germanys stasi has always been and still is far worse.
Also stasi only spied on 20,000 of how many million people?
Get real, those may as well have been western subversives.