Why do you stupid Amerimutts wear shoes in the house like absolute queers?

Why do you stupid Amerimutts wear shoes in the house like absolute queers?

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Why do leafs always where hockey skates in the house? My leaf neighbors do it and it's fucking weird

carpet is cheap to replace. i do it every year.

My father does this. He brings dirt and grime into the house, I hate it.

How many times you gonna start this thread?

It might be a regional thing. No one in my family does it for the most part.

Why don't Europeans have chars to sit on?
Why do they have to sit on the floor?
Why can't Europeans manage to not step in dog and cow shit?
Why can't Europeans invent sidewalks?
Why can't Europeans manage to keep their shoes clean?

What is the deal with French Canadians?

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Why do leafs make their dogs blow them?

Do you take your shoes off at a resteraunt OP? Why not?

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Because we don't step in human shit all day like your country

>chars to sit on

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Never know when youll have to run away from your friends

Is English your fith language?

I do because I don't feel like putting on my boots 10 times a day. Every time I take my dogs for a walk. Every time I need to clean the hummingbird feeders. Every time I need to take out garbage or recycling.

My ass it costs me 900 to get two bedrooms done

That’s pretty random I was just in Alaska the other day. Cool place.

how are europeans even coping? they dont have kids, they dont have jobs (socialist welfare income aka neet bux), their women are being brutally raped by muslims AND their women are breeding with african migrants (pic related) before being brutally murdred.

and also if you're a european and you speak about ANY OF THIS online you will be thrown in jail where youll be buttraped and eventually dismembered/disemboweled by migrants

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... and then get insulted when people tell you take them off when track fucking mud into theirs.

To be honest I see it just as much here in Canada. It's called being a fucking philistine.

Any man who can’t wear shoes in his own house is ruled by his woman.

> Having all of your floors covered in crappy carpest
Only 80yos have this in Denmark. Do burgers actually think plain carpets look better than nice wooden floors?

>be britfag
>be britfag

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Probably your case Mr. Xiaoping Patel

amerimutts feet fucking REEK because they are too lazy to take the 10 seconds to take their shoes off and on

They cant have wooden floors they wouldn't know how to maintain and not scratch the fuck out of it with their shoes.

I'd let her sit on my chat if you know what I mean

I don’t know of anyone who doesn’t remove their shoes inside... must be a poor person thing.

> What did he mean by this?

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Don't think about my feet you sick fucking leaf

this is kinda what i was thinking. i've got wooden floors and a roomba, why would i take my shoes off inside? lol

I don't in the carpeted bedroom areas.
The tile and wood main floor is fair game though.

Cause we dont sit on the floor like fucking animals?
Only thing that touches our floors is our feet and pets.

We have chairs and dont sit on our fucking asses or pillows like pets.

Inb4 500 replies 200 image page 10 thread

About 10 minutes ago I slammed my toe so hard into the bottom of the fridge by mistake that the nail tore off. I wasn't being patriotic enough and I paid the price. Wear your fucking shoes.

Yeah, at least our American dogs blow us because they genuinely love us. What a bunch of rapey faggot leaf.

Because its healthy to have dirt, feces around you all the time especially where you live. I also make sure when i see my dog lick his butt to run fast to him and let him kiss me. It boosts immune system. Pick up a book will you.

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Obviously you don't wear any sort of actual work boots.
These are people making fun of Americans and cheap crap from places that make Ikea furniture. You can keep your minimalist silliness to yourself.


Why do they do pic related?

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Remember when Canada wasn't a chink colony.

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Are you a nigger? The man said he doesn’t know anyone that leaves their shoes on inside... you must be poor

stfu this is god tir attire!

holdover from the pioneer/homesteading days where people built their own homes and had dirt floors.

Because we aren't poor and can afford to replace things

Might have to go back outside.

As a kid, I had neighbors did the no shoes thing for a while and I fucking hated it. Anytime I went over to play with my friend I had to take off my shoes and like 15 minutes later my feet felt murky and horrible. Then when I finally put my shoes back on the feeling was twice as awful.

I straight up told my friend I didn't want to go over anymore.

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>alpha legs coming through

Why would you replace your carpets every year? That's fucking retarded

Ha, carpets. Try solid oak flooring you poorfag. What a shit boast

>Why would you replace your carpets every year?
We have to. Or it changes colors. From scooting on it when we poop.

This guy also doesn't own a kettle, doesn't drink milk, and probably doesn't have a toaster.

Oh and he heats water with the microwave

Some Northern States are like leafs and have customs of taking shoes off at the door, but generally not the rest tho.
Leafs and the North border states have habits from half the year of not wanting to track globs of dirty snow into houses----melting filth all over the place so they continue that habit year round.
In warmer climate people only track grit in which is more easily swept/vacuumed.
A long time ago I talked to some Leafs from Manitoba who were appalled that their visiting California relatives would walk into their homes wearing shoes.
If you moved here and wanted to have a shoeless-house.......you'd have to construct a foyer at your entrance with obvious shoe-storage spots,, and a VERY large & BOLD sign demanding shoe removal.------Otherwise you'd be giving yourself unnecessary stress over everyone waltzing in with shoes on.

To protect your feet from the broken glass and poop piles. Not sure how you faggots do it in leaf land, but we like to keep our feet clean.

What happens if you step in dog shit? Do you just track it all around the house? How do you clean the carpets?

Yeah same in England. On doley scum keep their shoes on inside a private house. Same thing with fat cunts too. Basically if your poor and or a big fat fatty, you'll keep.your shoes on inside. And yes, I do wear workbooks to earn a living, it's I'm just that I respect my possessions and take pride in the cleanliness of my home. I'm not a fucking nigger

>What happens if you step in dog shit? Do you just track it all around the house?
> How do you clean the carpets?

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So there's these things called brushes. New technology. They even make small ones you can use on your teeth!

Why is your house filled with poop and broken glass? Do you shit all over your floor instead of using the toilet?

how about keep your house clean too? americans cut their foreskin off because too lazy to wash, keep shoes on in house because too lazy to clean floor

>Do you shit all over your floor instead of using the toilet?
No you poop in the potty. Then you scoot. Need somewhere to scoot.

Why even allow people over your house at all if you're that big of a cunt about your floors. I am from a northern state too, only DINKs thought they could pull off the "no-shoes-in-my-house" game. Ever heard of a doormat? It's that easy.

There's nothing more disgusting than wearing your shoes inside. Do you even realize how fucking dirty streets are? Dog shit, spit, old chewing gums, all sorts of bacteria and you're dragging all this shit inside your house, wtf.

I guess the invention of doormats haven't made it to Norway yet. We got this neato household thing called a doormat, its typically this ridged rubber mat or coarse fiber rug that if you rake your shoes across it a couple times cleans off virtually everything you'd not want to spread onto interior floors and carpets.

>Do you even realize how fucking dirty streets are?
Sometimes I forget to take my shoes off because I get stoned and then I get into bed. And then I scuffle with them! Ha! Get off me shoes! And then get all up on my tummy and all over. They're silly.

Imagine the smell of an American house
Shit stained carpets everywhere

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Curious...are you a 'Nam-vet by chance? Or does that mean something else in the State you're from?
The Northern States that I said I saw this Leaf-like-custom were ND, MN, Wi, & Mi. Are you from any of those? Or another one?

>Imagine the smell of an American house
My friend came to visit me but wouldn't go in my bathroom downstairs because it was really " musky " smelling in there and I said, " That's MY bathroom " and I was proud. So he used my daughters bathroom upstairs.

>be leaf
>be giant fucking cuck

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A proud patriot

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We all have door mats, they are not supposed to be used for that. You use them to wipe your shoes to make them a little cleaner before you go in and take them off. Then you're supposed to put slippers on.

>my daughters bathroom
You know he probably jizzed on the seat, right? What if your daughter was sitting there, and he just barged in? He'd take one look at her cunny and get all sex-nuts and retard-strong and try to fuck her.

I honestly don't think I have ever heated water, nor had a need to.

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It's user from the post you answered to via my tablet. No I am not a 'Nam vet. DINKs by the definition I know is short for Dual Income No Kids eg the people so insufferable and so far up their own asses they would invite you up to show off their place while seeing no irony in demanding you remove your shoes like you're some mongo that spent the day marching through dogshit, puddles of sticky tar, tree sap and grease all day prior to showing up for a visit, user

I'm from MA, to answer your question

With a little more effort on that doormat Nigel you could make those shoes clean enough to stay on inside too,

> Why do you stupid Amerimutts wear shoes in the house like absolute queers?
because its america, i can do what ever i want in my house, faggot

we dont walk in shit filled streets

Based and homeowner-pilled. Sometimes I take a shit at home with my bathroom door open. Who's gonna stop me?

this gay thread again...
sage it lads

Your story checks out. I've been to that part of the country too, and I have personally seen exactly what you are talking about.

we don't

why is this a daily thread here and on Jow Forums?