US Marine Corps YES!

It's not okay to be white if you're a Marine:

>Marine lance corporal getting booted for ‘advocating supremacist ideology’

>Hawaii-based Marine Lance Cpl. Mason Mead is getting booted from the Corps following a Naval Criminal Investigative Service investigation into racist social media posts, according to Marine officials.

>Mead “admitted guilt to an Article 92 charge, advocating supremacist ideology on May 7,” 1st Lt. Jose Uriarte, a Marine spokesman, told Marine Corps Times in an emailed statement.

>“His discharge will be characterized as Under Other Than Honorable Conditions” and he is “in the process of being discharged pending the completion of final administrative and medical requirements for separation,” Uriarte said.

>Mead’s pending separation from the Corps was first reported by

>Mead, who is assigned to 1st Battalion, 3d Marines, came under investigation for a series of racists posts from the Twitter handle @Jacobite_Edward, which espoused Nazi propaganda.

>The Corps has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to active participation in hate groups and has been separating Marines for ties to supremacist groups.

>In 2018, Lance Cpl. Vasillios G. Pistolis was booted from the Corps for his alleged connections to neo-Nazi organization known as Atomwaffen Division.

>“The Marine Corps takes every instance of misconduct seriously, whether on duty, off duty, or online. Any form of racism or discrimination undermines the core values of the Marine Corps and is not tolerated," Uriarte said.

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Pretty fucked up.
I'm almost certain it was just a joke, but this will without a doubt turn him into an actual "nazi"
Now he's gonna be pissed that these butthurt cunts couldn't take a joke and ruined his career over it.

Kill all white people.

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This is awesome..... Lets watch all the lefties pour in and say that he should be stripped of his position. Such great logic.... No, I won't let a racist die for me. FUCKING IDIOTS.

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fucking brainlets

lol, in Germany they sued a guy because his chicken wings looked like a Swastika.

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this fucking bitch is unbelievable, as if straight out of a Jow Forums comic

Military is overrun with spics and nuggets anyway. Most Americans don’t realize how heavily gangs have infiltrated the military.

checked, what am i looking at?

middle is wrong too, unless i'm wrong and it's impossible to construct a hakenkreuz from equal length segments regardless
pls no bully


pure autism my friend, an extreme attention to detail to the point of insanity

Oh they can fuck right off.

This is 100% slam dunk first amendment violation lawsuit.

If he’d posted a Star of David and said Jews are the one and only chosen people nobody would have said a thing, he’d probably be promoted.

Get in the box

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If the "race" was Jews....fuck the Corps.

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>military full of spic and nigger street gangs
>post dabstika lulz and get booted
You deserve to be Dishonored for serving the ZOG.

most soldiers are redpilled because of commies, my entire fucking family fought commies for the last 100 years lol

this tbqhwyf

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NO FUCKING WAY. There is no way that the only thing he did was post that picture. There has to be more.

>This is 100% slam dunk first amendment violation lawsuit.
Enlisted zogbots have no constitutional rights you fucking mutt. They sign their soul over to ZOG for the duration of their contract.

Obviously done by a Jew.
Jews have a natural aversion to swastikas, and they always fuck it up.

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>Marine policy despises hate group's
Wtf do the marines do, hug enemies and kill with kindness
Honk honk

someone post the picture of the americans hailing and using their combs as hitler mustaches in wwII germany.

>admitting to any wrong doing in the military ever

One doesn't have the right to be part of the military.

kinda what i thought...its the bit of spacing right? that makes it a spaztica and that makes it a false flag and that makes it a jew. But its obviously ironic (or post ironic satire) so trips deserved. good on user for recognizing the gap.

Prior Marine turned Chair Force here. In our regulations it states its illegal for a service member to support ideologies such as Fascism or Communism.

Any tryhard siegefag associated with degenerate fuckwits atomwaffen should be removed - from the miltary,society,the nationalist movement,third position and life in general. Worse than niggers.

But they allow niggers and spics in gangs.

Every single branch is well over 60% non-Hispanic white men, with combat arms branches at 75%+ and SOF 95%+. That gang thing is utterly fucking made-up, too.

Let this be a lesson to you active duty types, the military can (and will) monitor everything you do online.

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Courts disagree. See women, gays and the mentally Ill (trannys)

Besides all that one has the right to not be punished by the government for their speech or religious or political beliefs or the press or their petitions or assembly. That’s the first amendment.

So if there has been a law made by the government to abridge free speech that is literally unconstitutional.

He got an OTH discharge for this shit? I'm going to guess he was a shitbag. I can't see them giving an OTH for this if it was just this alone. If he was a decent guy and then this blew up and they had to kick him out for it, I would assume it would be a General discharge under honorable conditions.

I'm a fascist and was through my entire enlistment. Liberals and conservatives can say whatever they want at any time, but if you're fringe suddenly that makes your time in less "honorable"?

USMC serves ZOG and ZOG alone, goyim!

Nah looking at the story seems like the dude wanted a quick and easy out.

>sure people have the right to be in the military
It's not B&W.

>punished for speech
The 'punishment' is not taking something of theirs away, but not giving them something (ability to serve).

>abridge free speech
The government isn't allowed to punish you for speech, but is allowed to treat you differently for it in some cases.

Is it bad that I have started using the kikes tactics of subversion to turn my friends and family one at a time and keeping them all in the dark that I'm doing it at all? Keep your power level hidden and work in the shadows till it is time for action.

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>Jose Uriarte
checks out

Get out of here and don't come back.

So your regulations are unconstitutional, got it.


What you're saying would make some kind of sense, if they barred Muslims from enlisting also. Nidal Hasan wasn't a neo-nazi.
But no, it's a double standard. The fact that they only want servicemen politically aware enough to support mainstream ideologies should be troubling to anyone who can think. The DoD doesn't want anyone who doesn't accept the groupthink to be in a position that might threaten the organization.

I'm not saying that it's rational- I'm just saying that the 1st Amendment doesn't protect you from priviledge- which serving is. Not that they apply it consistently, as you show.

Sorry but racists don't deserve the privilege of dying for Israel.

How come a hispanic can be a white supremacist? They only thing I can get from larping as a SS soldier is be a laughing stock

Glad I got out when I did and didn’t re-up, my squad was mostly rednecks who just wanted to fuck shit up and kill sand niggers.

But Tranny love is mandated

Cool get on the street tranny

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>Jose Uriarte, a Marine spokesman
There’s the problem

not impossible if you include a square gap in the center.
he did fuck up the bottom though.
honestly shouldn't expect much better from a jughead

they symbol is Tibetan

bro, you are overthinking this. The one that's circled should be on the side of the bottom one, not the bottom of the bottom one. Compare it to the wingtip of the top

post on r/mildlyirritatingdesign

Well that's one way to get out if you're trying to get a discharge.

Details, user

The bottom wingtip is the same as the top wingtip. It's the one I marked with the green square that's weird.

Fat Hitler approves of this thread!

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absolute brainlets!!!! these are the retards protecting us from the bad goys

>Now he's gonna be pissed that these butthurt cunts couldn't take a joke and ruined his career over it
And they taught him how to use explosives before fucking up his life. Talk about not thinking things through.

Im guessing they aren't level because table is made out of plywood and probably curved a little.

>Vasillios G. Pistolis
LMFAO, Turkish rape baby larping as white supremacists

Only non-whites belong to white supremacist organizations. Whites are too busy putting muh Asian qt pussy on a pedestal.

t. whitey with the fever

dumb enough to be a jarhead

What I mean is, the bottom 2 in the circle are weird because they don't line up, but the label on the green square one is also weird because it doesn't match the label on the orange square one. Either the sticks are labeled differently or there's editing going on.