Oberlin College MUST PAY 44 MILLION in damages

Quick rundown: Black people steal from a bakery, get caught and confess to the crime. Oberlin college decides to start running protests and handing out fliers calling the bakery racist. Many people lose their jobs and so they sue the school for defamation.

>A jury has awarded $33.2 million in punitive damages to Gibson’s Bakery, whose owners claimed Ohio’s Oberlin College and an administrator hurt their business and libeled them during a dispute over a shoplifting episode that triggered protests and allegations of racism.

>The Chronicle-Telegram reported the same jury awarded Gibson’s business and family members more than $11 million in actual or compensatory damages, bringing the total award to more than $44 million.


Lets hope this sets a precedent in getting these shitty schools to actually take responsibility for their actions.

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>black people
>bakery is callsed GIBS on
well it sure ain't the niggers fault, they thought them baked goods were free gibs. And what is it with bakeries? Do libtards aim for those establishments on porpuse?

The College was only defending their student's freedom of speech without any hindrance whatsoever. Fuck off, you facist. It's okay to force businesses, not colleges. Side with the good guys, not some soulless corporate looking for a quick buck.

Its funny, the college literally made that argument in court and now they have to pay 44 million.

Because bakeries are white culture.

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>bakery is callsed GIBS on
Good catch Hans.
As for the targeting of Bakeries, I genuinely do not know. It's possible that the (((REDACTED))) do not want independent white owned food supplies for the people.

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>not some soulless corporate looking for a quick buck.
>bakery be family owned since 1880's
fucking leafs, i hate them all

>Side with the good guys
A black man stealing from the store is not the good guy

>not some soulless corporate
Gibson's bakery is a single family owned store

Liberals are fucking retarded, how is it not clear to themselves that they are just pro-criminal and anti-working class

Too late syrup boy, the precedent has been set. Wallow in impotent rage, you pozzed nigger retard.

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>Side with the good guys, not some soulless corporate
That's exactly what the court did. Sided with a family business against a soulless corporate behemoth (nearly a billion in endowments) that all but destroyed said small business and made life hell for people that worked there. But you meant the opposite which means you might be retarded. You should get that seen to.
The absolute cognitive dissonance on these fucking retarded leftists.

White guy in bakery sees black guy steal. Tries to detain Home. Black guys friends jump him and beat him up. Black guys arrested. Bakery says admit your at fault we drop assault charges. Black guys agree. College students including student administrator protest bakery. Cause lots of problems.

Bakery is the bad guy. Private family owned bakery is giant corporate entity. Are you stupid?

It is no coincidence they choose bakeries. Leavening is in all baked good = not kosher or halal becasue muds and kikes are gluten intolerant savages. Therefore, they know bakeries will be high percentage euro-WASP targets.

Justice from the stupidity of the SJW. (Stupid Jew Weapon) When your organizations are funded by King Soros you are a puppet for them.

this school is all fucked up. I work under the same food service corp and they are a union where dishwashers start at $21 an hour. in ohio. this is also the school where a vietnamese student sued the school for not serving authentic bahn mi. my coworkers said the student ended up winning, but I can’t find it on google so take that for what you will. cuck school

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Ocucklin College BTFO

what do you call president trump when he eats soup??

the soup nazi

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Found the reeeeee-tard.

This poster is

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based leaf tripling down and getting more damages awarded to the bakery. At this rate everyone on the right will be a millionaire.

I've very lazily looked into this story since my boomer mom brought it up to me the other day. She said that professors and the university were helping with the protests or something. idk. If it was just the students doing this obviously the university would have nothing to do with it, but if a jury sided with the bakery I would assume the professors/administration did something to encourage this behavior. How much was the actual university actually involved in this?

The school actively planned, facilitated, and paid for slanderous material.

that's what I thought. But the few stories I've seen about it never mentioned that part. Even OPs FOX news article didn't mention that. Fuck em. They are the new evergreen college it seems.