Hitlers ideology was based of the theory that only aryans could make nations and that Jews had no nation

Hitlers ideology was based of the theory that only aryans could make nations and that Jews had no nation

Jews have a nation now
Wat do?

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Invade iran,
Then north korea
And then finaly russia

>make nations
Wasn't Israel handed to them on a silver platter by the Brits and literally spoonfed by Americans building their nation from nothing?

Oh yeah well I guess Hitler was right never mind
We must destroy Israel

>strong implications

Hitler said nothing, Jews won they write all the history.

Then all jews should move back to Israel.

>Takes more donations from the world than what Russia can even create for itself...

Deport all jews back to Israel? problem solved on two fronts- jews wont get persecuted in Israel, and countries are rid of jews.

>And then finaly russia
Always the same mistake. Will they ever learn?

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When will russia ever learn?

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So you are saying all of Mein Kampf is fake?

That’s sounds fair enough but it’s in their nature to meddle with other countries

Syria doesnt have any problem with jews .... just isreal gov and their extremists who took golan and want more !

We are smarter

Hitler literally wanted the Jews to go to Madagascar and start the Jew nation there.

He also thought about moving them to Siberia, but thought the harsh climate would make them 'too strong'.

Jews are physically weak, Hitler knew this and wanted to keep it that way.

Give me one source in where Hitler says he doesn't want to Jews to have a nation, or a 'heimat' to return to.


>send jews to Siberia
Stalin already did that, schmoogle “Jewish autonomous oblast”

>basing your worldview on the opinions of some second rate internet "historian" who is a well known centrist lolbertarian faggot
TIK does good objective analysis of historical battles but his political views are shit.

So you’re saying Hitler was a literal Zionist?

In some ways yes, it was combination of Himmler and Haj Amin al-Husseini that convinced him that the Final Solution was to kill the Jews.

Jews have a home base now. They still operate globally, milking the labor of others.

>Sending Jews to a remote island and put a fence around that island so they will just stay there and won't turn up anywhere else
>So Hitler was a zionist.

You are a Jew aren't you? You started the thread by trying to discredit the greatest man ever lived, when that didn't work, you throw in some jewy reach around. You even spell zionist with a capital. You are the jew, kill yourself, preferably in Madagascar.

>holocaust was real

Less Hollywood and more truth please, then come back and try again.

I am not a Jew
Only reason I capitalized Zionism was because autocorrect

shut the FUCK up you FUCKING GOY


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Israel isn't "a nation", theologically speaking. That's why they call us "goyhims", which means "nations".

Then stop acting like one.


Well as a fun fact the Mongols managed to invade the kieven russ at the midst of winter.

> who were the Bolsheviks ?


Smarter than who?

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>jews stole a nation
fixd that for you

Without international help jews would not be able to have Israel. So, Hitler was (yet again) right. Jews (and solely speaking of jews) can't make their own nation.
Plus they're STILL dispersed throughout the world, STILL.

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