The enemy has been named

/b/ just kicked it up a notch.

I'm a commander in the /b/ liberation task force. Sorry fags, but I'm gonna have to hit you with some hard facts.
Gookmoot has no interest in this board beyond ad revenue. To end the constant flood of porn posts and general garbage, we have to cut off the largest consumers of porn on 4chins. We have to get the Indian government to ban the site.
It's always been the pajeets behind this sites decline. You know its true.
>internet penetration rate in India stood at about 10 percent in 2011.
Let that sink in, faggots. Think of Jow Forums and the internet in general from 2005 to ~2013/14.
this isn't a hard problem to fix. We just need to mass report Jow Forums to the Indian government. The online distribution of pornography is illegal in India.
>In Oct 2018, Internet Service Providers of India banned popular porn websites as per the directions of Uttarakhand High Court which imposed a strict ban on pornographic websites
It's time to save /b/, who's in?

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Didnt read, but I will roll faggot

The poos seem to be stepping up their game

fucking retard if you ban this site, i will fucking buy 100 VPNs and troll the shit out of Jow Forums, Jow Forums, /his/ and all boards. this place is my only solace, from the daily bullshit of the indian realm.

Jow Forums will have never seen such a literal SHITstorm before.

you have been warned.
Here is a link to the Indian Ministry of Telecommunications.

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Well OP the Indian government can only issue guidelines, it's up to the individual state governments and telecom companies whether they want to ban it or not. You can get this site banned off government ISPs through that site, but not private company ISPs.

IndiaChan was created for this purpose to facilitate migration of Indian autists if India would get rangebanned (when it was rangebanned back in 2008-09).


post for poo

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Gijeesh reporting

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Indiachan is fucking retarded. They dont have state flags so a bihari nigger pretends to be a punjabi and tries to larp as pure aryan
literally the first post on india Jow Forums is a dravidian nigger saying "muh dick"


Kek rip Poondia


Sure lardo

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Found the kike poster from /b/
You actual retard autist.
Coping this hard. We already have our own chan, its just a matter of time.

You circumcised goy, ever heard of vpn? One who can use Jow Forums can also use vpn, retard.

You seem like you enjoy to ban people, you "think" are causing problem. hmmmmmm... makes me wonder.

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Jio will be a good bhakt and ban the fuck out of this site, even if court issues a slight notice.

I'm doing my part

cont me in.

BAM! goes the jew head

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Add a funny picture


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anil lets goooo

Sorry, you subhuman untermensch niggers need to leave. Get the fuck out of Canada as well. Also, reported to the Indian government for being porn addicts, they will v& you soon.

you've got this all wrong. pajeets are okay, once you can get them to stop shitting in public. it's the fucking pakis you want gone.

Wtf is that thing?

00 pls