Why did Big Tech try so hard to scrub this video from the internet?

Why did Big Tech try so hard to scrub this video from the internet?

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Ayyoooo a wild merimutt

*blocks your vote*

They did?!

I actually felt bad when he got all embarrassed from rocking out because the women were laughing at him.

what the hell is that?

That's what a normal Brazilian looks like. It is nothing wrong

soupo de macaco

they did. post it to your facebook account.

That's an American, son.

You're not allowed to post mongos on facebook?! I am not surprised..

Because this is the future of countries that racemix and miscegenate with inferior beings. This is the shabbos slave goyim race that the Jew so desperately wants.

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Because this is the future of countries that racemix and miscegenate with inferior beings. This is the shabbos slave goyim cattle animal-human hybrid race that the Jew so desperately wants.

because this is leaked video from the first goyimutt zoo where jews go to laugh at the dysgenic creaturas they have created

that's because you got a heart, its hard to have one these days don't worry user

>El ogro des las Americana's

Dios mio


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Can someone post original leak video?

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Le 56% pure white Anglo-Saxon master race

I still can't get over how freaky that thing looks.

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What. The. Fuck

>american on vacation

Is that a Homo Erectus?

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Is this actually a human or some sort of rare ape man?

Looks like the average Mexican that goes to America illegally


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What species is that?

No, this is a homo erectus

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what in the name of god's holy bollocks is that thing?

the african version, ergaster.

la creatura

That is what's commonly known as a Brazillian.

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we need to track this thing down

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This. Your great great grand children will look like this and take soma everyday to forget about their miserable existence.


Barack isn't looking so good.


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similar case in China btw: youtube.com/watch?v=3ZiMknx9wJE&t=0s

Sainte mère de dieu o_0

Don't call it a grave. This is the future you chose.

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>whiter than you, Mohamed

la luz extinguido

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somehow I'm beginning to think the jews might be behind this

Don't even start

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they don't want you to know what Brazilians really look like

I think it’s a huemonkey that got the pinhead disease because of zika

Ive looked and could not find any info on this , maybe Im just not good at searching . Any user know the name of guy/boy and what he is afflicted with ?

No need.

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Here is video , can see clearer .

Parisian is the whiter on the pic, but in reality he's the more goblino.

Probably. Last time I was in Paris (97) it was pretty bad then.

>mon dieu

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motherfucking Louis de Funès, now that's some good ol' timey shit, my dude.

Looks like a typical slav

His name is Barack Obama.
A little embarassing you didn't know that...

Isnt that that Xavier Renegade Angel guy?

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Jews breeding half human half ape slaves confirmed.

This video actually makes me happy

>Fuck it, he's already a freak, why does he need clothes?

I wish i was raped by Bigfoot

I bet that proud brotha can dunk a basketball ova you weak ass crackas.

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Uggh, Brazillians are fucking disgusting.

gosh me too

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Wtf!? I love Bowling Green now!

evolution stopped in Brazil


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It's the same in all spic countries from Argentina to Mexico


100% of the population? You sure mr memeflag?


WTF did I just watch? Kinda creepy.

Best way to get banned from Reddit for life.

Seriously? On what grounds?

He's got some strong ligaments.

Behold, the end result of racemixing. You literally devolve back to the latest common ancestor.

I didn't realize that's what was happening, is there a sound version somewhere?

how old are you people? You have never seen people with birth defects? He looks like he has some from of microencephaly and ID, mental retardation. so what? He is dancing and tries to be happy. Go visit your local psych clinic, and you will see them there, how we hide them at least he is out and looks healthy.


Chernobyl season 2 trailer?

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I don't entirely disagree but where the fuck do you think you are, man? Redditt?

i am talking about the people that are seriously posting "what is that thing" not the people making fun of him, which i find healthier than not even having the mental capacity to understand what a birth defect is

No, homo americanus

the only thing it is missing is ugh i cant even right now

This is the results of the Zika virus on a grownup.
It was a fetus infected with Zika, born with microcephaly that wasn't bashed out of existence.

try finding anything about the pollution caused as a byproduct of silicon production--scrubbed the fuck out of that research.

I've seen this before but it's still terrifying.

That's some Silent Hill type shit.

Wait y'all are kidding right I don't have fb so I can't try it myself. Does anyone have proof that you will get banned for posting this vid on social media?

yeah, when people racemix they devolve back, in this case to homo erectus.

Is that a T-rex, centaur, what the fuck is that?

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