And thus a Jow Forums poster was born

>and thus a Jow Forums poster was born

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cope. we're all chads here. the only incels are the shills who post bbc threads.

loli femdom is best femdom

You mean a "feminist" male sexual predator hiding in plain sight?


lol fucking hammerhead bitch

Have sex, incel.

we all cant have arranged marriages like you, rajesh

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God I wish that were me.

How was the curry yesterday. Hope you didn't clog up the toilet on your sister/wife

Water they laughing about?

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Hardcore fetal alcohol syndrome on the girl.
Holy shit.

When will it be my turn?

What’s the big deal? You never had a girl pick on you sexually as a kid? I had two different girls grab my junk and ask to see it then laugh when I stumbled to get words out. Most guys about that age are awkward. Even Chads started with zero experience at one point.

Not true, no women ever has asked me to show her my dick

based and redpilled

>>and thus a Jow Forums poster was born

Si e chella puttanèll è figlià toja int'a' scenà aropp' sbocchià duje cazzì negrì.

Now post the part where he beats her up and throws her off the bridge you faggot

that's a cute girl, any nudes?

What movie is this?

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This literally happened to me on Omegle.

>mfw this never happened to me during my 2 years of business school

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No bully..
Jk. imagine being so retarded as to think this.
And also to think that everyone here hates women just because we don´t like every single women on the planet?
>fact, whatever i imagine it to be
Not how it works user.
>just have sex
Literally only virgins thinks having sex changes you in the political spectrum especially from right to left.

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I was expecting she would reveal a penis under her dress.