Not gonna lie, I kinda smiled a lot too :)

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The white man smirk strikes again.

NZ are such cowards. When Breivik had his trial it was broadcast live worldwide

based Tarrant, stands his ground

but wtf is this news article choosing as pic?
>Vape Nation
every goddamn time

Surely he’s thought an escape plan by now? Lads what are his chances of making a jailbreak and fleeing tot he Philippines ?

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He should come to Thailand, we have prettier ladyboys

Talking about ladyboys. This adress as a possible pedophile ring so check that out if you live near

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are they still keeping up the narrative that this guy chased tarrant away? Is anyone buying it?

Fucking made me smile. What a deadset Aussie legend.

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>chased away the gunman

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Who would win?

>over 9000 twitter blue checkmarks
>one smiley boi

allegedly the chasing part happened at the second mosque after he stop streaming. personally i think it a load bullshit. Probably went back to his car for ammo or another gun or something then realised he needed to gtfo from the cops. I doubt he would be fazed by some faggot with a credit card reader after blasting 40 or more pseudo-humans just a few minutes earlier.

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Is that guy holding a fucking vape? Lmao

>He's too brave to have been chased off


they have been calling it like this in the media so far
this guy is getting allot of due process

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>he's a coward
Ah, yes, should have been a suicide bombing.

>he doesn't vape
You suck.

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I don't think he's the kind to look forward to 72 virgin goats in an 'afterlife'

Vapes for fags

God you are an ignorant piece of shit

He doesn't exist to smle

>killing innocents is super BASED, CHAD, and ALPHA. i love Isreal xD

Nah Tarrant is a weak boy and only wanted to attack defenceless targets. The minute someone fought back, he bitched out.


>"He was laughing and thinks he is so tough, but he is a coward,"

Where does this mentality come from? How many people have the will and tenacity to pick up a gun and go murder a bunch of people? I don't see what's cowardly about it. It's certainly a lot more brave than people who impotently whine on twitter or whatever. And if not brave than whatever the "evil big meany" version of brave would be. Tyrannical or something.

Shut up, your days on this board are numbered. It's only a matter of time before Jacinda blocks Jow Forums.

Of course your people are "innocent" Abdul al-Canadi

Absolute madman. Triggering the muzzie filth without his finger on a trigger. God bless!

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>Tarrant was chased away from the Mosque
>>”Hey don’t shoot me, get out of here you punk!”
>>”I’ve had enough, I’m coming for you know!”
>>”Yeah that’s right, run you little punk!!1!”

Just went there, it’s all kosher. Plenty of child waiters though

dead sandniggers are always worth a smile

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Tarrant talks about attacking a nest. Pray tell, where is the nest of muslims if not the middle east? That's where the so-called 'invaders' are coming from and where they will continue to come from. All 51 people he killed have probably been replaced by two more immigrant muslims each since his attack. If he was remotely serious he would have armed himself and gone to fight against other armed individuals. But no, he SPECIFICALLY chose to attack individuals who were at their most defenceless and vulnerable because that's all he could handle. Tarrant wasn't looking for a fight, he was looking for an easy target. As soon as a fight was brought to him, he bitched out.

it's just for the surviving men to save face when they hid during the attack

>run out afterwards
>"okay, it's safe now we scared him off"

From now on You shall not mention Tarrant's name unless it is his full name.
Saint T the Remover.

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Not even once you muzzie filth lover.

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>How many people have the will and tenacity to pick up a gun and go murder a bunch of people? I don't see what's cowardly about it.
Plenty of soldiers go out and fight against militaries armed to the teeth. What tarrant did was absolutely cowardly. The thing that stops most of us doing it is the fact that we're productive members of society who won't throw away our lives to shoot elderly men, praying women and defenceless children. You have no fucking idea what actual bravery is. Tarrant is 100% a coward.

redpill me on this guy, saw a documentary that mentioned him before apparently he shot up an island of children or something?

>Allow my personal belief to be substituted as a fact.

No proof of your claim nigger lover. Nice try.

Did you even read the manifesto?

Look at his arms, guy's a fucking tank

That’s what I was thinking. They all piled up in the corner like sheep waiting to get slaughtered.

Why does the Muslim with the vape look like a bog standard Mexican

that's one big vape

If he was reasonable he would've done the politicians responsible. He was lazy and a white nigger

>Let’s fight a war in their country so more of them can claim refugees status in huwhite countries
Is there a more brainlet take than this?

Why does the court tarrant have a wart over his lip and the real one doesnt ?!

Why did they remove all unpixelated face versions of court tarrant from the search engines ?!

They noticed their SLOPPY JOB!

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Is the mudslime holding a detonator in his hand??????????????!?!?!?!

>Wept in a WW1 military cemetery
>Took Action


No, you're right, you'll just sit by and do absolutely nothing while your society and nation change for the worst. How's that white genocide going for you, SA? Still huddled in your fortress cities? Gonna do anything about all those murdered farmers? Of course not, that'd be cowardly. Real men sit on their thumbs.

>If he was reasonable he would've done the politicians responsible

>fills van with homemade explosives
>parks near government building and remotely detonates
>during commotion, he puts on police uniform and takes a ferry to Oslo Island
>camp for teen liberals is going on
>he starts shooting
>77 dead

The end. Just another loser who kills people to feel powerful.

Well he has a good reason to smile, he just came back from his holidays in Tel Aviv and is going back as soon as the trial is over

A St. Tarrant smile a day keeps the saracen at bay!

>Did you even read the manifesto?
>>It’s illegal goyim, don’t read it
>>Besides, why wouldn’t want to? it’s toxic!
>>The news saw the video, they’ll tell you everything. It’s not illegal for them to watch it.
>>Goyim, don’t even say his name, ok? He just did it because he didn’t have sex lmao!!1!

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NiggNogg detected

Shouldn't you be raiding a farm

Jesus you really are fucking thick aren't you, it is a war wound from the police, not a fucking wart.

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how the fuck do you not know about him

nigger lips please. he weeded out 77 leftist rats and therefore is a fucking saviour and a saint

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It's a scab you dipwad.

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I had read it and watched the video and collected a bunch of other information within 3 hours of the event. The media to date has done nothing but spin lies and propaganda and haven't even told 1/100th of the truth to date.

Ugly, manlet, coward. Truly a "saint" for brainlets on this board.

Disgusting nigger monkey hands.

jesus christ nigger ass kaffir go post your shitty phone pics on black twitter
you're not welcome here

oh shit, u rekt that cunt

i wish this wasn't a shop

The high res images available clearly shows that it's a punctured pic thag has been stitched up.
Go larp on and kill yourself schizo

Based vapebro

The Jews weren't feeling the heat back then like they are now.

Yeah I did. He ways he's fine with muslims in their "homelands" but that makes no sense since the claim of NZ being a white homeland is ridiculous. The whole thing was a flimsy excuse for him to shoot people and he knows it. He knows his manifesto is shit with poor reasoning which is why he LIED about having made another supposedly fantastic manifesto that he deleted.

Look at how little time he spent in the second mosque and how few people he killed before he fled. Also, the fact that the dude picked up Tarrant's shotgun and hurled it. Don't you have an English class to teach?

>fully tactical gear and armed to the teeth

>kufis and hijabs
>no weapons

Surely the actions of a strong person. He's do different from muslim terrorists who are also WEAK cowards.

What a fucking G.
Would exchange 5 tranny hostages for his immediate release and transport


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Muslims calling him a coward is a total joke.
I think it takes balls to walk in to a place and start shooting people (gun could jam and a mob could beat you to death).
A suicide bomber just walks in and blows up, without fear of consequences (since you’ll be blown to shit).

Anyone got the uncensored court video? Only saw a couple seconds of it in a German article.

Dead muslims can't become refugees, you fucking pizza-eating Mario. All that Tarrant did was ensure that NZ is THE safest and most welcoming place for muslims now.

How does one man become so based

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>He's no different from muslim terrorists
well for starters, he's not muslim and he's not a sand nigger

Reminds me of TJ

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It says in the news that he isn't allowed TV, radio or newspapers. Must be so bored that he's probably just going to ethnically cleanse the prison.

A nigger AND a faggot.


your monkey brain is showing. you are lucky to be one of the talented 10%, as most blacks in SA can't even read or write, let alone phonepost on an imageboard where they're not welcome
but your logic and understanding of reality appears next to non existent

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What was it Pike said about WWIII again?
I'd rather build stuff despite the ... wait, who're the unbelievers?

>nigger likes sucking on stuff.

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You’re a nigger with a dumb nigger brain and it shows. What purpose does it serve to kill Muslims in their own countries when the ones causing all of our problems are the ones that leave their own countries? If we were all about mindlessly killing all Muslims we would be supporting Israel.
White nationalism isn’t about erasing everybody else’s cultures and ethnicities, it’s about preserving our own.

Don't you have a school to shoot up?

So what did Tarrant achieve? Let's hear it.

>no civil war
>NZ more welcoming to muslims than ever

Actual people who want to improve their society don't do it by shooting up places of worship. But obviously a brainlet cunt like you can't think beyond "pew pew solves everything". Stupid American.

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The muzzirs beli3v4 in jesus so whats all this about?

>not realizing that one needs not be armed to wage war
>not realizing that the most dangerous enemy is the one that lies and abuses your hospitality instead of kicking your door in
You have much to learn, nigger.

This nigger never watched the video.
Also there was know former ISIS members there.
Go be a nigger some place else.

Nah, TJ was a diabolic maniac. Wouldn't be allowed in the ethnostate.

Get here, we're saving the white race:

>brings up irrefutable arguments against your shithole nation
>"welp, time for my trump card hehe"
oh nigga please