Change my Mind About Hitler

I'm going to detail my opinion of your idol. I welcome a challenge intellectually. If Jow Forums isn't a bunch of impotent pozzed faggots, you'll be able to redpill me. Alright I'll say it.

He was a mass murdering faggot and self hating kike. He was a degenerate who did meth and was a closet homosexual. Hitler was a piss poor writer and military strategist. Who the fuck invades Russia in the winter? Oh that's right - a mentally Ill degenerate faggot who lost to antifa and communists.
Antifa won against him and the left has been on a roll ever since. Hitler lost and fascism is a failed ideology.

Hitler did something wrong - his shitty life and politics to start. Change my mind.

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Get ready to get redpilled user.

Finincial crisis
Jews - The Last Battle - Part 9.mp4

Christianity - We are all chosen ppl


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He killed millions and millions of Jews, I bought a box of Jewish weeding rings as a souvenir when I went to Auschwitz. This is a reminder of all those live lost. Truly HORRIFYING!

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Everything is wrong except for the fact that he was a drug addict. Kinda sucks that for all the good he did he was still somewhat of a degenerate.

>invades Russia in the winter
the invasion started 22 of June 1941
mutt education once again breaks the bottom

>Hitler was a piss poor writer
Which translation of Mein Kampf did you read? A lot of them are very poorly done, either using clunky grammar or obscure words. I read the Ford translation and, keeping in mind it was an orated work, was surprised to find it far more coherent than my history teachers had led me to expect. There's also an audiobook of this translation that's fairly well done, if you're into that.

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Gay vegetarian

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I am going through your resources now. I have TGSNT queued up to watch.
It was quite a few years back, so unfortunately I do not recall the translation edition. I've put the ebook and audiobook versions of that edition in the reading list

I can't explain through words how brainwashed we were. Our entire educations were shaped around the idea that Nazis are bad.

Yo Moishe, St. Adolph (PBUH) did nothing wrong except he hated the Slavs and genocided about (30 million of). Case closed. Move on now.

You can't watch this and not want to go to war for him against the foul jew.

I own both the Ford and Murphy translation and can confirm, Ford is the one to get.

If Op is actually legit, TGSNT is going to hit him right in the feels. Such a great man.

Add this too. I'm not a big fan of Alt Hyp but he did a good work on this one. Just an objective look at the French during the war which often gets brushed as wimp when its really not the case. The eternal anglo gets a well deserve special mention and the ending as a nice anecdote about Hitler visiting Napoleon's tomb.

Also don't forget the dozens of depictions of Nazis in movies and TV. Game of Thrones, Star Wars episode 7&8, Harry Potter, Avengers, and many others are all shitty Nazi allegories. People get their views of NatSocs and Nazi Germany almost entirely from Hollywood movies and (((social studies))) classes.

>mutt education once again breaks the bottom

My mutt education didn’t even mention the eastern front.

Before WWII and the rise of National Socialism, Berlin was a liberal place of decadence.

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>self hating kike
>a closet homosexual
Zero evidence of this, merely a propaganda smear.
>He was a degenerate who did meth
He was on something similar to meth because that's what his doctor put in him. Hitler didn't even drink, it's unlikely he would have done anything harder than that recreationally.

>He was a mass murdering faggot and self hating kike. He was a degenerate who did meth and was a closet homosexual. Hitler was a piss poor writer

Reddit tier

>piss poor military strategist
Thats about all you have correct in that statement

You know what? I think OP might be right on this one
Germany shouldve just fought for the Jews like the Allies and the Commies did. I love Globohomo and endless immigration from 3rd world countries, and honestly, I dont know anyone who doesnt.
I bet soon Pedophilia will finally be legal too
Now who wants some unprotected gay sex?

Lucky bastard! All they *gave me was a box full of ash and a heap of shoes. Da fuq am I supposed to do with ash? Make organic soap?


It is also important that you learn about what happened before the world war as well, what it was like before it all began helps you find the reasons for why.

Also judging a head of state based on their military strategy is dumb as fuck name me one good president who you would describe as a brilliant military strategist. They have generals for that shit Hitler's real problem was not listening to his

He was only a drug addict because he had medical complains, mainly stomach related and later he had Parkinsons. His doctor was pumping him full of all sorts of shit as remedies. It's not like he was smoking crack or something.

>self hating kike
no. He also obviously didn't do meth and wasn't a homosexual.

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>Who the fuck invades Russia in the winter?


The Murican School system in all its beauty!!

We lost the war thanks to these dumb cocksuckers furnishing the Russians with everything their commie state couldn't possibly produce.

You dumb fucks deserve to have your daughters fucking niggers on tape for jewish producers.

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I agree using hitler as an idol is wrong, but I do want to discuss some of your points so you can better argue about it.

>Who the fuck invades Russia in the winter
others are saying this too, but I'll reiterate. He invaded in early summer and expected victory before the end of fall, and had good reason to think he'd win. He crushed all allied powers in continental europe in weeks, so with multiple months set aside for the USSR how could he lose?
there's things he missed
First: Russians rarely surrender. There's very, very few points in history where the Russian empire or any successor state surrendered - pretty much only the RSFSR needing to consolidate power after overthrowing the provisional government in ww1.
Second, he underestimated Russia's productive power. The five year plans industrialized the nation enough actually gave the soviets a fighting against germany
Third, he didn't think the west would ally with Stalin, because just about everything he was doing to some of his people Stalin was doing as well to his ENTIRE population. The difference, though, was that Stalin wasn't interfering with the interests of western powers and Hitler directly was (what I'd describe as an economic war was being fought in South America between the US and Nazi Germany starting around 1938)

>piss poor...military strategist
Oh yeah totally right, go further into that. His strategic mishaps are legendary.

>Hitler lost and fascism is a failed ideology
Hitler liked some of what mussolini was doing, but didn't just copy-paste over to Germany. National-Socialism was its own thing, just because it fucked up doesn't necessarily mean fascism is doomed. That's like saying no republican form of government can work because direct democracy in athens failed when it lost to sparta.
You can still say fascism is not going to work, but you need separate arguments for that

>his politics
His economic changes were good for germany, but other than that you have a point.

Dude....I don't care what side you take. But facts are facts and you are ignorant of them. You are the embodiment of the palm to face. "Hitler" didn't fucking invade the Soviet Union in the winter.

Fun fact: he actually saved the army in 41 at moscow

The war would have been over then and there if not for him. He wasn't as militaralily incompetent as people believe, the german commanders just said that after the war to excuse their own retardation

How unbelievably over-simplified can you get. First of all, we all know that second line in their is straight up bullshit. Of course you used the "hurr duur winter ehe heh". At that time the Wehrmacht was at it's greatest power. It was a now or never thing, he was expecting to take Moscow before the allied invasion which was almost reality, but war is fluid an things can change fast. By antifa do you mean the allies? On a base level I guess they were like antifa but they were quite literally fucking nations retard, not a shitty cucked group. Based on elections here the left has not been on a roll, everyone was certain our leftist party would win, but that wasn't the case. Ironically, you seem about as anti-semitic him, but I guess that's just your opinion

>fascism is a failed ideology
I'd be surprised if you even know what fascism is.