What is the final solution to the Jewish question...

What is the final solution to the Jewish question? Hitler and Nazi Germany are gone so someone needs to takeup the cause. Who and when will it be? Getting real tired of the Jews desu.

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Miserable failures are unable to succeed.

>What is the final solution to the Jewish question?

You're a mental child. You LARP as if this is a real thing.

this, jews are not real

Nazi Germany might be gone, but we managed to cleanse our country from the Jewish menace. And they will never come back because by now we have enough violent muslims who will fuck their shit up at every occasion. It's hilarious, we're kinda using those goatfuckers as an untouchable proxy. Mahmoud and Ahmad can beat up jews wearing their kippah in public or vandalize the last remaining synagogues and nobody will speak up against it because that would be islamophobic lel.

And what are you doing against the kikes subverting your country?

the solution has become a conclusion and the conclusion is that they won.

maybe mudskins immigration it's the only way to deal with jews

The embrace of aryanism by the entire european race and strike like one
Once we are united its gamer over for them

They jave been losing for more than 2000 years , they have win a battle in milenial war .
We only need UNITY

>What is the final solution to the Jewish question?
All Goyim must submit to their intellectual superiors.

that is fucking hilarious. good stuff. im not doing anything here in USA. we get arrested and charged with Hate Speech for talking about the Jewish menace. And all the attorneys are Jews so they really stick it to you.

Get them to defeat themselves. They're like some sort of mutation that gets defeated down to 1HP, retreats, rebuilds, and you gotta fight them off again and again. Instead, get them to defeat themselves. Like making a robot have errors.

bitch please, muslims attack jews YES, but also native germans.

I personally saw how in Berlin a WHITE german guy was being chased by 2 turks and nobody helped him.
In fact there was a 3 teenager group( native white germans) who were cheering for the turks to catch up with him.

Germany has been a valueless shithole since after the war. The jews initiated the implosion from within, and the muslims are now taking over the ruins.

Buut dont try and put it as a win over jews, because native germans are pathetic value-less NPCs as a whole today. And whats worse, they will ONLY jump to action to FIGHT against rightwing ideas that are trying to help Germany against the jews/muslims/globalists.

Germany is lost bnecause the germans no longer exist in soul...and in a very near future they wont even exist physically due to the replacement by muslims.

Who is a master? Average shlomo just like a nigger, not better.

Absolutely redpilled and based

>Average shlomo just like a nigger, not better.
Don't be ridiculous.

Muslims will

At least they tried putting clear who the enemy is till the last concecuences
Lets not repeat the error of our forefathers and fight united the next time

sounds like a scene from a zombie movie. thanks, leftists.

solid plan actually. this guy understands jews.

Outlaw circumcision


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What the nazis did was terrible. Not everything is the Jews fault.

He is not that wrong lmao.
Got to work with one ethnic jew. Jewish high iq meme just crashed for me.

But dasyu you are actually a slave tier races , a high verval iq merchant scamers that poison everything you touch
You are unironically subhumans and of course you will fail

I think the answer the JQ involves some self-reflection. Are we being the best we can be? Are we doing all we should be doing? Are we truly being obedient to God in our daily lives? There is a bit of Jew inside all of us whether you want to admit it or not. The answer to the JQ is to focus on eliminating the Jew that lives inside you. And if the white race can do that, the real Jew will have no power over you.

So what, that includes non-jews. Ashkenazi Jews are the smartest in the world, stupid goyim.

Imagine being this stupid.

Lurk moar

well written

Please you fucking moor nigger ! Not like your nigger and Saracen dune coon loving govt is any better. I agree though that Germany is at the brink. That Tarrant guy was an anomaly.

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Yeaaa and there are literally 10x more inteligent europeans in usa alone even asians are doing better than you now

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Smartest in the niggers world. That's the point of everything you creepy jealous faggots do. That's the point about your nepotism. You are a semitic monkeys with IQ slightly more than a nigger. You even can't sustain a moral human beings of you. You will fail. And forgotten.

Your command of the English is just like the nigger, subhuman/10. Fucking Bolshevik filth.

The worst part was the mental gymnastics my "host family" for my month visit did to try and justify and avoid stating any judgement against the muslims.
And when i started talking about how morrocans were also a problem in spain and how muslims never adappt or integrate, they got disgusted at me and quickly changed the topic.
(oh and i was a teenager talking to grown adults btw)
ww2 was a war against catholics, waged by jews and protestants allied together as they have always done.

Our great leader Franco never caved in to international pressure, and always warned us against JEWS AND FREEMASONS(which are goyim controlled by a head jew)

Found the filthy dune coon.

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Fuck off leaf. I am not native.

Oh so you’re a Chechen swine then.

And youre all slaves to us.
Thanks for your service, goy.

Lmao. Shut the fuck up stupid leaf. I will ignore you from now on.

>not hiding the Jew agenda
Could it be that you’re an honest kike ?

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But I thought we were breaking boundaries and getting along so well !

>What is the final solution to the Jewish question?
Reverse Torah Rituals.

Youre a Russian nigger
Youre basically a monkey

All jews are honest, user.

Well if Hitler did win the war. Then he would've gave Madagascar to the Jews (look it up), and also the Jews would never run the world either so that would have been the solution.
But that didn't happen so here we are!

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I just vibrated my dick in your mom


Tel Aviv is nice but i do not like Jews

Because you're an antisemite?

If only the guys from the Columbine high school massacre were still around they would help us kill Jews all day

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