I'm Iranian and I support a full on war against Iran

I'm Iranian and I support a full on war against Iran.
The Islamic Republic of Iran is a Chinese/Russian puppet state and needs to be crushed.
Make Persia Great Again!

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Ok kike!

Yes. What could go wrong. Iran is not some Iraq or Syria

>Posting this on a Russian/Chinese psyops forum
lol good luck kid.

>american calling others kikes
Nice one, foreskinlet.

>>Posting this on a Russian/Chinese psyops forum
>lol good luck kid
Beyond based and redpilled kraut!
Are you sure you are a real kraut?

I'm Bavarian actually.

And why are you in the Sweden?

So you're an Austrian.
Your kind will be spared on the day of the dick

What the fuck are you doing in Sweden you coward

Persia need to be free again, no matter the cost.
The country has become shit since the current regimes Islamic revolution.

Pic related was before the revolution.

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This is Iran today

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Our family was close to the Shah.
If we go back today we will be executed without trial.

Sweden flag = Shitskin

This is a good point but it won't get there with an open military campaign. This would require coordinated, surgical assassinations of Muslim clergy throughout the country.

Keep sucking judem dick!

Dont stop!

I wholeheartedly accept your plight to get out of my country and fight for your persian heritage.

Any means are welcome.
Iran needs to be purged of the Islamic mental illness.

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Persia and the Shah was against the Jews.
That's why it finally fell when Israel and it's diasporic jews got power after WW2.

Go home Abdullah, you don't have much time left.


are you a Kurd? Shia? Mizrahi? Baha'i?
just wondering for reference. lots of people share your views.

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he refused to pay the jewish/'israeli mafia the "Brokerage fees" , 10%, for the 1975 weapons deal with the USA. I think he considered it to be something he would be blackmailed on anyway after the weapons deal and then he did that 60 minutes mike wallace interview, he named the Jew and he probably already had cancer too.

>posts an israeli/amerikike puppet

t. Race traitor zionist

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>NSA-amerimutt projecting because this isn't a CIA psyop like every social media out there

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I'm Persian, I don't support any muslim religious views.
My faith lies in Zoroastrianism.

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See before speaking, Juden.

fuck off, defend yourself israel
america should have 0 involvement
if israel gets glassed by iran, well now they know how the palestinians feel

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Iran is better off being a puppet state of Russia and China than of Muttistan and Eurocucks.
"Persians" like you disgust me. You forsake your Eurasian roots for "modernism" and faggotry, and that's why you're in sweden now.
I hope Russia nukes you.

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I'm Iranian and I'm telling you idiots that this all scripted there is no us vs them because we're all living in the same nightmare world. Governments don't control the world, governments today are a group of characters in a global TV show called the "News". The same people are working behind the scenes evrytime. They are the directors and they control what the Americans and the Iranians.

>openly wishing suffering on your countrymen
you are the worst

Let me show you something.
Instead, you rather align yourself with Arabs who are seething that Iran is tearing their fake states one by one and putting them under Aryan control. You are no Zoroastrian, you are a larping faggot.

Are you Muslim?

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>I'm Iranian
Sure you are schlomo.

Nice VPN there, vatnik!
Posting Russian propaganda will surely align myself to my enemy.

no, as you may know colombians are people of impulse. they would not be able to help themselves; they'd eat the chocolate

I don't consider myself a specialist of Persian literature, which I
regret, because everything I hear or learn is very interesting despite
being fragmented. This also concerns the history of Iran, a part of
world history. Iran is initially a world power that spread from the
near East to India, and even included some parts of the former Soviet
Iran is a country of protoreligion, Zoroastrianism. Some specialist
consider it an eventual source of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.
But according to some studies, Zoroastrianism was born on Russia's
territory, in the south Urals. And followers of this great religion
ended up on the territory of Iran after a great migration. This is to
say that the histories of our two countries and the roots of their
cultural exchange are much deeper than can be imagined at first. That
gives security that our two countries will always be able to
communicate on any problem, since we understand one another.

Read Nigger Read

>let's go back to being an Americanised puppet state again

Iranian as well here. Kurdish on my dad's side, pure green eyed Aryan from my mom's side.

I agree. I miss my home in Rasht. The clergy needs to be nuked into oblivion. They've turned the most progressive, powerful nation in the middle east into a slush fund for terrorists.

>I don't consider myself a specialist of Persian literature
That's your problem, because the rest posted was pure shit.

Go right now. You must be a faggot. They execute faggots.

I'm not religious in anyway because religion is for the intellectually challenged. I am high though, on some good hashish.

Iran actually doesn't execute faggots anymore. They barely execute anyone anymore. All the executions in 2018 were drug smugglers from Afghanistan and Iraq.

They'll probably just force him to get a sex change. That's what they do with faggots in Iran now.

Of course you do, kike shah puppet.
We want no part of your bullshit, you want to overthrow the priests, get the fuck out of our countries and do it yourself.

GTFO the west shitskins. We have no incentive having you here

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Looks like Malmö.

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It's a translation from the video. However, you're too stupid to look into things and jump to conclusions.

You don't deserve Iran because you took its heritage and squandered it. If faggots like you had your way, Iran would look something like Japan; declining demographics, degeneracy, and loss of heritage.

The Islamic Republic may be trash, but it's hell of a lot better than mongrelization with mutts. Now, Russia has provided Iran with the tools to shove the mutts shit in so hard that they don't even dare to attack as it retakes what was rightfully theirs from the levant to afghanistan.

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This is now a iranian diaspora hate thread.
Lets purge these inbred shitskins from our lands

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Danes too beta to rape

>I'm Iranian and I support a full on war against Iran.
ok you pay for it

>Persia need to be free again, no matter the cost.
Russia is backing them, don't poke the bear

>this picture

You have to go back.

And that's a good thing. Unironically.

into LE TRASH it goes

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Ex-pats always support war against their former nation. They are cowards and traitors by nature, otherwise they wouldn't have run in the first place.

Iranian diaspora are some of the trashiest scum I've ever met. I should know, I am one.

Iranians are sick people who like to abuse ten yo girls.

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>pure green eyed Aryan from my mom's side.

Get a load of this moron. We currently aren't processing applications for the huwite boi hug box ethno state in this thread. Please try again tomorrow. Everyone on planet earth is a mutt some are bleached mutts and some are burnt mutts and some are something inbetween. Biological purity is a shitty meme promoted by brainlets.

Yes get ready to die for Israel!

Over a million people live in modern slavery in iran

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We don't circumsize because of jewish influence, faggot. It's because Graham and Kellogg hated sex and wanted to make it harder for young boys to jerk off.

What the fuck is an Iranian big nose doing in Sweden of all places??


This is one of many reasons current Iran needs to be wiped out.

Iranians have le 56% arabic face

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Yes, but some are more mutts than others, and some come from ethnic lineages that are simply inferior to other ones. Kurds may be Iranic, but they are just as worthless as Ukrainians are to Russians.

And a lot of them were even worse off under your Shah. But your family was rich, so you didn't give a shit about it then.
You faggots are just like the Cubano scum down in Florida. You raped and pillaged, and loved it back when you were in power. But your evil, disgusting ways caused a backlash that got your kind necked, so now you pretend to believe in human rights.
We know all about your kind here in America.

>I'm Iranian and I support a full on war against Iran.

What you going to do about it white boy? If a war happens expect millions more of us and yes they're all hungry for white pussy and considering how Iranian diaspora tend to be quite successful, they're likely to get it, choke on that incel.

Are you a traitor against your own president and country?

Literally lies and falsehood pushed by butthurt Arabs that can't come to terms that Iran overshadows them.

Maybe. But this looks more like a play by the World Central Banks to mop up the outliers. The religious & cultural friction is only a tool to build support.

Nah, I believe it. Like I said, we have a lot of 'Cubans' here in America that want us to invade Cuba so they can go back to being rich scumbags there. This guy even admits his family was close to the Shah.
Ever trust an ex-pat. You don't get run out of your own country without deserving it.

BASED (((Freedom))) and (((Democracy)))!

No diaspora niggers as yourselves need to be wiped out from the west. Shitskins belong in the middle east NOT in the west

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no wonder sweden is finished

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Shut the fuck up you worthless nose job having kike cocksucking faggot. Im a diaspora too, not even muslik but i fucking hate MEK supporting gay homos like you. Go suck Pahlavi and Saudis dick u fucking terrorist

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based arier

fuck off

you are a weakling, you ran away from Iran

you are just a parasite in a white land

no better than a jew

(((the global slavery index)))

Iranian handball team. they sure look like shitskins to me

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As bad as the mullahs are, the seppos are far worse.

När Islam har utrotats från Iran så åker jag hem igen.

Honestly, nothing is worse than a Jew. They refused to play ball with Rome--at the time, just about the easiest empire in history to deal with. All you had to do was pay your taxes and bow to the emperor, and they didn't really give much of a shit beyond that.
But no, the kikes are so greedy and full of themselves as 'god's chosen' that they couldn't do what a hundred other culturers did with no trouble.

>quite successful
commits more then10 times more crime per capita compared to polish immigrants. GO HOME!

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Well if it's true I hope he goes back and they hang him for being a treacherous rat.

>I'm Iranian and I support a full on war against Iran.
If you mean war between Iran and Israel, I'm all for it too!

I’m not an Iranian big nose towelhead

Maybe but we're not slavs so long as you call yourself an Iranian who cares?

Nej du ska ut nu äckliga skitskin!

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A. Iran isnt Persian. They got conquered and browned by the Arabs for centuries. B. Everyone who aligns with the Russians ends up being an irredeemable shit-pile. C. You need to go back. D. The Jews are some of the worst troublemakers on the planet but a leader can have a good relationship with the Jews and still be great for their country, take Pinochet as a dispositive example. He was literally the most based person in the last 100 years and was tight with Jews. Queue some sand niggers in white countries telling me why I got tricked and Pinochet was a kike puppet.