Women aging like milk, men like fine wine confirmed

How will women recover from this? Link to the study

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Face meet wall

No shit, male and female skin structure is very different.

Men's facial aging is offset by baldness
If you're lucky with hair it's great, but you might just be egg man in your early 30s

can confirm
i'm 32 and male
I look 16

>men like fine wine
trannies age like stale shit tho

Probably because women do stupid shit like tanning.

Men who take female hormones - will they average out to not balding while aging fairly or will they be the worst of both?

>implying doctor eggman isn't a chad

Makeup is a hellova drug. Probably more face-destroying than meth.

true. fuck the baldpill.

Infrared and Vibration prevents the decline of the skeletal and muscular structure.

Hyaluronic acid can be applied topically to replace it;s diminishment over time and Q10 can be supplemented.

At 50 they look like men and old trannies.

Omega 3,6,9 + 7 keeps the skin supple

This is the only semblance of male privilege I can find. Well, that and the gray brain matter.

They'll kill themselves before it's an issue

I wouldn't say it is going to fix a genetic problem. Anti-androgens cause other problems with sexual development that trannies don't want to admit, and that's on top of emotional complications that normal people who don't train themselves in an echo chamber are going to have a hard time coping with.
The only tangible effect is that you can't pull off a beard or going for the Joe Rogan look.

Everyone knows this. Women shrieking against it is just their rage at an undeniable fate.

The biggest thing men have to fear is baldness, which most women don't really give a shit about, and which any handsom man with good bone structure can get away with either by shaving it all off (if the baldness is pronounced), or slicking his hair back and accepting the high forehead (if it's just a little up front).

Women all turn into Benjamin fucking Franklin as they get older.

source pls? Gonna scare my cousin into marrying, she's 26 so almost old enough to be worth nothing anymore

I don't really care, my husband is older so I will always be relatively cute to him

Don't be ridiculous lol

women age like milk

Do you get good feelings trying to make women feel insecure or worthless?

Yeah, might want to work on that guys.

It's not very becoming of you :)

I don't have to deal with this shit because I'm a faggot

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>Women all turn into Benjamin fucking Franklin as they get older
Colonial Keks

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or he can just fuck 20 year olds behind your back and you'll both be happy

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>tfw 5/10 men will have the last laugh as egomaniacal stuck up whores hit the wall barren and alone
feelsgood lads

It's not like you'll get to touch one anyway. Be her ugly or hot.

He would not.

Brad Pitt, depp, and Leo still get young pussy no Problem

Older hags
Even famous don’t


pfffft hahahaha

White women specifically

But all women in general

Her skin looks fabulous and she has zero frown lines. Her eyes are bright and youthful, indicative of a well lived life.

How are you gonna have the last laugh exactly? What's the point of having them crawl back when they're unfuckable?

if he's human than he sure as hell would.

He's on what is known as, a power trip. His self-esteem depends on this. Don't take it from him, lest he evaporate.

You are looking at it the wring way
Balding sucks, its ugly.
BALD looks bad ass.
the difference is symetry. Its long been understood that attractiveness and symetrical features are one in the same.

No he wouldn't and no he isn't human, so there.

We are best friends.

This is simply general knowledge. I don't understand how the west outright refuses to acknowledge this. Funny thing, when I lived in eastern Europe, basically everyone was aware of this.

I know she looks like every 16 year old in Britain but in a place with a bigger gene pool she looks 50
Look at her neck

Fuck off roastie

>BALD looks bad ass.
wrong. bald looks bad ass on guys who look bad ass. it's why soibois don't look bad ass despite being bald. most guys don't look bad ass and if they go bald it's game over

Apparently their accelerated aging includes accelerated delusion as well.

She's a good looking woman

Good for her to be confident.

This is right, the correct age difference between men and women is for the man to be at least 12 years older than the woman. Meaning NO man should get married before the age of 30.

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I think by 30 people know themselves a lot better.

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Trying to tell me this woman isn't absolutely sexy?

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>Her eyes are bright and youthful
You actually went there ?
B b b but she has pretty eyes.
Dont forget the "Great Personality" meme too

Aging + remaining good looking is true chad genetics. Not many men can do this without cosmetic surgery.

womp womp

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Don't you find eyes fascinating?

Don't diss the Dunst

womp womp

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Wow he actually looks good

they call it dementia in the medical field

You are carrying the hatred, not me. Cortisol will age you.

She would have been better off with an aging result than the pictured hatchet job.

are you BasedAmy?

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Keep going, if it makes you feel less insecure.

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Ask your grandmother to let you touch her cheeks and the skin under her eyes.

Keep going.

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Yes , but not colorwise . I always look people ( women) in the eyes when conversating , most people aren't used to that and its either hypnotic if done subtly or creepy if done incorrectly .

Make up ruins your face and the pill ruins your face

stop talking to the roastie, you faggot. either tell her to gtfo or gtfo yourself

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Actually thought that was Chuck Schumer s niece. Geezuz H. Christ what happened to her ?

You mean to tell me that makeup and tanning is awful for the skin? Color me shocked.

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there are occasional UHT milfs


Most actresses are using constant drugs/alcohol, and partying late every night.

Skin pigmentation problems through sun exposure are fully reversible with laser light.

Ayy dios mio!


Fuck off already

Caking your face with makeup 24/7 is not a good idea


take the billionaire pill and start using aborted fetus blood

>stop talking to the roastie, you faggot
Girls yukkie
who's the faggot ?


Things are different now, we live in a remarkable age

I suspect most people to live to at least 120

Why when you can consume chlorophyl for the same effect? It doubles red blood cell contain and has magnesium at it's centre rather than iron.


You are.
Pussy whipped bitch, gtfo
>hurrkadurrk but I like talking to attention seeking whores on the internet!
Then go to reddit, queer.
You know the rules

Is this like the chick version of bro science? Did you read that on mumsnet?