Literally EVERY other generation of white men would have rioted and killed 1000 foreign invaders if this had happened...

Literally EVERY other generation of white men would have rioted and killed 1000 foreign invaders if this had happened to them. This generation is full of cowards.

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This generation realizes women want to be raped and murdered so we stopped caring and use fertility clinics with massive contracts to bear children. Dealing with women is useless.

HaVe SeX

White knight faggot alert. Muh ebba Auckerland.

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To play devil's advocate, we allowed that to happen by allowing them to run free and rampant. The young men of the roaring 20's were the first generation to allow women to go crazy and thus feminism was created and eventually bastardized. I feel that the pendulum is swinging back, however.

It won't be long. More and more trad women are speaking up, and some women are hopping on the trad train. Only if you yourself are a better man than the rest, and you hold yourself to high standards, can you expect your woman to do the same. Women are followers, men are leaders. Lead the women in your life.

Weak cunts who want their race to die. You are pathetic


You wouldn't have done a thing, so fuck off and kys burger faggot

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>muh you wouldn't have done anything so it's ok the white race is dying
Go drown yourself in a bucket nigger.

They brought it upon themselves, I'm indifferent.

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>bad designed gun
>idiot on drugs finds meme gun
>plays around with it
>gets accidentally discharged
>used as a lame claim against something politically
>two people died the same year with the same gun accidentally discharged
>wonders why this meme won't stick

>Killing someone for just a resemblance of woman.... Woman are not real woman nowadays user... That boat sailed long time ago.
She is in a better place now.

Shills will get killed first

we whites don't fight bitch

we run

>The young men of the roaring 20's were the first generation to allow women to go crazy

The flapper dress did all this.

(you) thanks for the morning edge

>anybody who doesn't give up their entire life to have a wet hole as a house pet is a shill

Women are trash and should kill themselves if they want humanity to survive.

>it's mens fault. Everything is mens fault. You're fault because you are a man. You don't deserve anything from women. Women deserve everything from you.

tradcuck bitch.

You have to kill off the govts who do this, not necessarily the subhumans who are brought in, they are just a symptom of the greater problem. Don't worry lad, polarization is going quick.

Women are 51% of a democracy. They run this country and have for a hundred years now. Everything is their fault. 99% of men are retarded white knight slaves who do whatever women ask of them.

>can you expect
You can expect whatever, but you won't get it just because you held yourself to high standards. That's not how reality functions.

So what you are saying is that women belong in the kitchen or the bedroom, should be barefoot and pregnant, that we should lower the age of consent, and engage in a little domestic discipline when required?

That we should vote for far right christian fringe groups that have no chance of winning, so that the mainstream parties (conservative / republicans) politicians will start to represent the above values and people like you? (moving the needle)

stop bitching and do something about it

It seems like God is opening the world for the true King to emerge. One worse than those before, who will not only force humanity into submission but will purge it of it's degeneracy.

The enemy is anti gun. The ally is currently silent.

What the fuck are you saying you fucking faggot, so tired of pulling for weak ass niggers like you. Fuck off kike lover.

Unironically it is this feel. Very dystopic shit desu.

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100% agree kill all boomers

>caring about roasties

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>Help me
Another cunt looking to anything outside herself to save her from her own stupid decisions. I can fap to this

>More and more trad women are speaking up
Nigger, the ´´trad wahmen´´ meme is a lie, all of them are roasties that are pretending to be ´´trad´´ so they can get shekels from right wing betas

> be woman
> shame men for being conservative
> be part of a huge chunk of voters
> advocate for illegal immigration and gibs for illegals and minorities
> hate white men
> love cool black and exotic minorities
> get raped and killed by minorities

> its mens fault

pussy is the only reason men become white knights. Its the reason women have too much power.

> have sex
its incredible how a lot of men still fall for this.

he says, doing nothing about it.

This. Men cared about defending their women in the past because they were virgins who waited until marriage to have sex. Women today aren't worthy of caring for.

Men have been cucked into oblivion by porn and xenoestrogens. They won't be saving anyone.

I hope her Dad likes tacos. Otherwise this would be a tragedy.

Triggered spics say fuck Whitey. More news at 11...

True... I saw you rioting and chimping out, but I was too cowardly to join you.

Oh wait, that wasn't you... you're just a LARPing homo

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Life is too easy. No one is starving. There is infinite entertainment.

This is why there will NEVER be a war.

>illegal alien
can mutts stop call immigrants for "alien", it's so fucking cringe.

They went down hill quick.

Do you realize that you retards as as sex obsessed as the people you hate?

What is it with the retarded forced meme "trad"? You'll put in the effort to use perfect spelling, grammar, and punctuation other than putting an apostrophe in "20s" for a post on a Laotian spirit-walking forum, but you won't type "itional"?

It’s true this generation is full of cowards. Eventually societal collapse will separate the wheat from the chaff. Whites will most likely become a minority in their own homelands. But not a single society in history has survived that transition. So the whites that remain will be the racially aware ones whom didn’t mix. They will be on there own as the decaying infrastructure starts to crumble under the management of non whites. When all said and done, our race will build back up to its previous height. Or I could be all wrong and somehow we make a stand and stop the process.

It's an English language thing. Alien literally just means "foreigner".

California isn’t a state of whites anymore

> kill 1000 foreign invaders
> get jailed and have infinite BBC in your ass forever
Yeah, we are pussies. It isn't people being retarded and acting like opposite day is every day.

Stop calling my children "ghosts" maybe we'll talk after that.

and you're one of them OP
Making an OP claiming others are cowards doesn't make you a hero, it only makes you a faggot