Happy Birthday Mr President

ITT we wish the best president in the world a Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Donald Trump.
If you are a salty discord tranny keep scrolling, you are not welcome in this thread.
Also he will be speaking on Fox N Friends at 8 am EST.

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feliz cumpleanos, senor naranja

Happy birthday Mr President. Thank you personally more making the VA better for us vets. Truly amazing from what it used to be

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Happy Birthday, hope the whole cake is made of frosting and gold leaf

and shekels

Happy fucking birthday, Mr President

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Birthday cake just got 10 feet taller

Happy Birthday Mr President,
I love you so much and you've brought so much happiness to me and my family's lives. Thank you.


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happy birthday you fucking disappointment.

>ITT we wish the best president in the world a Happy Birthday
but its not George Washington's birthday

Happy Birthday Mr President.

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no shekels, he already gave those to israel

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Happy birthday

Happy day of birth!

Alles gute Donald
Kein Bail out, lass die Schei├če zusammen krachen

Two slices of cake thanks

Choke on Jewish cocks, you politically in-contempt retard.

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Discord tranny shills so mad.

Happy Birthday to the best President in history!

Happy Birthday Boomer King


Happy Birthday President Trump aka God Emperor / Q user

Happy birthday Reddit.

Handsome fella

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Who else suffered during the 8 years of Hussein and Michael ?

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God Bless this timeline

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this will be determined this or latest next year.
If Bail out, the shills were right, even for the wrong reasons, because they need a bail out. If he lets the correction happen he is truly the God Emperor

Thank you guys for all the happy birthday wishes. I'm sure our President would be very proud.

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Happy Birthday Mr. President! I love you like family! #MAGA and #WWG1WGA

Happy birthday, thank you for your gay crusade to spread sodomy across the globe.

I heard Trump got railed by the prince of whales

Mazel tov!