Gay pride

Hello. My sister is forcing me to go to this gay pride festival... Someone please... Save me.

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How much a cuck are you when you are forced by your sister to watch degeneracy

Just dont go, fucking cuck.

Say that you are a muslim.

Ok I'll tell them that i am Muslim.

Give more detail. How can she force you to go?

We planned to go to grand rapids for a small vacation. I was never told about the what events are going to be there, other than a k9k race. We are on the way now. Staying for a whole week.

>forcing me

Rip me

Your sister “forces“ you? Well then the pride parade seems the right place for you given that you`re clearly gay

Just ditch her/them and get a drink somewhere while they celebrate degeneracy.

If your sister can force you to do what she wants then it sounds like a pride festival is where you belong.

Tell your sister that faggots and fag enablers should be hanged by the neck until dead. Then tell her that half of every faggot has AIDS and almost all of them have STDs. She'll hate you and won't want to spend time with you anymore because you're a bigot. Then you won't have to go.

>forcing me
what the fuck you faggot

Roll with it. Probably a lot of qts there dude.

What like by gunpoint,say you have a date with a guy. She can't deny you nor ask you to prove it

I swear I don't know how you foriengers make it as far as ya do being so stupid and cuckoldy

>Forcing you
Be a man, tell her no and slap her around a bit for good measure.

>Sister is forcing me
Fuck that, be a man and don't go. Better yet "force" her not to go.

Go all in and tell anybody that chats you up that you're there to support love in all shapes. Point out that you're there with your sister, who you love very much. Hug her often, make remarks about how sex is the purest expression of love. Remind people that you're there with your sister.

She'll never take you again.

Force her to die.

what are they celebrating though? what did they win?

Whatcha doing Rabbi?

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>celebrating a group who's entire identity is hedonism

Your sisters sounds as basic as someone can get. Tell her you are going to Boston for the straight pride parade.

They finally got to 40% of child predators.
Yay them!

She's your sister. Why is she giving you orders?

Kill yourself low t bitch boy.

Shoot the place up.

>She'll hate you and won't want to spend time with you anymore because you're a bigot.
Clearly his endgame is to date his sister so he's not going to do that.

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There are lots of qts at the pride parade though. Its 1 parade in 1 month, calm your shit bro.

user im a traditionalist, i think spending time with your family is a good thing.

This. Just start preaching openly that you and your sis came as advocates of inclusion of incest into LBTGWTFOK. Go maximum tmblr cringe mode.

Show your real flag, Leaf.

Here's how you can save yourself: say no.

have sex with your sister

Haha guess again fuckface. Seriously though you pussies flip put over the dumbest shit.

Imagine getting this triggered over something this stupid.

>Grand _a_ids festival

>qts at the pride parade
cletus, they're lesbians...

Bisexual breeder sluts, user. Panromanticpolyeasies, too.

>pride month

why does my birth month have to be so pozzed?

>Forced by a woman to do anything
You'll be right at home you huge faggot

kek, triggered you enough to show your flag.
Now back to plebbit.

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>mfw my ultimate fetish is lesbian tomboys cheating on their girlfriends with ugly chubby guys

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Wasn't it already included though?

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Literally just don't go to the parade. Do something else.

Incest? Probably not. It's straight as fuck and not enough gendervoid demiqueer.

You need to be 18 to post here.

Say you're a tranny and if they don't have sex with you right then and there they're bigots.

It's more likely than you think.

stop waxing on about how shit it is for you when you've been told to just assert yourself and stand up for yourself and you are refusing to do so, so stfu retard. What kind of "man" can't even say "sorry not really my thing, get in touch after it finishes, i'm going to have a look around the city"

Then, he really should do what and said, it's the best solution overall.

heck, you should go bro, but not to support them
how about?
print a bunch of clowns meme and distributed to those who attend the festival

Suck a dick there, it won't hurt you. Don't be such a bigot.

>forcing me
JESUS FUCK, how do you call yourself a man

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>being forced
>by a woman
>who is also your sister: a woman you can't fuck, so there's no need to play ball with her bullshit in order to achieve the goal of fucking her.
Sounds like you are headed to a place where you fully belong.

Well if am force Jow Forums can i have help there?

Wow you are an Absolute faggot. Fuck you faggot. I cannot seriously imagine letting my sister participate in such degeneracy . Kill your self cuck you have already failed your role as a brother

OP are you a twink or a manchild? Because only kids bitch about being forced to go places. If you're a real man then just don't fucking go. What does your 'sister' have over you? Does she have you by the balls? Will she tell her instafag, fagbook, and twatter friends about you? If you end up going anyways, put a few rounds in for us. Just, don't be a faggot, you faggot.

Can we start a rally against the gay??

Keep pointing out all the kids and kid-centered events and say things like "It seems like they are recruiting. Do you want your children to do things like that?" (as you point to the grown forty year old men grinding on toddlers or whatever other degeneracy you find.

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Kill yourself.

Alternatively, and in that order, preferrably they all know and why and that's going to happen to them too:

1. Kill your father, he failed
2. Kill your mother, she's an enabler
3. Kill and rape your sister, she's degenerate

You may live now, because you have redeemed your family's honour.

Tell her to fuck right the hell off.

Is she keeping a gun to your grape? Is she holding your children hostage?

Fuck that. Jack her in the throat, and end this bullshit. Fucking faggots deserve to die.

that's the spirit sven...

Do be such a faggot.... Faggot

Kinda relate, my sister lectured me yesterday about homophobia
And hell do I hate it when she does


I just want a rally against the gay

>be me
>trap in boymode
>hiding my hrt tits under a hoodie even in summer and my long hair under a beanie
>sister wants me to go to pride with her
>she has no clue
>i tell her fuck off with that fag shit
>one day had house all to myself
>get naked and do my nails and take long shower, played with my tits, jerked off, the works
>stepped out of shower to grab towel
>all a sudden sister throws door open and sees me fully naked
>i scream, she slams the door
>heart racing with panic i go to my room and cry
>she knocks on door
>she said she could tell im trans with how feminine ive been getting
>i let her in my room to see me all done up
>she says "i have a little sister"
>we awkwardly embrace
Last week she took me to pride and it wasn't all that bad. I was told im a cutie all day

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First, how does anyone - let alone your sister - force you to go to anything?

Second, the only response you owe her is that sodomites go to hell, as per the Bible. She needs to repent and go to church instead, with her hair covered and head bowed in shame.

>My sister is forcing me

So no one is going to ask for tits with timestamp?

don't laugh at autists for revealing their flag, they shouldn't be meme flagging in the first place so showing flag should be encouraged t

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You should go with her even if you dont want to because you should be there to protect her, and point out disgusting acts and redpill her.
Why would you let someone you love go to a sodomy rally alone?

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So what? Why do you let your sister tell you what to do? Just don’t go, retard. Say you don’t support degeneracy.


You know what you have to do.

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Fuck her in the gussy.

Fag. Let's see that boipussace

Wtf, go there and take the mist degenerate photos you can, then Sunday lunch round mum and dad's it's slide show time... Absolute brainlet

so? Tell her you're going to stay home and jerk off to lesbo porn to show your support

Lets fight back

lesbians are women they haven;t been fucked properly

Go with a Automatic, get a high score. We're rooting for you.

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Oof ok

Well, the way I see it you have two options. One is to go there with a large sign strapped to your anus that says "exit only". The other is to go holding a large sign that says "warm semen showers freely given, ask me now". Either way you may face some criticism and rape. Choose wisely.

Ask her to let you drive...

Just tell her you’re not into faggot pride shit. How hard is that?

>loving someone that goes to a sodomy rally

Fuck the gays

You clearly deserve this if you're allowing this shit. I would politely say "no" in your place.

Do more squats

I met my bf there asshole. We make passionate love every day

Just bang the shit out of your sister in the middle of the parade and scream "straight pride, straight pride" like an autist

You're a bitch. Seriously.

>what did they win
An early death

Cheating, rape, same thing yeah?

Use your secret weapon, just smirk at them.

>10 year olds
Let that sink in, they're teaching HOMOSEXUALITY to 10 year olds. Not sex ed, like clean your foreskin etc. But SEXUALITY...
This world fucking sickens me, im off to join ISIS lads

Get shitfaced and shit on the street where the parade is going on.

Die cunt

Reported for child porn