Love and hate countries folks

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mexico mutt

>non whites hate Wallachia
as it should be

Why don't you like Uruguay?

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because they are like argies.


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>Hate Belarus

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>loves russia/ukraine, hates belarus/baltics/moldova
>loves half of africa
>hates argentina because it's white
por que don't you kill yourself, jose?

why don't you like italy

I just got my haircut by an Arab girl who looks like her
She was thicc as fuck

Kys OP

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>having a woman cut your hair

you got your nails done as well bro?


Argentina is the true redpilled state of South America

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and gassing of all nonwhite nations outside of Europe

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>no template

Still ass hurt for the 7-0 or what?

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>Hates Peru
>Likes Bolivia

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Lying about demographics is not “redpilled” user. Most Argentina is like half mestizo

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Why do you hate Ecuador, you filthy Mexican.

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>Mexican mutt
>Hates all the white-ish countries in the hemisphere with a passion

Checks out.

>Loves Brazil and Bolivia for some reason
>Hates his brothers in Guatemala and the U.S.
>Somehow loves Portugal, Spain and Italy
>Hates the rest of Europe, but likes Germany and Russia and Greece

What's going on, user?

The 1950s are no more, user...
Argentina nowadays is at best 75% white.

Still whiter than virtually all American states that matter.

>M*xican loves Africans and hates the whitest states of EU

Have sex, hue incel

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Fuck did we ever do to you?

why do you not like skåne fren

Why would you like Canada? have you never been here its fucking shit.

>hates mainland Australia
>loves Tasmania

Confirmed inbreeding sympathizer

He fails to understand that Skåne houses the most nationalists thanks to our proximity to the invaders, whilst its the cucks up north who keep voting on the Greens, Lefts and Social Democrats.

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>likes muslims countries


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whiter than you Muhammed

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Why don't you like germany, we haven't done anything bad to you have we?

This is probably more accurate, considering we own America too.

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fuck you rabbi, i'm not going to invite you to my birthday party now

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Where can you get a blank version of this?

How are your new African brothers and sister treating you?


Why do you hate Poland hermano? I thought we were catholic bros.

Keked based and true.

Most redpilled take

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nvm found it

How are your great gran- oh wait

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>Not having your grandma cutting your hair since you were a child.
Fucking casual.

You're a nigger.


Fuck y'all, Germany Big

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Why do you hate the Netherlands but hate germany?

Love germany i mean

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I never understood the hate that mexicans have on us, we are thousand of kilometres away of each other and never had conflicts

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you forgot to color Crimea blue

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What's your problem, asshole?

Why do you dislike us user?

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plz no bully

>When you have opinions about completely irrelevant countries and no thoughts about any of the countries that actually matter


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Shitty policies. Afrimutts. Pro-russian president.

he's a monkey

Narco land with pedophiles.

most wholesome take

Why do you hate Palestine?

Jews are like the opposite of the French, so I guess Louis Ferdinand Celine was just really really French.

You are Whiter. I am Italian-looking and Mexicans hate me too

Portugal is meant to be Green but couldn't be arsed to change it

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>Israel and Canada are in dark green
Explain yourself user

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Because Mexicans try to be self-aware and sarcastic and non-romantic and loud/obnoxious and selfish and overly consumption oriented like Americans, (who are hardly white on the inside now) and Mexicans are less white than Americans so they're racially Argentinians are more Hispanic than Mexicans from not emulating Americans, and more white on the inside than Mexicans and Americans.

Best Countries in existence are in dark green or blue.

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What did Madagascar do to you?

Seriously why does everyone hate Madagascar?

Alba gu Brath

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Why as a Scot would you take the time to carve Yorkshire out of England but not also then carve out Berwickshire and add it to Scotland?

only gays and women are hair cutters, cut it yourself

Baiste agus agus dearg pilled

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Because there isn't enough distance from Africa to ensure that they aren't 'tinky nigguhrs. (Black ppl smel bad)

Thats not updated, we have a lot of foreign people from the north (bolivia and paraguay), they are mainly brown/black with weird facial features. I would say we are ("""pure""" argentinians) 85% white

Stay mad mexishit, you won't be like us.


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Bolivia is Puno, but worse

He probably plays dota

thanks mexibro

Because mexicans suck dick with their ugly face and weird accent they are just jealouse of us

Fucking porki show flag show or bagina for that matter porku porku behcnhode

Based and redpilled

Mexico deserves a color worse than red.

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