I only give up my seat on the bus/train/subway for:

I only give up my seat on the bus/train/subway for:
> Handicapped (any races, because technically they can't do any harm)
> Senior whites/asians (unless they're the stinky homeless/drunk type)
> Senior blacks if they look educated and are properly dressed.
> White women/men that accompany white child(ren)
> White kids
> Pregnant asian women (as they're much less likely coal burners or kebab grillers than white women)

About pregnant white women, I'm not sure how to tell if their fetuses are of white race or they're a coal burners/kebab grillers, so it depends on my mood.

What do you think, Jow Forums?

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Pregnancy isn’t a handicap.
Old people I get.

good man !

No one gets my seat. We're all equal and shit.

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I can LARP and say how much of a badass I am but when I am sitting and a woman or an old person is standing I just get up instinctively and offer them my seat.
I am led to believe that men are conditioned like dogs to serve women. Same reason I cannot say the word "bitch" or "cunt" to a woman. It just doesn't happen. An unknown force stops me.

Yes, dignity and respect. Good things.

>riding public transport

I always think of this song when I read such shit youtu.be/dSrfBogWys4

It's called empathy. Something those of us that are being destroyed have too much of. Hence we allow ourselves to be attacked in the first place. Look into your life, you might find you are always trying to be decent and people use it against you.

They gain 20 -50 lbs, their hips disconnect and expand, their joints become loose, and their center of gravity (and balance/ shift. They are temperately handicapped to propagate the species.

Fine. I’ll give a woman pregnant with my child a seat then.

Most of that is from plain overindulgence.
A woman only naturally gains 15-20 pounds, and the majority of that is in the last stages of pregnancy.
Not to mention most women already carry that much extra weight or more and already have more than enough nutrients for a pregnancy.

I think you got to the seat first and should feel no obligation to give your seat to anyone.

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Rosa Parks wouldn't give up her seat neither will I.

Pregnancy is a choice.

My seat, my choice.

Only niggers ride the bus.

in some countries, public transport isn't as bad as in the US

So when you see a person with a brace and cane recovering from knee surgery due to their weight, do you not consider that handicapped?

Growing old is a choice, too, edgelord

Yeah, they need to strengthen that knee back up and burn some extra calories to get that weight down.
I'd never do them the disservice of denying them their health.

Heard the Gaza Strip is really fantastic

The unknown force is you are a poo in cuckistan. Pajeet whores own you.

its a blast

Singaporean public transport

The roads have quite a few potholes

Fuck yellow cunts pregnant and old, what is the matter with you? You should be pushing the pregnant ones out the moving bus to abort the kid.

Their just as parasitic as kikes but yellow, faggot.

>giving your seat to someone just because he was born earlier than you

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There is literally one priority seat per carriage. You are only very rarely in a position where some pregnant black transman has the right to take your seat.

It never ceases to amaze me how a fetus will be the size of a jellybean and women very quickly pack on 30lbs. It used to be that when pregnant women went to their doctors, the doctors would flat out tell women they were overeating and gaining too much weight, and to lay off the bullshit for the benefit of their baby.

>I'm eating for two!!
No you fat bitch you're eating for one and a tiny baby that would get full off a single tomato.