Japanese tanker owner says the Pentagon has it wrong on what happened in the Gulf of Oman

Crew reported seeing "flying objects" before explosion

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duh! they do this every single time

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So what do we think actually happened?

Oy vey, that Nippon needs to be jailed for anti-semitism

>Katada said his ship was attacked on the starboard side by a flying object, not by a mine. “It seems that something flew towards them.

Soooooo, invasion cancled then?

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Ayyyy lmao

How much does a tanker cost? Does one typically have insurance? It would be a great insurance scam.
>Elllo Moooosad pease sink my tanker. It is old. I will split insurance wuth you


How could Russia do this?!

>A Hind D?!

huh, maybe iran used drones to drop torpedos or some sheeit

shut the fuck up retard


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Hellfire from a UAV? I feel like a proper ASM a) would be harder to launch undetected and b) would have done more catastrophic damage to the ship


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Hopefully Pompeo and Bolton can't goad Trump into war. Everybody wants to pretend Trump is awful. If he invades he'll only embolden the left and boost up the neocon assholes.

I'm sure at most he will sink a few Iranian ships then laugh as they helplessly try to wage war on America.

Is it true that the jew is deathly afraid of the Japanese?

We really need to start ironically shitposting about how any tiny little thing that goes wrong in our lives is because of Iran. Perhaps if we can meme it to such an extent we can avoid this hysteria surrounding Iran, I've really had enough.

this or he will die in a car accident or something

Oy vey the Japanese are antisemitic.

Weaponized facebook ads are some serious shit, man.

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Posting with national flag so you can see I'm not an Israeli shill.

Israel droned it and blamed Iran.

Bolton and the neoconniggers need to be lined up with the communists.

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It's damn hard for the government to false flag us into a war with the internet so wide-spread today. The same thing keeping those idiot boomers in Washington from realizing the importance of tech censorship is going to keep them from being able to fire up public support for a war.

My great grandpa was sank in ww2 by a radio guided rocket that was launched from an aircraft, government covered it up and declared it was a torpedo attack, HMS Rohna

If the crew seen something in the air before impact then they probably not making the shit up

Mozeltov, get it all out of your system before shabbat.

>hysteria surrounding Iran



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It was "aliens" and the NWO is getting ready to roll out Project Bluebeam to unify the world and enslave everyone. Screencap this.

>memeflag shitposters are Australian

I probably could've seen that one coming.

If it kicks off, they will be.

first post underratedest post

Based nips know about (((them)))

Remember Iraq and the wmd factories horseshit?

>aliens are americans from the future that went back in time to steal oil from the gulf

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Yeah. I guess Bolton's getting his snuff porn after all then.

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hyperadvanced nanodrones used by Israel/USA fired upon the ships to send a message to Japan/Iran

And then those same terrorist turned around and killed iranians in their own government buildings, these terrorists attack everyone but saudi and israel, its very weird

Based Bolton!
Based trump!

Or at keast I remember watching live stream of isis gunman with AK who snuck into iranian government buolding and started shooting people, i think he disguised himself as a girl if I remember correctly

Drone delivery of limpet mines. They are magnetic so just have to bump into ship. Now just need to find the footage of nearby ships they launched them from. Or the limpet mines could have been planted by divers and the drones were just there for recon of event

People really overestimate the capability of missiles due to Hollywood. I got hit by two in the chest and just walked it off a few years ago.

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He'll lose my vote if he does. Israel can fight their own wars.

Another jewish attempt to start WW3

High speed drone like the SpaceX attack.

If the insurance company was heavily invested in petro, then the rise in oil prices could easily make up any losses from a couple of tankers.

The kikes want us to enter a pointless war with Iran, kike.

>based ayys poking at earth trying to start wars
What a time to be alive

who dis? (in samurai)

Sounds like Japan may bomb Pearl harbour again. Third time's the charm! This time Kyoto!

It was the Jews. This is the Liberty all over again, they're trying to get us to fight anotherwar for them, but the nips are too smart to fall for it.


Holy shit, I remember when MAGAtards were insisting that Pompeo (CIA) was an excellent choice because it meant the CIA was now "officially" on the side of MAGA

Trump worshipers on the right were fed the Republican version of what the Democrats have been getting with Russia.

Our government is at war with everyone in America, and they are directing different psyops and gaslighting at different groups to achieve more effectiveness.

>the left thinks trump is a Russian puppet
>the right thinks Trump is this badass who BTFO everyone on the global stage and is one of the greatest presidents ever

Anyone who takes a step back can see that America has been severely propagandized.

>Fritz X was the most common name for a German guided anti-ship glide bomb used during World War II. Fritz X was the world's first precision guided weapon deployed in combat and the first to sink a ship in combat

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Based samurai exposing the jews.

>we saw by flying objects
>then stuff blew up
>then the Iranian coast guard helped us out

>we happend to fly around the area
>we have aerial footage of Iranian ships removing our planted bombs!
>so Iran did it!

How can Amerigoy peasants fall for this?

Iran still could've done it. It would be in their best interest to but I could see it happening



How many fingers do you have

Any user know who this is?

Oh noooo you just reminded me of that COD WW2 audio FRITZ X BOMB.... Oh God now I gotta annoy the family repeating that line

Us falseflags are not what they used to be

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When the only possible benefit of an event, no matter how obscure or how much some other party is hated, is to Israel do you need to ask who instigated the event?

Sorry abt your granpappy tyrone

Based Nip.

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HAKU Zynkyoku

Do you live near a oil refinery?

A Japanese pussy flew over my house and just landed on my dick!

give us the source faggot

but they also have that video of some people doing something but whoever taped it decided to do nothing other than just tape it who filmed this alleged video

Suicide, when?

false flag attack by stealth bombers

It's what he did with Syria, launch a few Tomahawks at an empty airfield after Mossad did a false flag chemical attack that they blamed on Bashar. I'm not sure if he'll try to appease them this time around though, Trump hates being leveraged.



The Shills, lads, they're out in proxies today.

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Burgers about to get drafted into another Bolton war. Have fun dying for Bibi, goys.

They should have staged another gas attack in Syria at the same time just to be sure. Sloppy job mossad

God I hate how the fags ruined the unicorn. The unicorn used to be really cool, I mean, it's a fucking horse with a spear on its head. Imagine riding one into battle as it skewers your enemies with its horn, the blood and guts flinging upward on your face and armor as you make your charge. Fucking faggots absolutely ruined the unicorn.

seems like japan doesn't have enough jews occupying influential positions

Fuck Iran
This means WAR

It's payback time you fucking kikes. You shouldn't offend the samurai

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Does it says something on the line next time without Italy ?


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Yeah that’s in extremely poor taste and Bibi knew exactly what he was doing with this too.

I like Italy, but goddammit you guys really fucked everything up in WWII. Can't even handle fucking Greece? Christ almighty.

Are these obvious false flags meant to discredit the warparty and deter us from war or meant to reveal us as the true aggressor and insitigator well before the war finally starts?

It's geopolitical energy supply shit, the US is heavily supporting index linked LNG as a alternative to the volatile oil markets that upset national budgets so much, so they're trying to drive the oil price up so they can undercut it. Russian gas is something else they're trying to contain.

uh guys?

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Japs are lying. Those tankers where American freedom tankers and this is act of war.

This is way too minor of an event to have any real affect on the oil markets. A minor jump in speculative pricing will be followed by a continuation of the drop in pricing trend that's been happening for a couple weeks. If someone wanted to do anything that mattered then this tanker would have been split open causing a major environmental hazard.


God damn it they're everywhere this isn't funny anymore