I noticed that most gore video sites are filled with right wing frens, whats up with that pol?

I noticed that most gore video sites are filled with right wing frens, whats up with that pol?

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Right wingers love to search for obscure shit on the internet to complain about, which is where the whole tranny debacle comes from

Cuckposter identified

fascism is a sociopathic ideology built on violence, suppression, greed, and above all militarism. it's an ideology that strives to mobilize society towards total warfare, and it will attract the naturally violent individual with a great sense of bloodlust. in an anarchist lawless system i would bet many posters here would undoubtedly commit a murder, because they are sick, violent people as you can tell by their posts

>0.001 of the population
lmaoing at your life

What are you doing hanging in a 90% right wing site? ^_^

He's been taking shit in all threads all day long.

Drop redpills or gore.

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murderers are less than 1/10000

>edgy kids who get their ideology from imageboards also watch edgy gore videos
how is this a surprise to you, OP?

So you expect the side that promotes love, kindness and protection in this big mean world, being able to sit and watch cartels flay a kid lying on top of his beheaded dad?


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because i'm a bored shitposter who uses this site to jerk off and started coming here before it went full right wing. i dont give a shit about lgbt or black power i just want class solidarity and people to rise up against bankers/ceos/landlords/etc

I thought the media was Jewish though, why are the niggers the great Satan all of a sudden?
And murderers are taking lives, you probably never even met a gay guy to begin with

Yet you're using a communist flag and communism is extremely violent with millions of deaths on its' hands. I don't understand how communists can hate nazism because it is violent and then support communism which is just as violent. If you were truly non-violent you would reject communism because you looked at its' history and saw it has killed millions.

>it will attract the naturally violent individual
but this is true of the revolutionary fringe in general. it isn't unique to rightist revolutionary ideology. also, there's no such thing as a sociopathic ideology. you can't describe an ideology in psychological terms, only people. a sociopath can find a place in any system or ideology.

The only time i have been nice to a comie fag and he is rude to my cat, kys pls :(

Any non-censored website will sooner or later become right wing.

>i just want people to rise up against bankers/ceos/landlords/etc
me too fren, they're all traitors regardless of race


I am all for rising up against bankers, ceos and landlords, but I don't want communism. We can't we make up a new ideology? Also what do you think about jews when they are a tiny percentage of the population, but have a disproportionate amount of wealth? Aren't the the worst of the capitalists? They have more wealth per group than whites even.

I don't expect gore sites give much of a shit about censoring their comment sections considering the content focus of the sites. Bad words don't seem to bad when they're preceded by a chainsaw beheading. You fight right leaning people wherever they're not censored.

> built on violence, suppression, greed, and above all militarism

Your ideology centres around killing the successful, stealing their shit and forcing everyone to live under an authoritarian centralised planned economy. Stones and glass houses.

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I was just pointing out the fact that your logic is flawed because most places put murderers to the proverbial sword.

Gays are alright but they should stay away from children if they know what's good for them.


We could rise up, if we only believed!

when you block some of the holes on your shower nozzle what happens to the flow rate of the remaining holes?

Ahm 13% 50% Jews love mixed kids gotta destroy the nation. Also, schools here have about 5 lgbtq fags per 100 kids

Because the right wing is built on seeing the world for how it really is. Leftists are too busy trying to be nice to everybody and instead choose to turn a blind eye to this sort of shit.

it's the right way - it can only be fought against by censorship

thinking on group based lines like that is pointless. Maybe they do make up a disproportionate amount of the wealthy and help others based on those lines. The rich that do that should be killed but there is still no reason to dislike a normal jewish family for that reason.

They're not successful, they are predators with unfair advantages. Their stuff is not theirs to begin with they stole it from the earth and people. I don't want communism or right scumbags hoarding all the money and resources when there are people who actually need it to survive. It's okay to have a moderate rich class, but not a super-rich class where 1 percent have more wealth than the other 99 percent. That is fucking evil

The most effective form of PSYOP for right wing types is desensitization to violence and gore and the resulting nihilism that comes with it.
This is why you go to /gif/ and see REKT threads mixed with porn and YLYL threads. This is why all gore sites have porn adverts everywhere.

But murderers are criminalized for a reason, trannies are an extreme small cultural fad. It's like critiquing the goths or the punks back in the day

Do not be nice to communists. They are not human. Here, have another cat my friend

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israel is an illegitimate ethno fascist state propped up by us intervention that oppresses palestinians
there's a disproportionate amount of jewish people with influence in finance, media, law, and certain sectors but i don't think you should generalize the entire population or ordinary workers. i think class is a more important distinctor because you have white christians (like trump) that will appease these people or also have influence in these sectors. ultimately i think the most important factor is economic class and that members of wealthy global elite class have more in common with each other regardless of race or religion or any identifier than they do with lower class people of the same social identity.

i'm not sure of any possible new ideology. i just pick the communist flag because i lean left wing on a lot of issues, but i don't care for a lot of the cultural stuff progressives push or pc/identity politics. i might support a kind of syndicalism where unions of workers have power over their areas of expertise in the government rather than some soulless skull n bones suit paid for by lobbyists. I am also pro family etc and believe strong social welfare policies are important to encourage growth of families.

>murderers are criminalized for a reason
so are pedophiles, their small numbers don't excuse their crimes

I agree, I don't hate normal jews. I just hate the rich what ever their race is. You are right though, it makes no sense to demonize all jews. I don't understand why poor white people support a insanely rich white people who do nothing for them. Rich whites do not care about poor whites at all. What I want is to heavily tax the super-rich and give that money to the poor who need it to survive. Just so that everyone at least has enough to survive, no matter what.

They don't, but you don't complain about a crime epidemic in a country with one murder a year, just like the 0.001 of the population which participates in an obscure subculture can't do shit

Because the right is rooted in freedom of expression. When you and everyone else are able to say anything you think, fact check, exercise some humility and recognize when you're correct/wrong, you'll find 99% of logical conclusions are things the left wants to disappear

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I agree. After everything im more sure than ever that all humans at their core are the same. People are inherently selfish and the best system would be a socialist system that ensures equality of opportunity to everyone. Put into the right circumstances and anyone is capable of anything.

They protest the new incoming of immigrant water and start talking about it online ^_^

Here we go again..

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Well I got to agree with that, very high IQ view. Should the disproportion of wealthy, elite Jews just be viewed as irrelevant? Like it doesn't matter if there are more rich ones compared to their population? I just fear communism because I don't want to lose freedom and having people being killed. I agree with your views on the class system though. Is there a way to take down this elite without violence? I would want to see society operate like a family. Where they take care of each other no matter what, they share with each other and they don't want to harm or exploit each other.

believe what you want im not gonna tell you how to think. Ive been caught up in right wing bullshit for a few years now and I just realized its the same type of hole that any other form of identity politics is.

Unironically trying to understand humanity and preparing for what must be done

Right wingers don't shelter themselves from the reality of human nature and the nature of outsiders.

This is literally the reason why I personally watch shit like that, to know what's out there, and to understand the anomaly that sheltered suburban living is.

i think that’d be marxism in a classical sense where it was not necessarily revolution that brings about a change in social order after capitalism. like seeing the world as a natural progression from tribalism to monarchism to capitalism and new systems after through gradual reform and new ideals being introduced.

Even fucking normies peruse gore sites you mong

It's just liberals who hates to see the result of their works don't wanna see it.

no it shouldn't be ignored, there should be more equal and proportionate representation of the population if you truly believed in egalitarianism or whatever enlightment value that the us claims to uphold. it's taboo because it can be used by opportunists and violent groups to rally people against jewish people as a whole, but it is a phenomenon that should be discussed. ultimately i'd rather banks, media, whatever sector be in control of the people and in the interest of the people and not beholden to nepotist elites no matter what they are. if you just decided to target jew elites only, they'd just be replaced by other people doing the same thing shortly after, and you'd be ignoring the large amount of people who aren't jewish with a lot of power.

i'm really not sure how it would be done. they wouldn't give it up willingly, but maybe it can be achieved democratically. passing laws, more checks and balances to ensure corporations aren't out of line and citizens are taken care of, aggressive protests, cultural influence etc.

i don't want censorship either and support freedom of information. i agree with your views on the family too, i think that's the most stable building block of society and part of the reason we see a lot of cultural decay probably has to do with the death of the nuclear family, high divorce rates and what not.