Nuclear warfare Prophecy

I just had a vision, it was beyond lifelike. I was camping out in an old building in the woods with a group of other people, they had set up wards against black magic and obfuscation rituals. I was showing my friend this is gospel / emporer's new clothes but the videos were different than IRL, same with the lyrics. during emporers new clothes the start of the video was Lucifer spreading his wings the top one on his right side was clipped and the bottom one on his left side was clipped (he had 4 wings total) he spread his wings descended through golden orange clouds and landed in the middle of the woods on the video. He said something along the lines "I've been here playing with you mortals for ages" then it showed a picture of buzz light year in the video when i explained how the symbol on his chin was a pedophilia logo and that buzz Aldrin was probably a pedophile one of the girls asked me to stop the video until the wards were back up. just as the one of the other people in the group finished the ward there was a huge explosion probably 100 miles away, it was a huge mushroom cloud and the impact pushed one of the guys outside the warding. Everything outside the warding was engulfed in flames in less than a minute. The media tried to tell everyone it was a naturally started fire and my friends posed as firemen to escape the forest undetected.

Now my dreams don't come true to the letter but usually they do have significance to them when it's this vivid. Take it for what you will, i believe the forest was either in NY mahopac / fahnestock area or in California near Oregon. I don't know if this has anything to do with the oil tanker false flag or not but i wanted to share it in case. Yes it's /x/ but if you haven't realized that /x/ coincides with Jow Forums to the extreme by this point you aren't paying enough attention.

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Bump has anyone else been having these kinds of dreams lately it's like they are invading our subconscious

Take your pills my dude.

Laugh if you'd like i don't mind. I hope that i'm just being schizo to be honest it would be a lot kinder than the horrors i witnessed in that dream.

I'll be waiting and watching

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No, had some really vivid dreams the other night, but it was good things, which is a change from me basically never "dreaming".
I'm gonna say ease off the blogposting OP, and try to shut your brain off before bed. Good you can actually fall asleep though.

Get your bug out bags ready boys. I think the happening is upon us.

I rarely dream anymore unless i'm on no fap / fasting / in prayer. Sleeping comes and goes it depends if i can shake the images and consequently the rage caused by pizzagate from my mind or not.

Nukes aren't real fag

the nuke could've been symbolic for hellfire, it was Lucifer falling from the sky and landing that caused the explosion in the dream anyway. the mushroom cloud could've just been my subconscious best way of interpreting the level of destruction that was caused.

If this is true i just want to say FUCKING FINALLY

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I kind of relate to that but i hope it's true on the west coast and that it doesn't involve NY at all mostly because i live there not because NY doesn't deserve to burn.

Bump for the modern day prophets.

about tiem

The wards were probably symbolic for God's protection if you aren't right with God it's a good time to repent and get good.

I had a dream a couple nights ago that my dad and I drove out to a wooded area at pitch night, only the lights from the car let us see. We got out and he walked in, there were bugs and mosquitos all around, the feeling I got was that I was going to die as the mosquitos kept buzzing around trying to suck my blood and I swatted them. Had a very bad vibe from the dream. Dunno what this means but there you have it.

For a few months now I've had a deep seated feeling, not super strong but it's there, that we are approaching the finale.

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I hate mosquitos

People shouldn't be shy to share more stories like this.

I had a dream that I was at a festival concert in the city and found a pair of target finding binoculars. I hit a button Pointing it at a tower because I assumed it was some weird prop or toy. But no the city fucking exploded from a beam of energy much like in the movie Independence Day. It was one of the most real feeling of guilt I have ever felt real or dream. The crowd around me didn’t seem to pay attention to me, they just went wild trying to escape. I don’t know what this dream meant but I rarely dream anymore at all.

Weird. I had a dream where nothing happened and my dreams are prophetic in nature as well.